I Want To Do Something For Jesus – Hymn Lyric

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I Want To Do Something For Jesus – Hymn Lyric

In the story “I Want To Do Something For Jesus,” Emma, a young girl with a passion for singing, is inspired to start a choir and use her talent to make a difference. Despite feeling weak and unworthy, Emma dedicates her life to serving Jesus by spreading love and joy through her music. Through Emma’s story, we are reminded that we can all do something for Jesus, no matter our age or circumstances, and that our actions can have a positive impact on others.


I Want To Do Something For Jesus – Hymn Lyric

I want to do something for Jesus,
He suffered and died on the tree;
That I thro’ His death might have pardon-
He’s done so much for me!

I want to do something for Jesus,
Tho’ weak and unworthy I be;
I’ll labor for Him, my dear Savior-
He’s done so much for me!

I want to do something for Jesus,
Because He from sin made me free;
He rescued my soul from all danger,
He’s done so much for me! [Refrain]

I want to do something for Jesus,
His servant I’m willing to be;
I’ll tell of His love and His mercy,
He’s done so much for me! [Refrain]

I want to do something for Jesus,
That others His great love may see;
Forever I’ll sing the sweet story,
He’s done so much for me! [Refrain]    

Meaning of I Want To Do Something For Jesus

I Want To Do Something For Jesus

Imagine a friendship where one person keeps giving and giving, doing kind things without expecting anything in return. This is how many people feel about their relationship with Jesus. The beautiful hymn “I Want to Do Something for Jesus” speaks about this feeling of gratitude and the desire to give back to someone who has done so much for us. In this song, the message is clear: Jesus has made tremendous sacrifices and given us boundless love, so we naturally want to do something to show our appreciation and love in return.

Let’s explore how this hymn can inspire us to do good deeds and share Jesus’s love in our daily lives, just like the hymn writer wanted to express.

## The Gift of Sacrifice

First, the hymn reminds us that Jesus suffered and died for us. This ultimate sacrifice was made so that we could be pardoned or forgiven for the things we’ve done wrong. Imagine how you might feel if someone did something incredibly brave and selfless to help you out of a big problem. You’d probably feel very grateful and wonder, “How can I ever thank them enough?”

Well, this hymn suggests that one way to show our gratitude is to do something for Jesus in return. This doesn’t mean we have to do something huge or heroic. Small acts of kindness can add up and really make a difference in the world.

## The Gift of Freedom

In the second part of the hymn, we sing about how Jesus freed us from sin. Sin can be thought of as the wrong choices that we make which can hurt others and ourselves. Jesus’s teachings and sacrifice give us a fresh start, kind of like being untangled from a giant mess. Being set free is a really awesome feeling, and when we feel free, we want to spread that joy to others.

Just like when you learn a new skill, maybe a cool skateboard trick or how to solve a difficult math problem, you can’t wait to show it off to your friends. In a similar way, when we experience the freedom that Jesus gives, we want to share it with others. We can do this by being kind and helpful, standing up for what’s right, and making choices that make the world a better place.

## The Gift of Service

In another verse, the hymn talks about being willing to serve. Serving Jesus doesn’t mean you need to have superpowers or be perfect; it’s about doing what you can to help others. It’s like being a team player in sports—you don’t have to be the star player to make an important contribution to the team’s success.

Being a servant might mean helping out at home without being asked, being a good listener to friends who need someone to talk to, or volunteering in your community. When you serve others, you are also serving Jesus because you’re spreading love and kindness, which is what Jesus is all about.

## The Gift of Storytelling

Lastly, the hymn encourages us to tell others about Jesus’s love and mercy. Sharing stories is a powerful way to connect with people. Think about the last time someone told you a story that made you laugh or taught you something new. You probably wanted to pass that story on to someone else, right?

Telling others about Jesus’s love can be as simple as being a living example of that love. It could also mean sharing your own experiences and how your faith has helped you through tough times. When you’re a good friend, when you show forgiveness, and when you love people even when they’re difficult to love, you’re telling Jesus’s story with your actions.

## Doing Something for Jesus Today

So, what can you do for Jesus in your daily life? Here are some ideas:

1. Do chores around the house without being asked.

2. Stand up for someone who is being treated unfairly.

3. Offer to help a teacher or classmate with a project.

4. Give away clothes or toys you no longer use to those who need them.

5. Spend time with a friend who is feeling lonely or sad.

6. Say “thank you” to people who help you, like bus drivers or cafeteria workers.

Remember, it’s not about doing grand gestures; it’s about the love behind the actions. When we do things for others, we are also doing something for Jesus, responding to the love and kindness He has shown us. So, let’s go out there and make Jesus proud by being the best versions of ourselves and adding a little more kindness, a little more care, and a lot more love to the world around us.


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