I Will Live For My Redeemer – Hymn Lyric

I Will Live For My Redeemer: Trusting

I Will Live For My Redeemer – Hymn Lyric



I Will Live For My Redeemer – Hymn Lyric

I will live for my Redeemer-
Once He lived on earth for me;
And He lives for me in glory,
Pleased my faithful toil to see.

I will trust my dear Redeemer;
I will love Him more and more;
I will follow till I meet Him
On yon fair, eternal shore.

I will walk with my Redeemer,
With Him bear and suffer pain;
That I may receive the promise:
With Him on His throne to reign.


I will work for my Redeemer-
Once He toiled on earth for me;
And for Him in faithful labor,
Day by day I long to be.


Meaning of I Will Live For My Redeemer

I Will Live For My Redeemer: Trusting, Loving, and Following Him

In the hymn “I Will Live For My Redeemer,” the composer beautifully expresses their devotion and commitment to their Redeemer, Jesus Christ. They acknowledge the incredible sacrifice Jesus made by living on earth for them and emphasize their desire to trust, love, and follow Him. This hymn serves as a reminder of the importance of living a life dedicated to God and the eternal reward that awaits those who do so.

The first verse of the hymn reminds us of the love and sacrifice of Jesus. It highlights the fact that He lived on earth for our sake, demonstrating His unconditional love and giving us the hope of eternal life. As we reflect on this truth, we can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude and awe for our Redeemer.

The refrain of the hymn emphasizes the importance of trust and love in our relationship with Jesus. Trusting in God’s unfailing love and faithfulness allows us to surrender control to Him and rely on His guidance in every aspect of our lives. With each passing day, our love for Him should grow deeper, as we experience the blessings and goodness that come from following Him.

To “follow till I meet Him on yon fair, eternal shore” signifies our commitment to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Following Jesus means living our lives in a way that reflects His teachings and example. It means striving to be more like Him, even when it requires sacrifice and suffering. Just as Jesus bore pain and suffering for us, we too are called to bear our own burdens for His sake.

The second verse of the hymn expands on the idea of working for our Redeemer. It acknowledges Jesus’ toil on earth for us and inspires us to labor faithfully for Him. Our work for God can take many forms – it can be serving others, dedicating ourselves to our studies, or using our talents to uplift and inspire. Whatever our specific calling may be, it is essential to approach it with a servant’s heart, just as Jesus did.

Ultimately, the hymn points us towards the promise of reigning with Jesus on His throne. This promise serves as an encouragement for us to persevere in our faith and remain steadfast in our commitment to live for our Redeemer. We can find comfort in knowing that our faithful toil and steadfastness will be rewarded in eternity.

As we reflect on the lyrics of this hymn, we are reminded that living for our Redeemer is not just a one-time decision, but a lifelong commitment. It requires trust, love, and dedication. When we choose to follow Jesus, our lives are transformed, and we find purpose and fulfillment in serving Him and others.

In a world filled with distractions and temptations, it can be challenging to stay focused on living for our Redeemer. However, with God’s grace and the support of our faith community, we can continually grow in our commitment to Him. By prioritizing our relationship with Jesus and seeking His guidance in every decision, we can live a life that is pleasing to Him.

In conclusion, “I Will Live For My Redeemer” serves as a beautiful expression of devotion to Jesus Christ. It reminds us of the sacrifice He made for us and calls us to trust, love, and follow Him. As we commit ourselves to live for our Redeemer, we can find strength and purpose in knowing that He is with us every step of the way. Let us embrace the call to live for our Redeemer and experience the abundant life and eternal joy that come with it.


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