If Thy Beloved Son O God – Hymn Lyric

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If Thy Beloved Son O God – Hymn Lyric

If Thy Beloved Son O God – Finding Peace and Salvation In this hymn, the author expresses their gratitude for God’s love and the sacrifice of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Through Him, they have found peace, rest, and salvation, no longer burdened by sin. They emphasize the importance of faith in Christ for true righteousness and rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance and grace in their journey of faith.


If Thy Beloved Son O God – Hymn Lyric

If Thy beloved Son, O God, Had not to earth descended And in our mortal flesh and blood Had not sin’s power ended, Then this poor, wretched soul of mine In hell eternally would pine Because of its transgression.

But now I find sweet peace and rest, Despair no more reigns o’er me; No more am I by sin opprest, For Christ has borne sin for me. Upon the cross for me He died That, reconciled, I might abide With Thee, my God, forever.

I trust in Him with all my heart; Now all my sorrow ceases; His words abiding peace impart, His blood from guilt releases. Free grace through Him I now obtain; He washes me from every stain, And pure I stand before Him.

All righteousness by works is vain, The Law brings condemnation; True righteousness by faith I gain, Christ’s work is my salvation. His death, that perfect sacrifice, Has paid the all-sufficient price; In Him my hope is anchored.

My guilt, O Father, Thou hast laid On Christ, Thy Son, my Savior. Lord Jesus, Thou my debt hast paid And gained for me God’s favor. O Holy Ghost, Thou Fount of grace, The good in me to Thee I trace; In faith do Thou preserve me.


Meaning of If Thy Beloved Son O God

If Thy Beloved Son, O God: Finding Peace and Salvation

In the depths of despair and sin, I once languished, feeling the weight of my transgressions. My soul, poor and wretched, was destined for eternal damnation in the depths of hell. However, thanks be to God’s grace and His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, who descended to earth and took on mortal flesh and blood, sin’s power over me has ended. Through His sacrifice on the cross, I have found sweet peace and rest, and despair no longer reigns over me.

Before Christ’s redemptive act, I toiled under the burden of sin, feeling oppressed and weary. But now, my faith in Him has granted me solace, releasing me from the guilt and shame that once consumed me. His words bring abiding peace and His blood cleanses me from every stain. In Him, I stand before God, pure and blameless.

It is crucial to understand that righteousness cannot be obtained through works alone. No amount of good deeds or adherence to the law can bring about true salvation. The Law, indeed, brings only condemnation. However, through faith in Christ, I gain true righteousness. His work, His sacrifice on the cross, is the foundation of my salvation. He paid the all-sufficient price, and in Him, my hope is firmly anchored.

Fathers, in their infinite love, lay the burden of my guilt upon Christ, their Son and my Savior. Jesus, in His immeasurable love for me, willingly took upon Himself the weight of my debt and paid it in full. Through His sacrifice, I have gained God’s favor and mercy.

The Holy Spirit, the Fount of grace, resides within me, nurturing the good that flows from my faith. It is through Him that I find the strength to persevere in my journey of righteousness. I rely on Him to preserve me, to guide me along the path of righteousness, and to protect me from the temptations that may lead me astray.

In conclusion, I am eternally grateful for God’s love and the sacrifice of His beloved Son. Through Christ, I have found peace, rest, and salvation. My faith in Him washes away my sins, and I stand before God pure and blameless. Righteousness cannot be achieved through works but only through faith in Christ. In Him, my hope is firmly anchored, and I trust in Him with all my heart.

As I continue on my journey of faith, I rely on the Holy Spirit to preserve me and guide me towards righteousness. I am filled with gratitude for the blessings I have received and the unending love of God. May His grace continue to sustain me, and may I always remember and proclaim the profound truth encapsulated in the words of this hymn – If Thy beloved Son, O God.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Find peace, salvation, and hope in God's beloved Son, Jesus Christ. His sacrifice on the cross ends sin's power and grants eternal redemption. Trust in Him for righteousness and everlasting life.


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