Immortal Love For Ever Full – Hymn Lyric

Discover the boundless power of Immortal Love For Ever Full. Experience a love that knows no limits

Immortal Love For Ever Full – Hymn Lyric

In this thought-provoking piece titled “Immortal Love For Ever Full,” the author explores the boundless power of everlasting love. They convey that this love knows no limits, flows freely, and is shared among all of us. By walking hand in hand with this love, we can experience the truest form of heaven and be filled with its never-ending grace.


Immortal Love For Ever Full – Hymn Lyric

Immortal Love for ever full,
for ever flowing free,
for ever shared, for ever whole,
a never-ebbing sea.

Our outward lips confess the name
all other names above;
love only knoweth whence it came
and comprehendeth love.

We may not climb the heavenly steeps
to bring the Lord Christ down;
in vain we search the lowest deeps,
for him no depths can drown:

But warm, sweet, tender, even yet
a present help is he;
and faith has still its Olivet,
and love its Galilee.

The healing of his seamless dress
is by our beds of pain;
we touch him in life’s throng and press,
and we are whole again.

Through him the first fond prayers are said
our lips of childhood frame;
the last low whispers of our dead
are burdened with his name.

Alone, O Love ineffable,
thy saving name is given;
to turn aside from thee is hell,
to walk with thee is heaven.


Meaning of Immortal Love For Ever Full

Immortal Love For Ever Full: A Power That Knows No Bounds

In the depths of our hearts, there exists an everlasting love. A love that knows no limits, a love that flows freely, and a love that is shared among us all. This love is like an endless sea, never ebbing away, forever full.

When we speak of this love, there is no name that can surpass its glory. Love, and love alone, can truly understand its origin and comprehend its greatness. It is a love that we can’t fully grasp with our minds, but we feel it deep within our souls.

We may strive to reach the highest heights and bring the heavens down to Earth, but our efforts are in vain. No matter how deep we search in the lowest depths, we cannot find Him. For the Lord Christ is not confined to any particular place or time. He is present with us always, in the warmth of our hearts, as a constant source of help and guidance.

Faith, too, has its own sacred place. Just as the Mount of Olives served as a place of prayer and reflection for Jesus, so too does our faith provide us with moments of solace and clarity. And love, just like the peaceful shores of Galilee, fills our lives with joy and serenity.

In times of pain and suffering, we can find solace in the healing touch of Christ’s seamless dress. As we lay in our beds of pain, we can reach out and touch Him, and experience His divine healing power. In the midst of life’s chaos and busyness, we can find peace and restore our wholeness through His presence.

It is through Him that our earliest prayers are uttered. From the innocence of childhood, we first learn to frame our prayers and seek guidance from our Creator. And in the quiet moments of grief, when we whisper our final goodbyes to the departed, their names are filled with the weight of His love.

Oh, love ineffable, you alone possess the power to save. To turn away from this eternal love is to find oneself in the depths of hell, isolated and disconnected. But to walk hand in hand with this love is to experience the truest form of heaven – a love that encompasses all, forgives all, and never wavers in its devotion.

So let us remember, in the vastness of this world and the complexities of life, there exists an immortal love. A love that is ever full and overflowing, touching the hearts of all who seek it. It is a love that defies understanding but embraces us all. May we strive to walk in its light, to share its boundless grace, and to be vessels of its never-ending love.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the boundless power of Immortal Love For Ever Full. Experience a love that knows no limits, flows freely, and brings unending joy. Embrace the eternal love that never fades.


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