Immortal Love Within Whose Righteous Will – Hymn Lyric

Experience the Power of Immortal Love: Find Peace

Immortal Love Within Whose Righteous Will – Hymn Lyric

The hymn “Immortal Love Within Whose Righteous Will” explores the power of Immortal Love to bring peace and overcome struggles. It acknowledges the challenges faced in life and humbly asks for Immortal Love to reign in the heart. The hymn emphasizes the importance of peace and the journey towards righteousness, ultimately seeking solace in the loving arms of Immortal Love.


Immortal Love Within Whose Righteous Will – Hymn Lyric

Immortal Love, within whose righteous will
Is always peace, O pity me, storm-tossed on waves of ill;
Let passion cease; Come down in power within my heart to reign,
For I am weak, and struggle has been vain.

The days are gone when far and wide my will
Drove me astray; And now I fain would climb the arduous hill,
That narrow way Which leads through mist and rocks to Thine abode;
Toiling for man, and Thee, Almighty God.

Whate’er of pain Thy loving hand allot,
I gladly bear; Only, O Lord, let peace be not forgot,
Nor yet Thy care, Freedom from storms and wild desires within,
Peace from the fierce oppression of my sin.

So may I, far away, when evening falls
On life and love, Arrive at last the holy, happy halls,
With Thee above- Wounded yet healed, sin-laden yet forgiven,
And sure Thy goodness is my only heaven. Amen.


Meaning of Immortal Love Within Whose Righteous Will

Immortal Love Within Whose Righteous Will: Embracing Peace and Overcoming Struggles

In this beautiful hymn, Immortal Love is described as a force that brings peace and mercy to those who are troubled. It is likened to a guiding light in the midst of a storm, showing compassion and offering solace to those who are tossed on waves of ill fortune. As we delve deeper into the verses, we can gain insight into the power of Immortal Love and its ability to bring peace, heal wounds, and guide us towards a life of righteousness.

The first verse begins with a plea to Immortal Love, acknowledging the difficulties and hardships faced by the author. The imagery of being storm-tossed on waves of ill symbolizes the challenges and struggles that life throws our way. Despite feeling weak and defeated, the author humbly requests Immortal Love to come and reign in their heart, recognizing that their own efforts to find peace and contentment have been in vain.

As we continue reading, we are reminded of the times when our own wills have led us astray. The author acknowledges that their days of following their own desires are over, and now they seek to embark on a more arduous journey – the narrow way that leads to Immortal Love’s abode. It is a path filled with obstacles and uncertainties, represented by mist and rocks. However, the author is willing to toil for both humanity and Immortal Love, recognizing their duty to their fellow beings and their devotion to the Almighty.

The hymn then addresses the pain that may be allotted to us by Immortal Love’s loving hand. It acknowledges that pain is an inevitable part of life, and the author is willing to bear it gladly. However, the plea is that amidst the pain, Immortal Love will not forget to grant the gift of peace. This peace is not only external, but it also refers to freedom from storms and wild desires within, and from the oppressive weight of sin. The author recognizes that true peace can only be achieved when the inner battles are won, and when one’s sinful urges and inclinations are subdued.

The hymn concludes with a longing for the ultimate fulfillment of peace and happiness. The author envisions arriving at the holy, happy halls above, as evening falls on life and love. Despite being wounded and burdened by sin, the author believes in the healing power of Immortal Love, and in the assurance of forgiveness. They recognize that the goodness of Immortal Love is their only heaven, and that this divine love can provide the eternal joy and rest they seek.

In summary, this hymn beautifully expresses the yearning for peace and the recognition of our own weaknesses and struggles. It portrays Immortal Love as a guiding force that can bring solace in the midst of life’s storms. Through embracing Immortal Love, we can find the strength to overcome our own shortcomings and embark on a path of righteousness. The hymn reminds us that despite the challenges we face, our ultimate reward lies in the loving arms of Immortal Love, where wounds will be healed and sin will be forgiven. May we all find solace in Immortal Love’s righteous will and embrace the peace it brings.


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