In The Paradise Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Experience the Paradise of Jesus: Find Your Home in Heaven! Discover the radiant homes of light that await

In The Paradise Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric

The hymn “In The Paradise of Jesus” reminds us of the glorious homes of light awaiting us in heaven. Imagine a place without pain or sadness, only pure joy and light. In this heavenly realm, Jesus gathers the homeless souls and dwells among them. Our loved ones who have passed away will eagerly greet us, and together we will sing songs of endless praise. The paradise of Jesus is not just a dream, but a reality that awaits us all.


In The Paradise Of Jesus – Hymn Lyric

In the Paradise of Jesus,
There are homes of light so vast,
They shine with brilliance, surpassing
The darkness of the distant past.

Oh, how I long to hear the angels,
Singing by the crystal sea,
Among the many splendid mansions,
May a home be prepared for me!

In those tranquil places of solace,
Amidst fair pastures, evergreen,
Jesus gathers all the homeless,
Among them, His dwelling shall be seen. [Refrain]

Can we catch a glimpse of those joyful faces,
Beloved ones who have gone ahead?
They eagerly await our arrival,
On that shore of blessing, where we shall tread. [Refrain]

Then the pearly gates, forever open,
No longer shall they close at all,
Within the city, we shall behold Jesus,
Among His followers, glorious and tall. [Refrain]

Oh, to join the glorious Alleluia,
And in gratefulness, our voices raise,
With the redeemed throng of Jesus,
In their eternal songs of endless praise! [Refrain]    

Meaning of In The Paradise Of Jesus

In The Paradise of Jesus: Finding a Home in Heaven

In the beautiful hymn titled “In The Paradise of Jesus,” we are reminded of the glorious homes of light that await us in heaven. These homes shine beyond the darkness, with a radiance that is clear and bright. Just think about it – a place where there is no more pain, no more sadness, and only pure joy and light!

Oh, wouldn’t it be amazing to hear the angels singing over the crystal sea? Can you imagine the sweet sound of their voices, filling the air with heavenly melodies? And amidst the many mansions, wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a home that has been prepared specially for each one of us? A home that reflects our unique personalities and brings us everlasting comfort and peace.

In those quiet resting-places, nestled amidst pastures that are green and fair, Jesus lovingly gathers in the homeless souls. He welcomes those who have longed for a place to belong and calls them His own. It’s incredible to think that the Savior of the world, the very Son of God, would choose to dwell among us. So, even if we have felt alone and lost on earth, we can find solace knowing that we have a loving and caring home awaiting us in heaven.

But what about our loved ones who have gone before us? Can we see their happy faces once we reach that blessed shore? The hymn reassures us that yes, we will be reunited with our dear ones in heaven. They are waiting eagerly to greet us, their hearts filled with love and anticipation. What a beautiful reunion that will be – to be surrounded by the ones we have missed so dearly, to hold them close once more, and to spend eternity together.

As we enter the pearly gates, we realize that they will never be closed again. This signifies the everlasting nature of our heavenly home. Within the glorious city, we will see Jesus Himself, walking amidst His white-robed train. His presence will fill us with indescribable joy, and we will be overwhelmed by His love and grace.

In that heavenly realm, we will join in the Alleluia, raising our voices in glad thanksgiving. We will stand alongside the redeemed hosts of Jesus, singing songs of endless praise. Can you imagine the harmonious chorus that will fill the air? Every heart overflowing with gratitude, every voice lifted in worship – it will be an eternity of joyous celebration.

So, as we sing this hymn and ponder these beautiful words, let us be filled with hope and anticipation. The paradise of Jesus is not just a distant dream, but a reality that awaits us all. It is a place where we will find our true home, a place of everlasting love and joy. So, let’s keep our eyes fixed on heaven, knowing that Jesus is preparing a place for us, and one day we will be welcomed into our eternal home with open arms.


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