Inside The Door – Hymn Lyric

Discover solace and peace inside the door of our Lord

Inside The Door – Hymn Lyric



Inside The Door – Hymn Lyric

Inside the door, O safe retreat,
From stormy winds that fiercely beat,
From tempest waves that rise and swell,
Inside the door, here all is well.

Inside the door, oh, praise the Lord,
Exalt His name with one accord,
He is the door, He saves from sin,
And shelters all that enter in;
And so I now the theme repeat,
Inside the door, O safe retreat.

Inside the door, O blessed calm,
I feel a touch of heaven’s balm;
And here my soul doth sweetly rest,
As I repose on Jesus’ breast.

Inside the door, oh, let me stay,
Nor let me wander far away;
For in God’s house I would abide,
Therein my soul is satisfied.

Inside the door, O Lord, I pray,
Let me abide from day to day;
Close by Thy side within the fold,
That I Thy beauty may behold.


Meaning of Inside The Door

The hymn “Inside the Door” beautifully encapsulates the concept of finding solace and peace within a safe refuge. This refuge is represented by the door, which is none other than our Lord, Jesus Christ. As the hymn suggests, when we enter through this door, our troubles are left outside, and we are embraced by a sense of calm and contentment.

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often find ourselves caught in the midst of storms. These storms can come in various forms – be it physical hardships, emotional turmoil, or spiritual battles. It is during these turbulent times that we crave a safe retreat, a place where we can find shelter and protection. And that is exactly what the door symbolizes in this hymn – a safe haven where we are shielded from the harsh winds and tempestuous waves that threaten to overwhelm us.

The hymn invites us to praise and exalt the name of the Lord, who is the door. It reminds us that it is through Him that we are saved from sin and offered refuge. By entering through the door, we find ourselves in the presence of God, where all is well. It is within this sacred space that we can experience true peace, knowing that we are under the loving care and protection of our Heavenly Father.

Inside the door, we are blessed with a profound sense of calm. The hymn describes it as a touch of heaven’s balm. Just as a balm soothes and heals our physical ailments, being inside the door provides healing for our souls. We find rest and tranquility as we lean on Jesus’ breast, seeking comfort in His embrace. It is within this intimate connection with our Savior that we can find respite from the worries and anxieties that weigh us down.

Remaining inside the door is a desire expressed in the hymn. Once we experience the beauty and satisfaction that come from dwelling within God’s house, we long to stay close to His side. We recognize that wandering away would only lead us astray and separate us from the peace and fulfillment we have found. Through this hymn, we are encouraged to make a conscious effort to abide within God’s presence, not just momentarily, but day after day.

When we abide inside the door, we have the privilege of beholding the beauty of the Lord. Being close to Him allows us to witness His glory and experience His goodness firsthand. Here, we find spiritual nourishment and fulfillment that cannot be found anywhere else. It is within the fold of God’s love and grace that our souls find true satisfaction.

Therefore, let us pray to the Lord, asking Him to let us abide inside the door from day to day. Close by His side, we can navigate life’s trials with confidence and courage. In His presence, we find the strength and peace we need to face whatever challenges come our way. By remaining inside the door, we are assured of His guidance, protection, and provision.

In conclusion, the hymn “Inside the Door” beautifully captures the essence of finding solace and rest within the safe refuge of our Lord, Jesus Christ. By entering through the door, which represents our Savior, we are sheltered from life’s storms and embraced by a sense of calm. Inside the door, we experience the touch of heaven’s balm and find sweet rest in Jesus’ embrace. It is within this sacred space that we can abide, finding fulfillment and beauty in the presence of our Heavenly Father. Let us therefore seek to stay close to His side, within the fold of His love, so that we may continually behold His glory and find everlasting peace.


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