Jesus Christ Is Passing By – Hymn Lyric

Embrace Jesus Christ's passing presence with love and mercy. Lift your eyes

Jesus Christ Is Passing By – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “Jesus Christ Is Passing By,” we are reminded of the presence of Jesus in our lives, offering love and mercy to those who seek Him. We are urged to lift our eyes to Him, cry out for His mercy, and reveal our needs to Him. Through His love and grace, we find forgiveness, peace, and a new beginning.


Jesus Christ Is Passing By – Hymn Lyric

Jesus Christ is passing by,
Sinner, lift to him thine eye;
As the precious moments flee,
Cry, be merciful to me!

Lo! he stands and calls to thee,
“What wilt thou then have of me?”
Rise, and tell him all thy need;
Rise, he calleth thee indeed.

“Lord, I would thy mercy see;
Lord, reveal thy love to me;
Let it penetrate my soul,
All my heart and life control.”

Oh, how sweet the touch of power
Comes, and is salvation’s hour:
Jesus gives from guilt release,
“Faith hath saved thee, go in peace!”


Meaning of Jesus Christ Is Passing By

Jesus Christ Is Passing By: Embracing Mercy and Love

In the busy streets of our lives, amidst the noise and chaos, there is a gentle presence quietly making His way through the crowds. It is none other than Jesus Christ, the embodiment of love and mercy, offering hope and salvation to all who are willing to lift their eyes and seek Him. This profound truth is beautifully expressed in the hymn, “Jesus Christ Is Passing By.”

The opening verse of the hymn serves as an invitation, a call to action. Jesus Christ is passing by, and the sinner is urged to lift their eyes to Him. It is a reminder that no matter how far we may have wandered or how deep we may have fallen, there is always an opportunity for redemption and a chance to be embraced by His loving presence.

As the precious moments of our lives swiftly pass by, the hymn encourages us not to waste them but to cry out for His mercy. It is a plea for forgiveness, a recognition of our own shortcomings and a desire for renewal. We are reminded that Jesus stands before us, eagerly waiting to hear what we truly need.

Rising from our sins and fears, we are urged to approach Him with honesty and vulnerability. He already knows our needs, but it is in expressing them to Him that we acknowledge our dependence on His grace. In this sacred moment, Jesus calls us by name, assuring us that He hears and cares for us individually. We are not lost in the crowd; we are seen, known, and loved.

The hymn further encourages us to reveal our desires for His mercy and love. We are reminded that His love has the power to penetrate our souls, transforming us from within. Like a gentle, yet invigorating breeze, His love dispels darkness and brings light to our lives. It is a love that seeks to control not just our actions but also our hearts, so that we may reflect His love in everything we do.

The touch of His power is described as sweet, for it brings salvation. In this divine encounter, guilt and shame are released, making way for a new beginning. It is through faith in Him that we receive this precious gift of salvation, and we are urged to go forth in peace. The hymn assures us that we are not condemned but rather embraced by His saving grace. We are declared forgiven, restored, and set free.

As we reflect on the beautiful message conveyed through this hymn, we are reminded of the significance of Jesus’ presence in our lives. He is not a distant figure, but one who walks alongside us, extending His love and mercy at every turn. In a world filled with uncertainties and hardships, we can take comfort in knowing that the Savior of the world is passing by, offering hope, forgiveness, and a chance at a new life.

It is vital for us to cultivate an awareness of Jesus’ presence in our daily lives. By continually lifting our eyes to Him, we become attuned to His compassionate voice and responsive to His call. We are reminded to approach Him with sincerity, opening our hearts fully to His transforming love. In doing so, we not only experience personal renewal but also become channels of His grace, radiating His love to those around us.

As we conclude this reflection on the hymn, “Jesus Christ Is Passing By,” let us heed its gentle yet powerful message. Let us lift our eyes to Jesus, embracing His mercy and love. May we rise to tell Him all our needs, trusting in His transformative power. And as we do so, may His touch of salvation bring peace to our souls and propel us forward on the path of grace. For Jesus Christ is passing by, and His love knows no bounds.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Embrace Jesus Christ's passing presence with love and mercy. Lift your eyes, cry for His forgiveness, and reveal your needs. Experience His transformative power and go forth in peace. Jesus Christ Is Passing By.


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