Jesus Dear Thy Lambs Thou Feedest – Hymn Lyric

Experience the Love and Care of Jesus: "Jesus Dear

Jesus Dear Thy Lambs Thou Feedest – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus Dear, Thy Lambs Thou Feedest” offers comfort and guidance as it portrays Jesus as a loving shepherd who cares for and protects his flock. From knowing each of us by name to shielding us from evil, Jesus provides sustenance, protection, and guidance to all who seek his care. This hymn reminds us of the universal desires for safety, guidance, and eternal salvation, making it relatable and reassuring to readers of all ages.


Jesus Dear Thy Lambs Thou Feedest – Hymn Lyric

Jesus dear,
Thy lambs Thou feedest,
Thou who art their Shepherd blest;
By Thy loving hand Thou leanest
All that need Thy care and rest.

By their names, O Shepherd, call them,
Keep them safely in Thy fold,
Where no evil can befall them,
Where they shall Thy ways behold.

Let them not to sin surrender,
Nor of sinful ways approve;
May Thy Spirit, rich and tender,
Strengthen them in grace and love.

When at last their day is ended,
Take them into yonder home,
Where, by angel hosts attended,
They with great delight shall roam.


Meaning of Jesus Dear Thy Lambs Thou Feedest

Jesus Dear, Thy Lambs Thou Feedest: Nurturing and Guiding the Flock

In this hymn, we find solace and comfort in the image of Jesus as a loving and caring shepherd. Just like a shepherd takes care of his flock, Jesus looks after us, His lambs, providing us with sustenance, protection, and guidance.

The first verse emphasizes Jesus’ role as our Shepherd. It highlights the close relationship between Jesus and His beloved flock. He knows each of us by name and calls us to Himself. Just as a shepherd watches over his sheep, Jesus keeps a watchful eye on us, ensuring our safety and well-being.

As we journey through life, it is inevitable that we encounter obstacles and temptations. However, the second verse reminds us that Jesus is always there for us, ready to shield us from harm. In His fold, we find a place of refuge where no evil can befall us. Here, we are able to behold His ways and learn from His teachings.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus strengthens us in grace and love. The third verse affirms that Jesus not only protects us from external dangers but also guards our hearts against sin. It is through His Spirit that we are able to stand firm in our faith and resist the allure of sinful ways. As our Shepherd, Jesus desires for us to live righteous lives and to grow in our relationship with Him.

The final verse paints a beautiful picture of what awaits us at the end of our earthly journey. When our day is ended, Jesus will welcome us into our eternal home. Surrounded by angelic hosts, we will experience unending joy and freedom to roam in His presence. It is a glorious promise that reminds us of the love and care Jesus has for each and every one of His lambs.

Reflecting on this hymn brings to mind several key themes that resonate with believers’ hearts: protection, guidance, and eternal salvation. These themes can be seen as universal human desires, and many individuals may search for answers or reassurance regarding them.

In a world filled with uncertainties and challenges, people long for a shepherd to guide and protect them. The image of Jesus as a loving and caring shepherd offers comfort and hope, especially for those who may be feeling lost or vulnerable. By using the title “Jesus Dear, Thy Lambs Thou Feedest” as an SEO keyword, this article aims to reach individuals who may be searching for these very reassurances.

In addition to addressing these universal desires, it is important to recognize the significance of nurturing and guiding individuals, regardless of their age or background. The hymn uses the imagery of lambs, which can be relatable to people of all ages, particularly young readers in middle school.

While written on a 7th grade literacy level, the message conveyed by the hymn transcends age and educational background. It speaks to the fundamental need for care, protection, and guidance in our lives. By expanding on these ideas in a friendly and accessible tone, we can reach a wider audience, including those who may be searching for support and encouragement.

In conclusion, “Jesus Dear, Thy Lambs Thou Feedest” beautifully captures the essence of Jesus’ role as our Shepherd. It reminds us of His unwavering love, protection, and guidance throughout our lives. By highlighting the themes of protection, guidance, and eternal salvation, this article aims to address the universal desires of individuals seeking reassurances in their journey. Regardless of age or background, we are all in need of a loving and caring Shepherd, just like the lambs in the hymn. May Jesus, the Good Shepherd, continue to nurture and guide us as we navigate the paths of life.


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