Jesus, Friend Of Little Children – Hymn Lyric

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Jesus, Friend Of Little Children – Hymn Lyric

The hymn “Jesus, Friend of little children” reminds us that Jesus is always there for us, young and old, guiding us and helping us grow. It emphasizes the comforting idea that Jesus can be a close friend to children, offering them support and understanding. This hymn serves as a beautiful reminder of the enduring friendship we can have with Jesus throughout our lives.


Jesus, Friend Of Little Children – Hymn Lyric

Friend of little children,
Be a friend to me;
Take my hand,
And ever keep me close to Thee.

Teach me how to grow in goodness,
Daily as I grow;
Thou hast been a child,
And surely Thou dost know.

Step by step,
O lead me onward,
Upward into youth;
Wiser, stronger,
Still becoming in Thy truth.

Never leave me, nor forsake me;
Ever be my friend;
For I need Thee,
From life’s dawning to its end.


Meaning of Jesus, Friend Of Little Children

In the hymn “Jesus, Friend of little children,” the title itself encompasses a beautiful idea: Jesus being a friend to the little ones. This hymn is a reminder to all of us, young and old, that Jesus is always there for us, guiding us and helping us grow every step of the way. Let us explore the deep meaning behind the verses and how they can inspire and uplift our lives.

The first verse begins with a simple request: “Jesus, Friend of little children, be a friend to me.” It acknowledges that Jesus is not just a distant figure in the heavens but someone who can be a close friend, someone we can trust and depend on. This idea is especially comforting for children who may feel vulnerable or unsure about the world. The hymn reminds them that Jesus is their constant companion, always there to hold their hand and keep them close.

The second part of the verse delves into the desire to learn and grow in goodness. It asks Jesus to teach us how to become better individuals as we continue to grow. Then, it acknowledges that Jesus, too, was once a child, understanding the challenges and experiences of childhood. This recognition helps us feel understood and creates a sense of connection with Jesus, further strengthening the bond between him and the little children.

The next verse builds upon the previous one, asking Jesus to lead us step by step as we progress into youth. It recognizes that the journey of growing up is not always easy, but with Jesus as our guide, we can become wiser and stronger, continually growing in truth and righteousness. This verse reminds us that our faith can be a guiding light, helping us navigate the challenges and temptations that come with maturing.

The hymn emphasizes the importance of a enduring friendship with Jesus. It implores him never to leave or forsake us, echoing the promise in scripture that Jesus will always be with us. This reassurance can provide great comfort and strength in times of doubt or hardship. Knowing that Jesus is our eternal friend can give us confidence to face life’s challenges, knowing that we are never alone.

Finally, the hymn acknowledges our ongoing need for Jesus throughout our lives. From the very beginning, from the moment of our birth to our last breath, we rely on him to guide and support us. This idea is a powerful reminder that no matter what circumstances we may find ourselves in, Jesus is always there, ready to extend his hand and walk beside us.

In conclusion, “Jesus, Friend of little children” is a hymn that encapsulates the comforting and enduring friendship we can have with Jesus. Through its verses, we are reminded of the closeness and understanding he offers, as well as his unwavering support as we navigate the journey of life. This hymn serves as a beautiful reminder to all of us, regardless of age, that Jesus is always there for us, our truest and most faithful friend.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the beautiful hymn Jesus, Friend of little children and embrace the unwavering friendship and guidance Jesus offers throughout our lives. Find comfort in his constant presence as we grow and navigate life's challenges. Jesus, Friend of Little Children.


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