Jesus, Friend Of Sinners – Hymn Lyric

Discover the deep love and friendship that Jesus

Jesus, Friend Of Sinners – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “Jesus, Friend of Sinners,” we are reminded of Jesus’ deep and unconditional love for us. The hymn explores the idea that Jesus embraces sinners, offering them acceptance and forgiveness. It invites us to deepen our friendship with Jesus and seek solace and strength in His loving eyes.


Jesus, Friend Of Sinners – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, Friend of sinners,
hast Thou love for me?
Son of God the Holy,
Man of mystery,
Lover of the children,
Teacher of the wise,
Let me read the secret
in Thy friendly eyes.

Jesus, Friend of sinners,
Thou hast read my heart,
Searching its recesses
with a lover’s art;
Naught have I withholden,
nothing hid from Thee—
Waste, or want, or folly—
things that should not be.

Jesus, Friend of sinners,
Thou hast touched my soul,
Not with scornful pity,
not with beggar’s dole;
Thou hast not despised men
that faint or fall,
Tenderer than brother,
for Thou knowest all.

Jesus, Friend of sinners,
bid me follow Thee,
O’er the rugged highways,
e’en to Calvary;
Let me know Thy Spirit,
sweet and strong and wise;
I would win the friendship
in Thy loving eyes.

Jesus, Friend of sinners,
hold me by Thy side,
Till the shadows deepen
tow’rd the eventide;
To Thy strength and beauty
I would ever bend,
Till, in dawn eternal,
Friend shall be as friend!


Meaning of Jesus, Friend Of Sinners

In this beautiful hymn, titled “Jesus, Friend of Sinners,” we are invited to explore the deep and unconditional love that Jesus has for each and every one of us. Let us delve into the lyrics and uncover the profound message they hold.

The hymn begins with a question, “Jesus, Friend of sinners, hast Thou love for me?” This inquiry captures the essence of our human nature – we often question whether we are lovable, particularly when we feel burdened by our mistakes and shortcomings. However, the hymn reassures us that Jesus is indeed the Friend of sinners, including ourselves. He embraces us with open arms, regardless of our past actions or current struggles.

The hymn describes Jesus as the Son of God the Holy, a Man of mystery. This depiction highlights the divine nature of Jesus while acknowledging our limited human understanding of Him. We recognize that Jesus is not merely a physical presence, but also a spiritual guide who provides wisdom and guidance.

Furthermore, the hymn celebrates Jesus as the Lover of the children and the Teacher of the wise. This portrayal of Jesus emphasizes His inclusive nature – He welcomes all, regardless of age, social status, or intellectual capacity. Whether we are young and innocent or wise and knowledgeable, Jesus invites us to approach Him and learn from Him. He wants to be our guiding light in life, helping us navigate through its challenges and complexities.

The hymn invites us to read the secret in Jesus’ friendly eyes. It suggests that Jesus’ love and compassion are not confined to words or gestures, but are reflected in His gaze. His eyes reveal an understanding and acceptance of our true selves, unveiling our deepest desires, fears, and struggles. When we look into His eyes, we find solace and encouragement to be honest with ourselves, knowing that we are seen and loved just as we are.

The hymn acknowledges Jesus’ profound knowledge of our hearts. It describes how He searches the recesses of our hearts with a lover’s art. This imagery conveys a sense of tenderness and care. Jesus knows us intimately – He sees beyond our outward appearances and masks, and penetrates into the core of our being. Nothing is withheld from Him; nothing is hidden. He knows our weaknesses, our failures, and our foolishness – things that we may prefer to keep hidden from others. And yet, despite this knowledge, His love for us remains unchanged.

The hymn beautifully portrays Jesus’ attitude towards those who are weak or have fallen. It highlights that He does not pity or scorn them, nor does He offer them just mere charity. Instead, the hymn declares that Jesus does not despise those who are faint or fall. He is tender and compassionate towards them, extending a hand of support and understanding. In fact, the hymn claims that Jesus is even tenderer than a brother – a profound statement emphasizing His deep empathy and care for humanity.

Furthermore, the hymn expresses a desire to follow Jesus, even to Calvary. This speaks to our willingness to walk alongside Him, even in the face of hardship and sacrifice. The rugged highways symbolize the challenges and obstacles we encounter in life. Yet, it is in these difficult moments that Jesus calls us to accompany Him, reminding us that His love and guidance will sustain us through any adversity.

The hymn also implores Jesus to let us know His Spirit. It yearns for a deeper understanding and connection with Him – to experience His sweetness, strength, and wisdom. By seeking His Spirit, we are expressing our earnest desire to cultivate a meaningful friendship and relationship with Jesus. We recognize that it is through this connection that we will find comfort, strength, and a purposeful life.

In conclusion, the hymn “Jesus, Friend of Sinners” beautifully captures the essence of Jesus’ love and friendship towards humanity. It reminds us that Jesus sees us for who we truly are, with all our strengths and weaknesses, and loves us unconditionally. He invites us to follow Him, offering guidance and support as we navigate life’s challenges. May we always strive to deepen our friendship with Jesus, seeking His Spirit and finding solace and strength in His loving eyes.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the deep love and friendship that Jesus, Friend of Sinners, offers. Uncover the profound message in this hymn and embrace His unconditional love. Follow Him on the path to Calvary and find solace in His eyes. Seek His Spirit for strength and guidance.


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