Jesus Great High Priest Of Our Profession – Hymn Lyric

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Jesus Great High Priest Of Our Profession – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus, Great High Priest of Our Profession” is a profound hymn that expresses gratitude, unity, and devotion in the Christian faith. This hymn recognizes Jesus as our High Priest and emphasizes our profession of faith in Him. It reminds us of His universal presence, the cause of our salvation, and the unity we share as believers, despite our differences.


Jesus Great High Priest Of Our Profession – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, great High Priest of our profession,
we in confidence draw near;
grant us, then, in mercy, the confession
of our grateful hearts to hear;

you we gladly own in ev’ry nation,
Head and Master of your congregation,
conscious that in ev’ry place
you are giving life and grace.

Your blessed people, trusting in your merit,
on the earth’s extended face
from each other far, but one in spirit,
sound with one accord your praise.

May we never cease to make confession
that your death’s the cause of our salvation;
we to you, our Head and King,
joyful hallelujahs sing.


Meaning of Jesus Great High Priest Of Our Profession

Jesus Great High Priest of Our Profession: A Hymn of Gratitude and Unity

In the world of Christianity, hymns have played a significant role in expressing our devotion, gratitude, and unity as believers. One such hymn that beautifully encompasses these sentiments is “Jesus, Great High Priest of Our Profession.” This profound hymn captures the essence of our faith in a way that resonates with people from different nations and cultures, reminding us of our shared belief in Jesus Christ.

The very first verse of this hymn portrays Jesus as the great High Priest of our profession, inviting us to approach Him with confidence. Just as a priest acts as a mediator between God and humanity, Jesus fulfills this role for us, bridging the gap between us and our Creator. He grants us the mercy to confess our hearts’ gratitude to Him, knowing that He welcomes us with open arms, regardless of our faults or shortcomings. This verse reminds us of the immense love and grace Jesus showers upon His congregation.

As we sing the words of this hymn, it is essential to acknowledge that Jesus is not confined to one nation or culture. He is the Head and Master of His congregation, present in every place on earth. This notion of Jesus’ omnipresence highlights His universal significance and the fact that His message is not limited to one particular group of people. We can find comfort and assurance in knowing that, regardless of our location or background, Jesus is always ready to offer us life and grace.

In these turbulent times, where our world seems increasingly divided, it is crucial to recognize that as believers, we are united in spirit. We may be physically distant from each other, but our praise for Jesus echoes as one harmonious chorus. Our different languages, cultures, and traditions may set us apart, but they do not hinder our ability to express our gratitude for Jesus collectively. As we sing this hymn together, we find solace in knowing that we are part of a global community of believers, all worshiping the same Savior.

Let us not forget the reason behind our salvation as we lift our voices in praise. The second verse of this hymn reminds us that Jesus’ death is the cause of our redemption. His sacrifice on the cross paid the price for our sins and opened the door to eternal life. As we make our confession, openly acknowledging that Jesus is the source of our salvation, we find renewed joy and purpose in singing hallelujahs to our Head and King.

The title of this hymn, “Jesus Great High Priest of Our Profession,” aptly summarizes the core message it conveys. Through this hymn, we acknowledge Jesus’ role as our High Priest, emphasizing our profession of faith in Him. The inclusion of the word “great” highlights His authority, power, and significance in our lives. By using this title as an SEO keyword, we aim to make this hymn accessible to a broader audience, enabling more people to discover and be inspired by its profound message.

In conclusion, “Jesus, Great High Priest of Our Profession” is a hymn that encapsulates the gratitude, unity, and devotion present within the Christian faith. Its timeless lyrics remind us of Jesus’ role as our High Priest, His universal presence, and the cause of our salvation. As we sing these words, let us embrace the unity we share as believers, regardless of our differences. May this hymn continue to resonate with people from all walks of life, bringing them closer to Jesus and inspiring them to live a life of gratitude and praise.


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