Jesus I Would Abide – Hymn Lyric

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Jesus I Would Abide – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus I Would Abide” is a heartfelt hymn that expresses the desire to stay close to Jesus and find guidance in His teachings. This hymn emphasizes the love and freedom found in abiding in Jesus and reminds us of the transformative power of His redeeming blood. By embracing His presence and following His word, we can experience true fulfillment and lasting joy.


Jesus I Would Abide – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, I would abide
In Thy sure word,
Close clinging to Thy side,
Thou my dear Lord;
This is my earnest plea,
Always Thine own to be,
My heart and life with Thee
In full accord.

So shall I keep the way
Thou dost approve;
Thy smile cheer every day,
Bright with Thy love;
Thy truth my nature woke,
My fear and thralldom broke,
Bro’t me, beneath Thy yoke,
Rest from above.

O, glorious Son of God-
The worlds’ one need-
‘Tis Thy redeeming blood
Makes free indeed!
Sin’s servant wears its chain,
In bondage must remain,
And every hope be vain
Till he is freed.

Made by the Saviour free-
Oh, blessed state!-
Then death we never see,
Nor feel its weight;
‘Tis vict’ry over sin,
‘Tis God’s won peace within,
‘Tis Christ Himself to win,
And Heaven’s estate!


Meaning of Jesus I Would Abide

Jesus, I Would Abide: Embracing The Love and Freedom Found in God’s Word

As I embark on this journey of exploring the beautiful hymn “Jesus, I Would Abide,” I am filled with a sense of joy and gratitude. This hymn, with its inspiring verses and heartfelt plea, encapsulates our desire to remain close to Jesus, to cling to His side and be guided by His sure word. Join me now as we dive deeper into the profound message this hymn carries, and discover the love, freedom, and peace that can be found when we abide in Jesus.

The first verse resonates deeply within my heart: “Jesus, I would abide, in Thy sure word, close clinging to Thy side, Thou my dear Lord.” In these simple yet profound words, we find a sincere plea to remain steadfast in our faith and to find solace and guidance in the teachings of Jesus. Like a comforting embrace, we long to be held close by our dear Lord, finding security and reassurance in His presence.

The hymn continues with an earnest plea to always be His own. Oh, how our hearts yearn to be wholly and eternally His! We recognize that true fulfillment and purpose can only be found when our hearts and lives are in full accord with our Savior. When we surrender ourselves to Him completely, His love flows freely through us, transforming our lives and those around us.

As we keep the way that Jesus approves, we are met with His beautiful smile each day. It is a smile radiant with love and compassion, a smile that brings warmth to our souls and reminds us of the incredible grace we have been gifted. Through His truth, our very nature is awakened, breaking the chains of fear and bondage that held us captive. His yoke brings us rest, a rest that can only be found when we trust in His guidance and surrender our burdens to Him.

In the next verse of the hymn, we are reminded of the glorious Son of God – the world’s one need. It is through His redeeming blood that we are set free, free from the grip of sin and its chains. Without Jesus, we would be enslaved by our wrongdoings, forever yearning for a hope that could never be realized. But His sacrifice has granted us freedom, a freedom that is profound and life-altering.

We learn that without this freedom, we are but servants to sin, trapped in its cycle with no hope of escape. Every aspiration would be in vain, for sin’s hold on us would never truly be broken. It is only through the love and grace of Jesus that we are set free from this bondage. He alone has the power to release us from sin’s chains and bestow upon us a hope that is real and authentic.

Once we have been made free by our Savior, we enter into a blessed state where death holds no power over us. It is a state of eternal life, where death’s weight is lifted, and its sting is no more. This victory over sin, granted by Jesus, fills our hearts with joy and gratitude. We are no longer slaves to fear, but rather, we are enveloped in God’s peace within. Through Christ, we can taste a piece of heaven here on earth, experiencing a foretaste of the eternal joy that awaits us in God’s kingdom.

In conclusion, “Jesus, I Would Abide” is a deeply moving hymn that encapsulates our longing to remain close to Jesus, to embrace His love and find freedom in His truth. The hymn reminds us of the transformative power of Jesus’ redeeming blood, which sets us free from sin’s chains and grants us a blessed state of eternal life. As we abide in Jesus and cling to His sure word, we experience His love, His guidance, and His peace like never before. Let us always remember the profound message of this hymn and strive to live in full accord with our Savior, for in Him alone, we find true fulfillment and everlasting joy.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the love, freedom, and peace found in Jesus as you dive deeper into the hymn Jesus I Would Abide. Embrace His sure word and find solace in His presence. Let His redeeming blood set you free.


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