Jesus Is Calling – Hymn Lyric

Jesus Is Calling: Answering the Call to Serve - Embrace the call of Jesus

Jesus Is Calling – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus Is Calling: Answering the Call to Serve” explores the powerful message of the hymn, emphasizing the importance of answering Jesus’ call to service and finding purpose in our lives. It encourages readers to embrace the call and join the battle, knowing that victory is guaranteed with Jesus by our side. The article invites readers to reflect on their own response to Jesus’ call and consider the impact they can make in the world.


Jesus Is Calling – Hymn Lyric

Jesus is calling! Forth to the fray,
In line be falling, serve Him today;
Follow Him ever, call no retreat,
His soldiers never suffer defeat.

On to victory, follow your mighty Commander,
On to victory, follow where Jesus may go;
On to victory, close to your Shield and Defender,
On to victory, conquering every foe.

He needs you, brother, do thou His will;
Your place no other ever can fill;
Gird on the armor, take up the sword;
Join your Commander, follow your Lord.

Morning is coming, night will be past;
Soon will the dawning, break in at last;
Then with the morning, glorious and bright,
Rich crowns adorning, victors of light.


Meaning of Jesus Is Calling

Jesus Is Calling: Answering the Call to Serve

In our lives, we often find ourselves searching for purpose and meaning. We long to make a difference, to serve a greater cause. And in the midst of this search, we hear a voice calling out to us, a voice that brings hope and direction. This voice belongs to none other than Jesus – the one who calls us to a life of service and devotion.

The hymn “Jesus Is Calling” beautifully captures the essence of this call. It urges us to step forward and join the battle, to serve our mighty Commander without hesitation. It reminds us that in following Jesus, we need not fear defeat, for His soldiers are always victorious.

Jesus calls us to a life of purpose – to make a meaningful impact on the world around us. Just as soldiers follow their commander into battle, we are called to follow Jesus in everything we do. Whether it’s in our relationships, our work, or our daily interactions, we are challenged to serve others and embody the values of love, kindness, and compassion.

But answering this call is not always easy. It requires us to let go of our own desires and submit to a higher purpose. It asks us to put on the armor of righteousness, to take up the sword of truth, and to join our Commander in the fight against injustice and oppression.

Yet, in this battle, we are not alone. For Jesus is not only our Commander but also our Shield and Defender. He is our source of strength and protection. As we journey through life, facing various challenges and obstacles, we can trust in His guidance and rely on His unfailing love.

The hymn reminds us that victory is not just a distant dream, but a tangible reality. It assures us that as we walk in obedience to Jesus, we will conquer every foe that stands in our way. With Him by our side, there is no challenge that we cannot overcome.

As we answer the call to serve, we must remember that Jesus needs each and every one of us. He has placed unique gifts and talents within us, equipping us for the specific roles He has called us to fulfill. No one else can fulfill our purpose and carry out our mission in the way that we can.

Every morning, as the night fades away, a new day dawns – a day filled with opportunities to bring light, love, and hope to those around us. Each day is a chance for us to put on our armor, pick up our swords, and march forward in service to our Commander.

And when the morning breaks, when we have fought the good fight and remained faithful to the call, we will be adorned with crowns of victory. These crowns symbolize the rewards of a life well-lived, a life spent in service to others.

So, let us embrace the call of Jesus. Let us answer His invitation with open hearts and willing spirits. For in doing so, we will not only find purpose and fulfillment, but we will also experience the joy of making a difference in the world.

In conclusion, the hymn “Jesus Is Calling” reminds us of the importance of serving others and following the call of our mighty Commander. It encourages us to take up our swords and join the battle, knowing that victory is assured in His name. As we heed this call, we will find meaning, purpose, and a life filled with the light of His love. Jesus is calling – will you answer?


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Jesus Is Calling: Answering the Call to Serve - Embrace the call of Jesus, find purpose and fulfillment, make a difference in the world. Join the battle and experience victory in His name.


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