Jesus Is Calling Lovingly Calling – Hymn Lyric

Answer the Divine Invitation - Jesus Is Calling

Jesus Is Calling Lovingly Calling – Hymn Lyric

Answering the Divine Invitation: Jesus Is Calling, Lovingly Calling Amidst the chaos of life, Jesus is calling us with love and patience. He beckons us to enter the field of life, filled with souls in need of love and salvation, and make a difference. By embracing His call, we become part of something greater, sharing His love and compassion with the world. Jesus is calling, lovingly calling. Will you answer?


Jesus Is Calling Lovingly Calling – Hymn Lyric

Jesus is calling, lovingly calling,
Moments are wasting and the harvest is wide;
Many are waiting, many are idle,
Many are halting, and awaiting the tide.

Jesus is calling, so lovingly calling,
Enter the field, for there’s plenty to do,
Take up the cross, and, no longer delaying,
Enter the service, be valiant and true.

Jesus is calling, lovingly calling,
Gather the jewels that in plenty are found;
Tell the glad story, tell it with gladness,
Until the world shall with His glory resound.

Jesus is calling, patiently calling,
Enter the field, joyfully singing His love;
Comfort the weak ones, rescue the wand’rer,
Tell the glad story of the mansions above.

Meaning of Jesus Is Calling Lovingly Calling

Jesus is Calling, Lovingly Calling: Answering the Divine Invitation

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to get caught up in our own little worlds. We might find ourselves occupied with trivial matters, wasting precious moments that could be spent making a difference in the world. But amidst the chaos, amidst the fading daylight, Jesus is calling, lovingly calling.

Picture this: a field stretching out before you, abundant and ripe for harvest. It’s not just any field; it’s the field of life, filled with countless souls in need of love, hope, and salvation. Jesus is beckoning you to enter this field, for there is plenty to do. The harvest is wide, and the time is now.

You may wonder, why should I answer this call? Why should I leave behind my comfortable routine and step into uncharted territory? Well, my friend, the answer lies in the profound joy and purpose that comes from fulfilling this divine mission. You have the opportunity to take up the cross and be valiant and true. It’s not just about helping others; it’s about finding your own authentic self in the process.

By answering Jesus’ call, you become part of something far greater than yourself. Imagine gathering jewels scattered throughout the field. These “jewels” represent the lost souls, the broken hearts, and the weary minds that are waiting to be found. As you reach out to them with love and compassion, you become a living testimony of the glad story of salvation.

Each jewel you gather adds to the resounding chorus of His glory. Through your actions, the world begins to feel the transformative power of His love. Every step you take, every word you speak, becomes a testament to the unwavering faith and boundless grace that Jesus extends to all.

Jesus is calling, patiently calling. He isn’t standing on the sidelines, waiting idly by. No, He joyfully sings His love as He invites you to enter the field. In this field, you will find the weak ones in need of comfort, the wanderers in need of rescue. With every act of kindness and every word of encouragement, you share the glad story of the mansions above.

But how can you answer this call? How can you step into the field with confidence and purpose? It starts by cultivating a heart of love and compassion. Jesus’ love is not limited; it knows no boundaries or restrictions. Embrace this love and let it flow through you, allowing it to guide your actions and shape your character.

Once you’ve embraced this love, take a step forward and make a difference in someone’s life. Start small; a simple smile or a kind word can go a long way. Comfort the weak ones with your presence and lend a helping hand wherever it is needed. Remember, even the smallest act of kindness can have a ripple effect that touches countless lives.

As you embark on this journey, stay rooted in the belief that Jesus is calling, lovingly calling. He believes in you, and He has equipped you with the strength and resilience to face any challenge that comes your way. With Him by your side, there’s no limit to the impact you can make in the field of life.

So, my friend, answer the call. Enter the field with enthusiasm and a song in your heart. Let the world witness the transformative power of Jesus’ love through your actions. Together, let’s make His glory resound in every corner of the earth. Jesus is calling, lovingly calling. Will you answer?


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Answer the Divine Invitation - Jesus Is Calling, Lovingly Calling. Enter the field with joy and purpose to make a difference. Embrace His love, gather the lost, and share the glad story. Answer the call today!


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