Jesus Lord Have Mercy – Hymn Lyric

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Jesus Lord Have Mercy – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus, Lord Have Mercy” offers a comforting message of finding rest and healing in faith. This powerful hymn reminds us that Jesus, our Lord and Savior, has the ability to heal the wounds of our souls and grant us eternal rest. By embracing His mercy and love, we can find the peace and solace we long for in the presence of God.


Jesus Lord Have Mercy – Hymn Lyric

have mercy
On the souls so blest,
Who in faith gone from us
Now in death find rest.

Here ‘mid stress and conflict
Toils can never cease;
There the warfare ended,
Bid them rest in peace.

Sorely were they wounded
In the deadly strife;
Heal them,
good Physician,
With the balm of life.

Ev’ry taint of evil,
Frailty and decay,
Good and gracious Savior,
Cleanse and purge away.

Grant them rest eternal
After weary fight;
Shed on them the radiance
Of your heav’nly light.

Lead them onward, upward,
To the holy place
Where your saints, made perfect,
Gaze upon your face.


Meaning of Jesus Lord Have Mercy

Jesus, Lord Have Mercy: Finding Rest and Healing in Faith

In times of struggle and hardship, it is comforting to know that we can turn to Jesus, our Lord and Savior, for mercy and solace. This powerful hymn reminds us of the everlasting peace that awaits those who have passed away in faith, finding rest from the toils and conflicts of this world. As we explore the profound message within this hymn, let us delve into the themes of healing, cleansing, and eternal rest that resonate throughout its verses.

The hymn begins by invoking the compassion and mercy of Jesus, acknowledging that those who have departed have found solace and rest in death. While death may seem daunting and sorrowful, the hymn reassures us that for those who have gone in faith, it is a release from the struggles and toils of life. In death, they find an end to the warfare that surrounds us in this world, and Jesus bids them to rest in peace.

The lyrics then highlight the wounds suffered by those who have passed away, wounds inflicted upon their souls during their time on Earth. The hymn compares Jesus to a good Physician, capable of healing these wounds with the balm of life. Jesus, who understands our weaknesses and frailties, is capable of cleansing and purging away every taint of evil, frailty, and decay. Just as a skilled doctor uses medicine to heal ailments, Jesus uses His divine power to restore the souls of the departed.

The hymn encourages us to believe in the transformative power of Jesus. It acknowledges that, in our human nature, we are filled with faults, imperfections, and a tendency towards sin. However, the hymn reminds us that Jesus, the good and gracious Savior, is capable of cleansing and purifying us. It is through His grace and mercy that we can overcome the stains of our past mistakes and find forgiveness and redemption.

As we reflect on the desire for eternal rest expressed in the hymn, we are drawn to the deeper longing of every soul – to find peace and tranquility in the presence of God. The hymn pleads for Jesus to grant eternal rest to those who have fought the good fight of faith. After lives filled with weariness, they long for the sweet release of eternal rest.

The hymn paints a beautiful picture of the afterlife, envisioning the departed being bathed in the radiant light of Jesus’ heavenly glory. It speaks of leading them onward and upward to a holy place, where saints, who have been made perfect through their faith and devotion, gaze upon the face of God. It is a place of ultimate peace, where all the struggles and trials of life are left behind, and the soul can finally find complete rest and fulfillment.

In conclusion, “Jesus, Lord Have Mercy” is a hymn that resonates deeply with the human need for healing, cleansing, and eternal rest. It speaks to the struggles we face in this world, acknowledging the wounds inflicted upon our souls. Yet, it also offers hope and solace, reminding us that Jesus, the ultimate healer and redeemer, has the power to heal our wounds and provide eternal rest. Through faith in Him, we can find the peace and tranquility we long for in the presence of God. Let us hold on to this message of hope as we navigate the challenges of life, trusting in Jesus’ mercy and love.


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