Jesus Lord Of Life And Glory – Hymn Lyric

Find hope and strength in Jesus

Jesus Lord Of Life And Glory – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “Jesus, Lord of Life and Glory,” we find comfort and strength in the understanding that Jesus is our friend and deliverer. This hymn highlights his merciful nature and his ability to rescue us from the power of sin in all circumstances of life. It reminds us to rely on Jesus for guidance and to find hope and peace in his loving presence, making him the source of life and glory.


Jesus Lord Of Life And Glory – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, Lord of life and glory,
Bend from heaven thy gracious ear;
While our waiting souls adore thee,
Friend of helpless sinners, hear:

By thy mercy,
O deliver us, good Lord.

From the depth of nature’s blindness,
From the hardening power of sin,
From all malice and unkindness,
From the pride that lurks within,

When temptation sorely presses,
In the day of Satan’s power,
In our times of deep distresses,
In each dark and trying hour,

When the world around is smiling,
In the time of wealth and ease,
Earthly joys our hearts beguiling,
In the day of health and peace,

In the weary hours of sickness,
In the times of grief and pain,
When we feel our mortal weakness,
When all human help is vain,

In the solemn hour of dying,
In the awful judgment day,
May our souls, on thee relying,
Find thee still our Rock and Stay;


Meaning of Jesus Lord Of Life And Glory

Jesus, Lord of Life and Glory: A Source of Hope and Strength

In this hymn, we find solace in the understanding that Jesus is not only the Lord of life and glory but also our friend, ever ready to listen to our prayers and provide us with deliverance. It reminds us that in all circumstances, whether in the depths of nature’s blindness or when temptation presses hard upon us, Jesus is there to offer his mercy and rescue us from the power of sin.

Nature’s blindness refers to our limited understanding and awareness of spiritual matters. As humans, we are prone to being deceived and led astray by the allure of worldly pleasures. We often fall into the trap of pride, malice, and unkindness, which can harden our hearts and lead us away from the path of righteousness. However, by turning to Jesus and seeking his guidance, we can escape the clutches of these negative traits.

At times, we face overwhelming challenges and feel helpless against the forces of evil. It is during such moments that Satan’s power is most apparent. But we can find comfort in knowing that Jesus is our friend, and he will be there for us, even in our darkest and most trying hours. In these times of deep distress, we can rely on his strength to carry us through, providing us with the resilience and courage to overcome the obstacles we face.

This hymn also reminds us not to be deceived by the smiles of the world and the temptations it offers. Even when surrounded by wealth, ease, and earthly joys, we should remain grounded in our faith and not let these distractions sway us from our spiritual journey. Earthly pleasures can be enticing, but they are transient and fade away. It is the presence of Jesus in our lives that brings true and lasting joy.

Moreover, the hymn acknowledges that life is not always smooth sailing. Sickness, grief, and pain are part of the human experience. During these weary hours, when human help seems futile, we can lean on Jesus for comfort and healing. He understands our mortal weakness and stands as our Rock and Stay, ready to provide us with the strength and solace we need. In times of sickness and distress, Jesus offers us the hope of restoration and renewal.

Furthermore, as we ponder the solemn hour of dying and the fear of facing the judgment day, this hymn assures us that we need not be afraid. Putting our trust in Jesus, we can find peace and assurance in his infinite love and forgiveness. Our souls can rely on him to guide us through the mysteious unknown that awaits beyond this life.

In conclusion, the hymn “Jesus, Lord of Life and Glory” paints a beautiful picture of a compassionate and supportive Savior who is always there for his followers. It offers a message of hope, reminding us that Jesus listens to our prayers and delivers us from the various challenges and trials of life. This hymn encourages us to seek solace in Jesus’ loving guidance, both in times of despair and in moments of joy, reminding us that he is the true source of life and glory. May we always turn to Jesus, our friend and deliverer, and find comfort, strength, and peace in his presence.


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