Jesus Lord We Joy Before Thee – Hymn Lyric

Experience the Triumph of Love and Grace with Jesus

Jesus Lord We Joy Before Thee – Hymn Lyric

Celebrate the of love and grace with the hymn “Jesus, Lord We Joy Before Thee.” This hymn reminds us of how Jesus conquered sorrow and vanquished our foes, proclaiming His victory and filling our hearts with joy. Through His faithfulness, meekness, and grace, Jesus has made us His own, and we joyfully praise Him, declaring His triumph and glory.


Jesus Lord We Joy Before Thee – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, Lord, we joy before Thee,
Sorrow's night is o'er;
Foes are vanquished, Thou art Victor,

All the way Thy love has trodden,
We with gladness trace,
All Thy faithfulness and meekness,
All Thy grace.

To Thy Father's will obedient,
Thou to death hast been,
Righteousness and peace embracing
There are seen.

‘Tis as risen, Lord, we hail Thee,
Shadows passed away;
Love has triumphed; Thou hast made us
Thine for aye.

Now the Father's name Thou tellest;
Joy is in Thine heart;
In His love in which Thou dwellest
We have part.

Joy we thus in Thee, Lord Jesus,
Gladly praising Thee;
Thine the triumph, Thine the glory
Ever be.


Meaning of Jesus Lord We Joy Before Thee

Hello there! Today, we're going to chat about a beautiful hymn called “Jesus, Lord, We Joy Before Thee.” This hymn is like a treasure map that unfolds the adventure of faith and fills our hearts with happiness and peace.

First off, the title of our hymn, “Jesus, Lord, We Joy Before Thee,” is like opening the door to a garden filled with the most vibrant flowers – it’s brimming with life and colors. The word “joy” isn’t just about being happy; it’s a deeper feeling of contentment and security that we find in knowing Jesus.

As the hymn begins, we sing about the end of sorrow's night. Think about the darkest night you've ever seen – maybe you were camping or in your backyard late at night. Now, imagine the sun peeking over the hills, slowly lighting up everything around you, pushing the darkness away. That's what the song is painting – Jesus coming into our lives and scattering all the things that frighten us or make us sad, just like the morning sun.

Our “foes” in the hymn could be anything that makes life feel tough – from doubts and fears to feeling alone or even real-life challenges. But here's the good news: Jesus is described as a Victor. This means He is like the bravest hero who has ever walked the earth, winning battles for us and standing tall.

As we follow the hymn, we walk down a trail, seeing all the ways Jesus has loved us and others. We remember that He was always kind, even when things were tough. He was meek, which means He was powerful but chose to be gentle and humble. Jesus was the king of keeping cool and not losing temper – perhaps like that friend we all admire who never gets angry during games, even if they lose.

The phrase “To Thy Father's will obedient” tells us about a very special decision Jesus made. It wasn’t easy – it was going to a really difficult place – but He did it without complaining. That's because he wanted to bring peace and make things right. Just imagine the biggest chocolate cake – no, even better – a world where everything was fair and kind. Jesus wanted to bring a slice of that world into ours.

When we sing “‘Tis as risen, Lord, we hail Thee,” it’s like we’re celebrating the most amazing comeback ever. Jesus didn’t stay defeated; He rose up, and with Him, all our hopes and dreams. It's like the end of a movie where the main character, after facing so many challenges, finally triumphs. The shadows that scared us in the night are gone with the sunrise.

Now, the hymn shares with us how Jesus, after His big comeback, didn't forget to share the credit. He told us about His Father's name and the love He has for us. It's a bit like when you score a goal in soccer, and you run off to high-five your teammates. Jesus is giving a high-five to His Father, and guess what? We’re part of the team too!

Then, the hymn wraps up with this beautiful idea: Jesus has not only won, but He's shared His victory with us. That means we get to be on the winning team forever. It’s like getting an unlimited-pass to all the best theme parks, only a million times better because it’s not just fun – it’s love, joy, peace, and everything wonderful that comes from being friends with Jesus.

When we sing “Thine the triumph, Thine the glory,” we recognize that Jesus deserves the biggest trophy ever. We're throwing confetti, cheering, and being thankful because He's done something amazing, not just for Himself, but for all of us.

So, what do we take away from singing “Jesus, Lord, We Joy Before Thee”? It's like a secret recipe for happiness. When we're sad or scared, we can remember that the night of sorrow has ended. Jesus has fought our battles and invites us to walk in His love and share in His victory.

In our lives, we’ll face challenges that might seem like towering mountains or endless nights. But with Jesus as our Lord – our fearless, kind, and powerful friend – we’ve got a light that never goes out.

So anytime you feel down, think of this hymn and the joy it describes. Picture the morning sun after a long night, the hero who's won the day and wants you to share in the celebration. In life's ups and downs, this hymn reminds us of the eternal triumph we can have when we join in the song of Jesus, our Lord.


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