Jesus Makes Me Whole – Hymn Lyric

Experience true freedom and healing through Jesus. His love and sacrifice cleanse us

Jesus Makes Me Whole – Hymn Lyric

The hymn “Jesus Makes Me Whole” joyfully proclaims the transformative power of Jesus’ love and sacrifice on the cross. Through his forgiveness and grace, Jesus offers freedom from sin and the opportunity for true healing. By accepting Jesus into our lives, we can experience his complete and transformative work, becoming whole in his love.


Jesus Makes Me Whole – Hymn Lyric

I hear celestial music strains
Resounding everywhere;
Their tidings fill Judea’s plains,
That Christ our sins did bear.
Yes, yes, yes, my heart from sin is freed,
Yes, free indeed.

‘Tis Jesus makes, yes, makes me whole,
‘Tis Jesus makes, yes, makes me whole,
My care and all on Him I roll,
He fully saves my soul.Shall I defeat His gracious plan,
And cast away His love,
Since He thus gave His life for man,
That we may live above?
No, no, no, Thy love I do receive,
Thy love receive. I’m in the precious, healing stream;
‘Tis flowing o’er my soul;
From every stain I now am clean,
‘Tis Jesus makes me whole.
Yes, yes, yes, the blood it cleanseth me,
Yes, cleanseth me. In this pure stream I will abide,
It flows for you and me,
From Jesus’ deeply wounded side,
The stream from Calvary.
Yes, yes, yes, I see the dying Lamb,
His child I am.


Meaning of Jesus Makes Me Whole

Jesus is the source of true healing and freedom from sin. As the hymn proclaims, his love and sacrifice on the cross cleanses us and makes us whole. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus offers us the opportunity to receive his love and experience the transforming power of his grace.

In the first verse of the hymn, we are reminded of the heavenly music that proclaims the good news of Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. This celestial music echoes throughout Judea’s plains, signifying the universal reach of Christ’s redemptive work. The hymn rejoices in the fact that our hearts can be freed from sin through Jesus. Not only are our sins forgiven, but we are also set free from the bondage and guilt that sin brings. It is a joyous realization that through Jesus, we can be truly free.

The second verse emphasizes the role of Jesus in making us whole. It emphasizes that it is Jesus who is responsible for our complete well-being. We no longer have to carry our cares and burdens alone, but can instead cast them upon Jesus. Through his saving grace, he not only forgives our sins but also offers hope, healing, and restoration. We can find comfort and peace knowing that our Savior is there for us, ready to receive our burdens and transform our lives.

The hymn acknowledges that Jesus gave his life for all of humanity, demonstrating his incredible love for us. It poses a question: will we reject this love and defy his plan for our lives? The answer is a resounding “no.” Instead, we choose to receive his love and accept the salvation he offers. This decision represents a turning point in our lives, as we recognize the immense value of God’s love and respond with gratitude and devotion.

The fourth verse speaks of being immersed in a precious, healing stream that flows from Jesus. This stream cleanses us from every stain and impurity. It is a powerful metaphor for the transformative work that Jesus does in our lives. Just as physical water cleanses and refreshes our bodies, the blood of Jesus has the power to cleanse and renew our souls. This imagery resonates with the promise of baptism, where we are symbolically washed clean and made new in Christ.

The final verse emphasizes the abiding nature of this healing stream. It is an ever-present source of grace and mercy, continuously flowing for us. Jesus’ wounded side, where the stream originates, reminds us of the depth of his love and the sacrifice he made for our salvation. Through his death on the cross, Jesus became the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. As believers, we are now united with him as his children, forever grateful for his redeeming work.

In conclusion, the hymn “Jesus Makes Me Whole” beautifully expresses the transformative power of Jesus’ love and sacrifice. It invites us to embrace the freedom and healing that he offers, recognizing the cleansing power of his blood. By accepting Jesus into our lives and casting our cares upon him, we can experience the fullness of his saving grace. Let us rejoice in the truth that Jesus truly makes us whole.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience true freedom and healing through Jesus. His love and sacrifice cleanse us, make us whole, and offer us a life transformed by grace. Jesus truly makes us whole.


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