Jesus My Blessed Redeemer – Hymn Lyric

Experience the joy of having Jesus as your Blessed Redeemer! Walk blamelessly in His light

Jesus My Blessed Redeemer – Hymn Lyric

Discover the joy of having Jesus as your blessed Redeemer, always ready to help, protect, and guide you in His ways. Trust in His love and let Him bear your burdens, leading you to victory and blessings. Surrender your all to His will and experience the amazing grace of serving such a tender Savior. Jesus, our blessed Redeemer, is the light that shines in our lives, bringing us peace, joy, and fulfillment.


Jesus My Blessed Redeemer – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, my blessed Redeemer,
Helper, protector, and keeper,
Shield me from every deceiver,
Help me to walk in Thy way.

Walk with Thy light shining o’er me,
Blameless and perfect before Thee;
Help me to love and adore Thee,
Serving Thee truly each day.

I can do nothing without Thee,
But with Thy loving arms around me
Satan can never confound me,
Vict’ry shall ever be mine.

O I will trust Thee forever,
And not forsake Thee, no, never,
But I shall always endeavor
Fully my all to resign.

While in my soul I am singing,
Tightly to Thee I am clinging,
Faith many blessings are bringing,
Causing me now to rejoice.

Thou all my burdens are bearing,
All of my troubles are sharing,
Soon I a crown shall be wearing,
If I give heed to Thy voice.

Help me, O Savior most tender,
Faithful heart-service to render,
Fully, completely surrender
All that I have to Thy will.

Thy love, freely flowing,
Deep in my bosom be glowing,
Ever expanding and growing,
In me Thy purpose fulfill.


Meaning of Jesus My Blessed Redeemer

Oh, how amazing it is to have Jesus as our blessed Redeemer! He is always there to help, protect, and keep us safe from any deceivers that may try to lead us astray. With His light shining over us, we can walk blamelessly and perfectly in His ways, loving and adoring Him each day.

It’s true, we can do nothing without Him. But with His loving arms around us, we can have the strength to overcome any challenges that come our way. Victory will always be ours when we trust in Him and strive to serve Him faithfully.

Singing praises in our souls, we cling tightly to Jesus, knowing that our faith brings many blessings and causes us to rejoice. He bears all our burdens and shares in all our troubles, promising us a crown of glory if we follow His voice and surrender our all to His will.

What a joy it is to have such a tender Savior, who desires our faithful service and complete surrender to His plans for our lives. As we allow His love to flow freely in our hearts, it will only continue to grow and fulfill His purpose within us.

Let’s make a commitment to always trust in Jesus, our blessed Redeemer, and never forsake Him. With Him by our side, we can face anything that comes our way and experience the true joy and peace that comes from serving Him wholeheartedly.

So, let’s continue to walk in His ways, shining His light for all to see, and loving and adoring Him with all our hearts. Jesus, our blessed Redeemer, is always there for us, guiding us every step of the way. What a wonderful blessing it is to have Him in our lives!


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the joy of having Jesus as your Blessed Redeemer! Walk blamelessly in His light, trust in Him, and find victory in serving Him faithfully each day. Surrender all to His will and witness His love fulfilling your purpose. Jesus, our tender Savior, is always there to guide and protect.


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