Jesus My Highest Treasure – Hymn Lyric

Discover the true joy and rest in Jesus

Jesus My Highest Treasure – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “Jesus My Highest Treasure”, we are reminded that true joy and rest can be found in the presence of Jesus. By willingly offering ourselves to Him, we acknowledge His sacrifice for us and find fulfillment in His love and favor. Earthly glory pales in comparison to the beauty and wonder of heaven, where Jesus Himself prepares a place for us. Through all the distractions and temptations of this world, Jesus remains our highest treasure.


Jesus My Highest Treasure – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, my highest treasure, in Thy communion blest
I find unfailing pleasure, true happiness and rest;
myself a willing off’ring I give to Thee alone,
because by death and suff’ring Thou didst for me atone.

O Joy, all joys excelling, the Bread of Life Thou art,
Thou cam’st to make Thy dwelling in my unworthy heart.
My spirit’s hungry craving Thou canst forever still;
from deepest anguish saving, with bliss my cup canst fill.

O let my eyes be lightened by sight of Thy dear face;
my life below be brightened by tasting of Thy grace;
without Thee, mighty Savior, to live is nought but pain;
to have Thy love and favor is happiness and gain.

Earth’s glory to inherit is not what I desire;
to heav’n aspires my spirit, glowing with nobler fire.
Where Christ Himself appeareth in brightest majesty,
for me a place prepareth there, there, there I long to be.


Meaning of Jesus My Highest Treasure

Jesus My Highest Treasure: Finding True Joy and Rest in Christ’s Presence

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of wealth, fame, and material possessions. We are bombarded with advertisements that promise happiness if we just acquire the latest gadget or fashion trend. But amidst the noise and distractions, there is a hymn that reminds us of a simple yet profound truth: Jesus is our highest treasure.

The hymn begins by acknowledging that in communion with Jesus, we find not just pleasure, but unfailing pleasure. It’s a joy that surpasses any temporary happiness that comes from the things of this world. With Jesus, our hearts find true rest and contentment.

Reflecting on this truth, we recognize that our lives are not our own. We willingly offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to Jesus, knowing that it was through His death and suffering that He atoned for our sins. We owe Him everything, and it is a joy to give ourselves to Him.

Jesus, you are the Bread of Life, the sustenance that nourishes our souls. As we partake of your presence, you make your dwelling in our hearts. It is a humbling thought that such a mighty and holy Savior would choose to reside within us, flawed and unworthy as we are. Yet, it is in this closeness with you that our deepest longings and cravings find satisfaction.

In a world filled with pain and anguish, Jesus, you offer us a way out. Your grace and love rescue us from the depths of despair and fill our cups with bliss. When life’s struggles threaten to overwhelm us, it is you who brings us comfort and peace. With you, our spirits find solace and our souls find healing.

Yet, it is not just in moments of distress that we need you, Jesus. We long for the light of your presence to illuminate our everyday lives. Your dear face, your tangible and real existence, brings hope and meaning to our existence. Without you, life is a mere existence, devoid of purpose. But with your love and favor, every moment becomes a treasure and a source of happiness.

As we peer into the future, our desires shift away from earthly possessions and accolades. We yearn for something greater, something beyond the fleeting pleasures of this world. Our spirits aspire to be in heaven, to be in the presence of Christ Himself.

In the brightness of His majesty, we understand that this world’s glory holds no appeal compared to the beauty and wonder of heaven. Our earthly desires pale in comparison to the joy and fulfillment of being with Jesus forever. So we long for that place, that eternal home where we will experience His love in its fullest measure.

Jesus, you are our highest treasure. In your presence, we find true joy, rest, and fulfillment. The world may tempt us with its empty promises, but we stand firm in our faith, knowing that you alone satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts.

As we sing this hymn, let us remember that it is not just a song, but a declaration of our devotion and love for Jesus. May the truth it conveys resonate in our hearts, leading us to pursue Him above all else. Let our greatest desire be to be in His presence, for He is worthy of all our worship and adoration.

In conclusion, Jesus, our highest treasure, invites us to find true joy and rest in His presence. Through communion with Him, we discover a pleasure that surpasses the temporal happiness of this world. He calls us to willingly give ourselves to Him, recognizing that His death and suffering atoned for our sins. In His love, He offers us solace, healing our deepest anguish and filling our cups with bliss. Jesus, the Bread of Life, desires to make His dwelling in our hearts, enlightening our lives with His grace. Without Him, life is a painful existence, but with His love and favor, we find true happiness and gain. Earthly glory holds no appeal compared to the majesty of heaven, where Jesus Himself prepares a place for us. Let us treasure Jesus above all else, for He alone satisfies the deepest longings of our souls.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the true joy and rest in Jesus, our highest treasure. Commune with Him and find unfailing pleasure that surpasses worldly happiness. Give yourself willingly to the Savior who atoned for our sins. Heal your anguish and find bliss in His love. Let Jesus, the Bread of Life, dwell in your heart and brighten your life with grace. Experience true happiness and gain through His love and favor. Aspire to be with Jesus in heaven, where He prepares a place for us. Treasure Jesus above all else for eternal fulfillment.


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