Jesus My King Proclaims The War – Hymn Lyric

"Find hope and courage in Jesus My King Proclaims The War. Rise up and conquer with faith and hope. Join the battle for victory and the victor's crown."

Jesus My King Proclaims The War – Hymn Lyric

In a world full of challenges, Jesus calls us to action and warns us of the powers of hell. Armed with faith and hope, we eagerly prepare for battle, knowing that victory awaits us. With Jesus as our guide, we march on, confident in our ability to overcome, and we find comfort in the knowledge that a glorious reward awaits us in the end.


Jesus My King Proclaims The War – Hymn Lyric

Jesus my king proclaims the war,
“Awake! the powers of hell are near!
“Arm with my grace!” I hear him cry,
‘Tis yours to conquer, or to die.”

Roused by the animating sound,
I cast my eager eyes around;
Make haste to gird my armor on,
And bid each trembling fear be gone.

Hope is my helmet, faith my shield,
The word of God, the sword I wield:
With sacred truth my loins are girt,
And holy zeal inspires my heart.

Thus armed, I venture on the sight,
Resolved to put my foes to flight;
While Jesus kindly deigns to spread
His conquering banner o’er my head.

In him I hope, in him I trust;
His bleeding cross is all my boast:
Through troops of foes he’ll lead me on
To victory, and the victor’s crown.


Meaning of Jesus My King Proclaims The War

Jesus My King Proclaims The War: A Call to Rise and Conquer with Faith and Hope

In a world filled with challenges and battles, we often find ourselves searching for guidance and strength to face the trials ahead. It is during these times that we can turn to the hymn “Jesus My King Proclaims The War” for inspiration and reassurance. This powerful hymn reminds us that even in the face of adversity, we can find hope and courage through our faith in Jesus.

The hymn begins with the proclamation that Jesus, our King, is calling us to action. With a sense of urgency, he warns us that the powers of hell are near, ready to challenge us at every turn. But rather than succumbing to fear, Jesus encourages us to arm ourselves with his grace. This is our time to rise up and conquer, to face our fears head-on, knowing that victory awaits us.

As we hear this animating call, we eagerly cast our eyes around, ready to equip ourselves for battle. We understand that preparation is key, and so we make haste to gird our armor. Just like a knight preparing for a joust, we meticulously strap on each piece, ensuring that we are fully protected. But this armor is not made of physical materials; it is made of something far more powerful – the armor of faith and hope.

Hope becomes our helmet, shielding our minds from the doubts and uncertainties that may seek to overwhelm us. With hope, we know that brighter days lie ahead, and that no matter what comes our way, we have reason to believe in a better future.

Faith becomes our shield, guarding us against the arrows of doubt and despair. With unwavering trust in God’s plan and purpose for our lives, we can confidently deflect any negative thoughts or influences that may try to penetrate our hearts.

The word of God becomes the sword we wield, a powerful weapon capable of cutting through the darkness that surrounds us. With each verse, each promise, and each truth that we hold dear, we have the ability to stand firm against any challenge that comes our way. It is through the scriptures that we draw strength and guidance, allowing us to navigate the battlefield with wisdom and discernment.

With sacred truth anchoring us, we gird our loins, tightening the belt of righteousness around us. This ensures that we stand firm in our convictions, that we live a life aligned with God’s will and purpose. Our actions reflect our faith, our speech embodies love, and our choices honor our King.

Inspired by holy zeal, our hearts are set ablaze with passion and determination. We are no longer afraid, for we know that with Jesus by our side, we are capable of great things. As we step onto the battlefield, we are filled with the assurance that we are not alone. Jesus, in his kindness, spreads his conquering banner over us, signifying his protection and guidance.

In him, and him alone, we place our hope and trust. His sacrifice on the cross becomes our greatest boast, for through his death and resurrection, we have been granted victory over sin and darkness. No matter how formidable our enemies may seem, we are confident that Jesus will lead us to triumph.

With Jesus as our guide, we march forward, ready to face the foes that lie ahead. We may encounter difficulties, setbacks, and opposition along the way, but we hold on to the promise of victory. Like a skilled general leading his army, Jesus navigates us through the battlefield, his wisdom and love guiding our every step.

And as we press forward, we keep our eyes fixed on the ultimate prize – the victor’s crown. We know that the battles we face now are only temporary, and that a glorious reward awaits us at the end of our earthly journey. With this knowledge, we are filled with hope and renewed determination to keep fighting, to keep trusting, and to keep proclaiming Jesus as our King.

In conclusion, the hymn “Jesus My King Proclaims The War” serves as a powerful reminder that we are not alone in our struggles. It encourages us to rise up and face the challenges before us, armed with faith, hope, and the word of God. With Jesus leading the way, we can conquer any battle that comes our way, knowing that victory and the victor’s crown are within our grasp. So, let us heed the call to rise and conquer, for Jesus, our King, proclaims the war, and we are ready to stand with him.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Find hope and courage in Jesus My King Proclaims The War. Rise up and conquer with faith and hope. Join the battle for victory and the victor's crown.


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