Jesus My Lord My Souls Delight – Hymn Lyric

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Jesus My Lord My Souls Delight – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, my Lord, brings me joy and comfort in both the darkness and light. His presence is a precious gift bestowed upon sinners like me, offering solace and relief. I long to see His smiling face, and I treasure Him as the greatest treasure of all.


Jesus My Lord My Souls Delight – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, my Lord, my chief delight,
For Thee I long, for Thee I pray,
Amid the shadow of the night,
Amid the business of the day.

When shall I see Thy smiling face,
That face which often I have seen?
Arise, Thou Sun of righteousness,
Scatter the clouds that intervene.

Thou art the glorious gift of God
To sinners weary and distressed;
The first of all His gifts bestowed,
And certain pledge of all the rest.

Could I but say this gift is mine,
The world should be beneath my feet;
Though poor, no more would I repine,
Or look with envy on the great.

The precious jewel I would keep,
And lodge it deep within my heart;
At home, abroad, awake, asleep,
It never should from thence depart.


Meaning of Jesus My Lord My Souls Delight

In times of both darkness and light, my heart longs for Jesus, my Lord. He brings me joy and comfort like nothing else can. Whether it’s during the quiet moments of the night or the busy hustle and bustle of the day, my thoughts often turn to Him.

Oh, how I yearn to see His smiling face! I have been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of His beauty before, and it fills my soul with warmth and hope. So I pray, dear Jesus, please come and shine your light upon me. Chase away the clouds of doubt and fear that sometimes block my view of You.

You, Jesus, are the most precious gift that God has given to humanity. We, sinners burdened by weariness and distress, find solace and relief in your presence. You are the very first gift bestowed upon us, and in that gift lies the promise of so much more.

If only I could truly claim that this precious gift is mine! Imagine the world at my feet, not in a way that fills me with pride, but in a way that fills me with contentment. No longer would I yearn for what others have or envy the greatness of those around me. For in possessing Jesus, I possess the greatest treasure of all.

This precious jewel I would keep close to my heart. I would protect it with all my being. It would be a constant companion, guiding and comforting me through all of life’s journeys. No matter where I find myself—whether at home or away, fully awake or sound asleep—Jesus would never leave me. His love would always dwell within me.

My soul finds delight in Jesus, my Lord. He brings me peace, He brings me joy, and He brings me love. Whenever I feel lost or uncertain, I know I can turn to Him. His presence brings light into the darkest corners of my heart, illuminating the path of righteousness before me.

Oh, how I long for that day when I can fully experience the depths of Jesus’ love! When He returns and His glory is revealed, all suffering and hardships will fade away. In that moment, my soul will truly find its ultimate delight.

So, my dear friends, let us embrace the gift of Jesus in our lives. Let His presence fill us with joy and contentment. May we treasure Him always and seek His guidance in all that we do. Jesus, our Lord, our souls’ delight, we eagerly await the day when we can see Your smiling face and dwell in Your love forevermore. Amen.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the joy and comfort of Jesus, my Lord. Find solace in His presence and treasure Him always. Let His love guide you, for He is our souls' delight. Embrace His gift and experience true contentment.


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