Jesus My Shepherd Let Me Share – Hymn Lyric

Find comfort and guidance in Jesus

Jesus My Shepherd Let Me Share – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus My Shepherd Let Me Share” is a heartfelt hymn that speaks to the desire for comfort and guidance in the presence of Jesus. The hymn beautifully expresses the writer’s longing for Jesus to be their refuge and rest, their constant companion in life’s ups and downs. Through the verses of this hymn, we discover the powerful messages of finding solace in Jesus’ protection and unwavering support, as well as the promise of an eternal life in His presence.


Jesus My Shepherd Let Me Share – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, my Shepherd, let me share
Thy guiding hand, Thy tender care;
And let me ever find in Thee,
A refuge and a rest for me.

Oh, lead me ever by Thy side,
Where fields are green, and waters glide;
And be Thou still, where’er I be,
A refuge and a rest for me.

While I this barren desert tread,
Feed Thou my soul on heavenly bread;
‘Mid foes and fears Thee may I see,
A refuge and a rest for me.

Anoint me with Thy gladdening grace,
To cheer me in the heavenly race;
Cause all my gloomy doubts to flee,
And make my spirit rest in Thee.

When death shall end this mortal strife,
Bring me through death to endless life;
Then, face to face, beholding Thee,
My refuge and my rest shall be.


Meaning of Jesus My Shepherd Let Me Share

Jesus, My Shepherd Let Me Share: Finding Comfort and Guidance in the Presence of Jesus

In times of uncertainty and fear, we often find solace in the presence of a trustworthy companion. For those who believe, Jesus is that steadfast companion, a shepherd guiding us through life’s ups and downs. In this heartfelt hymn, the writer beautifully expresses their desire to share in the protective and comforting attributes of Jesus, their shepherd. Join me on this journey as we unpack the powerful messages embedded within the verses of “Jesus, My Shepherd Let Me Share.”

As we delve into the first verse, we encounter a heartfelt plea to Jesus, the Good Shepherd, to extend his guiding hand and tender care. Imagine walking through life with someone who always has your back, someone who knows the terrain and is willing to lead you through even the most difficult paths. That is the promise this hymn offers, a constant presence of Jesus, our refuge and rest.

The second verse paints a serene picture of walking by Jesus’ side, where the fields are green and waters glide. It evokes a sense of peace and tranquility, like a lush landscape where we can find serenity amidst life’s chaos. In times of confusion or struggle, Jesus is the one who will lead us to these calmer pastures, providing the sustenance and rest we so deeply crave.

Life is not always smooth sailing; the third verse acknowledges the reality of traversing a barren desert. However, the hymn reminds us that Jesus, our shepherd, is there to nourish our souls with heavenly bread. In the face of our enemies and fears, we can look to Jesus and find the strength to overcome any obstacle. With His presence, we are fortified, knowing that we are not alone, but rather walking with the One who can conquer all.

The fourth verse resonates with those who may be experiencing doubt or uncertainty. It is a humble prayer for Jesus to anoint us with His gladdening grace, uplifting our spirits and banishing our gloomy thoughts. Jesus, our shepherd, is the source of joy and encouragement, empowering us to continue pressing forward in our heavenly race. In His loving embrace, we find the rest and assurance that we so desperately seek.

The final verse shifts our focus to the ultimate destination – life beyond death. It is a prayerful plea for Jesus to lead us through the threshold of mortality into the boundless life that awaits us. Just as a shepherd leads his flock to safety, Jesus will guide us to eternal life, where we will have the privilege of beholding Him face to face. In that glorious moment, we will find our ultimate refuge, our eternal rest in the presence of our beloved Savior.

These heartfelt words capture the essence of faith and the profound comfort that can be found in Jesus’ guiding presence. In a world filled with uncertainty, Jesus, our shepherd, offers a constant refuge and rest for those who place their trust in Him. We are invited to walk by His side, knowing that He will lead us to green pastures and still waters. In the face of adversity, Jesus offers sustenance for our souls and the courage to overcome any challenge. He brings gladness and banishes doubt, transforming our spirits and delivering us from our fears.

The hymn concludes by reminding us of the ultimate goal: everlasting life. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, promises to lead us through death’s door and into a realm of eternal joy. In His presence, we will find a refuge that transcends time and a rest that will never fade away.

So, dear friends, let us carry the messages of this beautiful hymn in our hearts. Let us remember that Jesus, our shepherd, is always by our side, ready to comfort, guide, and protect. May we eagerly share in the blessings and promises the hymn offers, seeking Jesus’ guidance in times of uncertainty and finding solace in Him. In Jesus, our shepherd, we have a companion who will never leave us, a refuge that will never fail us, and a rest that will never end.


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