Jesus My Strength My Hope – Hymn Lyric

Looking for strength and hope in difficult times? Find confidence and renewal in Jesus

Jesus My Strength My Hope – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus, My Strength, My Hope: Finding Confidence and Renewal in Faith” In times of trouble and uncertainty, we can turn to Jesus as our ultimate source of strength and hope. The hymn “Jesus, My Strength, My Hope” reminds us to cast our cares upon Him and trust that our prayers are heard. It teaches us to have a sober mind, endure hardships, resist temptation, and abide in Jesus’ perfect love. By anchoring our hope in Him, we can find the courage, wisdom, and patience to navigate life’s challenges. Jesus truly is our strength and hope when we need it most.


Jesus My Strength My Hope – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, my strength, my hope,
On thee I cast my care,
With humble confidence look up,
And know thou hearest prayer.

Give me on thee to wait,
Till I can all things do,
On thee, almighty to create,
Almighty to renew.

I want a sober mind,
A self-renouncing will,
That tramples down and casts behind
The baits of pleasing ill;

A soul inured to pain,
To hardship, grief and loss,
Bold to take up, firm to sustain,
The consecrated cross.

I want a godly fear,
A quick-discerning eye,
That looks to thee when sin is near,
And sees the tempter fly;

A spirit still prepared
And armed with jealous care,
For ever standing on its guard,
And watching unto prayer.

I rest upon thy word;
The promise is for me;
My succour and salvation, Lord,
Shall surely come from thee.

But let me still abide,
Nor from my hope remove,
Till thou my patient spirit guide
Into thy perfect love.


Meaning of Jesus My Strength My Hope

Jesus, My Strength, My Hope: Finding Confidence and Renewal in Faith

In times of trouble and uncertainty, it is natural to seek solace and support. We often turn to loved ones, friends, or mentors for guidance and reassurance. But there is one source of strength that surpasses all others – Jesus. The hymn “Jesus, My Strength, My Hope” beautifully encapsulates the idea of relying on Jesus and finding hope in Him. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind this hymn and how its powerful message can bring comfort and inspiration to our lives.

The first verse of the hymn reminds us to cast all our cares upon Jesus with humble confidence. It teaches us to look up to Him and have faith that our prayers are heard. In a world full of worry and anxiety, it is comforting to know that we have someone to whom we can turn with our burdens. Jesus invites us to come to Him, and when we do, He promises to give us the strength we need to face any challenge.

The hymn also speaks of the desire for a sober mind and a self-renouncing will. These words may sound unfamiliar to a 7th-grade student, but they hold a profound message. A sober mind refers to a mind that is clear and focused, free from the distractions of worldly temptations. It is a mind that prioritizes what is truly important in life – love, kindness, and compassion. Similarly, a self-renouncing will refers to the ability to let go of our own desires and preferences in order to follow God’s will. It means being willing to sacrifice our own comfort or pleasure for the greater good.

The hymn continues by mentioning the need for a soul that is enduring, bold, and firm in carrying the cross. This imagery may seem unfamiliar to some, but it essentially means having the strength to face difficulties and hardships with unwavering faith. The cross symbolizes the challenges and trials we encounter in life, and the hymn encourages us to take up this cross with boldness, knowing that Jesus will sustain us through it all. It reminds us that even in our moments of pain, loss, and grief, Jesus is with us, providing the strength to persevere.

A godly fear and a quick-discerning eye are also mentioned in the hymn. These qualities refer to our ability to recognize and resist temptation. A godly fear does not mean being afraid of God, but rather having a deep respect and reverence for Him. It is this fear that keeps us on guard and helps us stay away from sinful paths. A quick-discerning eye allows us to see temptations for what they truly are and enables us to turn away from them. By keeping our focus on Jesus, we can overcome the allure of pleasing ill and choose righteousness instead.

The hymn concludes by introducing the concept of abiding in Jesus. It reminds us to remain steadfast in our faith and not be easily swayed by circumstances. Patience is key, knowing that Jesus will guide us with His perfect love. It is an assurance that if we trust in Him, our salvation and succor will come from Him. It is a reminder that although the journey may be arduous, we can find rest and renewed hope in Jesus.

In our everyday lives, it is easy to become overwhelmed by challenges, doubts, and fears. But this hymn encourages us to anchor our hope in Jesus, who is our strength and our source of renewal. By relying on Him, we can find the courage to face difficulties, the wisdom to discern right from wrong, and the patience to wait for His perfect love to guide us. In times of uncertainty, let us remember the powerful words of this hymn and find solace in the unwavering support and love of Jesus.


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