Jesus Our Help In Time Of Need – Hymn Lyric

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Jesus Our Help In Time Of Need – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus, Our Help In Time Of Need” is a hymn that acknowledges the struggles faced by Christians and the need for Jesus as our ultimate source of help and support. It appeals to Jesus to stand by us in times of weakness and to fight against our enemies. The hymn also expresses a longing for the redemption and salvation of those who persecute believers.


Jesus Our Help In Time Of Need – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, our help in time of need,
Thy suffering servants see,
Who would in all Thy footsteps tread,
And bear the cross with Thee.

Stand by us in this evil hour,
Our feeble souls defend,
And in our weakness show Thy power,
And keep us to the end.

The world, and their infernal god
Against Thy people rise,
Because our trust is in Thy blood
They mingle earth and skies.

Slaughter, and cruel threats they breathe,
And endless battles wage,
And gnash upon us with their teeth,
And tear the ground with rage.

Captain of our salvation, hear,
In all the heathen’s sight
Make bare Thine arm; appear, appear
And for Thy people fight.

Jesus, Thy righteous cause maintain,
The sons of violence quell,
Take to Thee Thy great power, and reign
O’er Heaven, and earth, and hell.

As chaff before the whirlwind drive
And bruise them by Thy rod,
Who madly with their Maker strive,
And fight against their God.

Who kick against the pricks in vain
Thy foes in anger blast,
And chasten with judicial pain,
But save their souls at last.

O that at last by love compelled
The rebels might submit,
In humble hope of mercy yield,
And tremble at Thy feet!

The faith they persecute, embrace,
On Thee their Lord rely,
And live the monuments of Thy grace,
And for Thy glory die!


Meaning of Jesus Our Help In Time Of Need

In times of trouble and despair, we often turn to someone for help and guidance. We seek solace and comfort in knowing that there is someone out there who can assist us in our time of need. For Christians, this someone is Jesus. He is our ultimate source of help and support.

The hymn “Jesus, Our Help In Time Of Need” beautifully captures the essence of relying on Jesus as our savior and protector. The first verse acknowledges that Jesus is aware of the struggles and sufferings of his followers. It portrays the desire of his followers to walk in his footsteps and carry their own crosses, just as Jesus carried his own cross. It is a humble plea for Jesus to stand by us and defend us, showing his power in our times of weakness.

As Christians, we face many challenges and obstacles in a world that often opposes our faith. The hymn acknowledges this struggle by referring to the world and their “infernal god” rising against Jesus’s people. It recognizes that those who trust in Jesus’s blood may face persecution and adversity. The hymn describes the battles waged against Christians, the threats they face, and the rage directed towards them. It illustrates the intensity of the opposition and the lengths to which some will go to try to tear down the faith of believers.

In the midst of this turmoil, the hymn calls upon Jesus, the Captain of our salvation, to intervene. It implores him to make his power known before the eyes of the unbelievers and fight for his people. By doing so, Jesus can uphold his righteous cause and bring justice to those who perpetrate violence. The hymn acknowledges that Jesus has the authority to reign over heaven, earth, and hell, and it appeals to him to exercise his power against his enemies.

The hymn continues with poetic language, describing the enemies of Jesus as chaff before the whirlwind. It emphasizes their futile efforts to fight against their Maker and encourages God to punish them for their rebellion. Yet, even in their anger, the hymn acknowledges that God’s ultimate desire is to save their souls. It expresses a longing for these enemies to experience a change of heart and come to a place of repentance, where they can experience the love and mercy of God.

The hymn concludes with a prayerful plea for the rebels to submit to God’s authority. It expresses the hope that they will embrace the faith they once persecuted and put their trust in Jesus. The ultimate desire is for them to become living testaments of God’s grace and be willing to die for the sake of his glory.

In summary, “Jesus, Our Help In Time Of Need” is a heartfelt and emotive hymn that delves into the struggles and challenges faced by Christians. It conveys the plea for Jesus to stand by his followers in their times of weakness and to fight against their enemies. It acknowledges the opposition and persecution faced by believers but also expresses a longing for the redemption and salvation of those who persecute. Ultimately, the hymn reminds us that Jesus is our ultimate source of help and support, and we can turn to him in our times of need.


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