Jesus Pitying The Sighs – Hymn Lyric

Find solace and redemption in Jesus' compassion. "Jesus Pitying The Sighs" hymn reminds us that in our guilt and shame

Jesus Pitying The Sighs – Hymn Lyric



Jesus Pitying The Sighs – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, pitying the sighs
Of the thief who near Thee dies,
Promising him Paradise:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

May we in our guilt and shame
Still Thy love and mercy claim,
Calling humbly on Thy name:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

May our hearts to Thee incline,
Looking from our cross to Thine,
Cheer our souls with hope divine:
Hear us, holy Jesus.


Meaning of Jesus Pitying The Sighs

In moments of despair and darkness, when our souls are burdened with guilt and shame, there is solace in knowing that Jesus hears our sighs and offers us compassion. The hymn “Jesus Pitying The Sighs” beautifully captures this notion, reminding us that even in our lowest moments, we can turn to Jesus for forgiveness and redemption.

The first verse of the hymn speaks of Jesus’ pity towards the thief who was crucified alongside Him. Despite the thief’s life of sin and wrongdoing, Jesus promises him paradise, demonstrating the boundless love and mercy that He extends to all. It is a powerful reminder that no matter how far we have strayed or how deep our sins may be, Jesus is always willing to forgive and offer us a place in His kingdom.

As we reflect on these words, we are reminded of our own guilt and shame. We are imperfect beings, prone to making mistakes and falling short of the expectations set for us. Yet, in our brokenness, we need not despair because Jesus is ever ready to extend His love and mercy to us. We need only to call humbly upon His name, acknowledging our faults and seeking His forgiveness.

But it is not just in seeking forgiveness that we find solace in Jesus. The hymn goes on to express our desire for our hearts to incline towards Jesus, looking from our own crosses to His. In doing so, we find hope and inspiration. We are reminded that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was not in vain, but rather a beacon of hope for all humanity.

In our struggles and trials, we can take comfort in the fact that Jesus understands our pain and offers us a way out. His compassion and love have the power to heal our wounded souls and uplift our spirits. When we turn our gaze from our own problems to Jesus, we are filled with a sense of hope and assurance that with Him by our side, we can overcome any adversity.

It is this hope divine that cheers our souls even in the darkest of times. When the weight of the world feels too heavy to bear, we can lean on Jesus for strength and comfort. His love has no limits, and His mercy knows no bounds. By placing our trust in Him, we can find peace and solace, knowing that He is always with us.

As we sing the hymn “Jesus Pitying The Sighs,” let us remember the power and significance of these words. They serve as a reminder that no matter how lost, broken, or ashamed we may feel, Jesus is always there to offer us forgiveness, love, and hope. In His presence, our sins and struggles are washed away, and we are made new.

So, let us come before Him with open hearts, ready to receive His grace and mercy. Let us seek His forgiveness and strive to live in a way that honors the love He has shown us. And let us never forget that even in our darkest moments, when we feel alone and abandoned, Jesus is there, pitying our sighs and offering us paradise.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Find solace and redemption in Jesus' compassion. Jesus Pitying The Sighs hymn reminds us that in our guilt and shame, we can turn to Him for forgiveness and hope. Experience His boundless love and mercy. Jesus understands our pain and offers healing. Trust in Him for strength and comfort.


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