Jesus Redeemer All-wonderful Savior – Hymn Lyric

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Jesus Redeemer All-wonderful Savior – Hymn Lyric

Jesus Redeemer: Celebrating the Marvelous King of all Kings Jesus, our Redeemer and all-wonderful Savior, is worthy of our adoration and worship. Through his marvelous goodness and mercy, he has brought us the gift of everlasting life. Let us join with nature in praising his greatness and proclaiming his victory over sin and death. May this hymn inspire others to seek him and discover the marvelous love he offers to all. Amen.


Jesus Redeemer All-wonderful Savior – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, Redeemer, all-wonderful Savior,
Thy name we adore and thy praises we sing;
Thou didst in thy marvelous goodness and mercy
Bring life everlasting, O glorious King!

Nature her tribute brings,
Earth with thy glory rings;
Marvelous, wonderful, infinite Savior,
We hail and crown thee the King of all kings.

Up from the grave so triumphantly risen,
We hail thee and crown thee our Savior today;
Thy sacrifice, made in the name of the Father,
A life of devotion can never repay. [Chorus]

Songs of rejoicing flow mingled with praises
To thee who art risen to die nevermore;
Our lips shall confess thee, our hearts be thy temples
Until we behold thee on yonder bright shore. [Chorus]    

Meaning of Jesus Redeemer All-wonderful Savior

Jesus Redeemer: Celebrating the Marvelous King of all Kings

Jesus, Redeemer, all-wonderful Savior,

The words of this hymn fill our hearts with joy and gratitude as we sing your praises. You are truly worthy of all adoration and worship. In your marvelous goodness and mercy, you brought us the gift of everlasting life. Oh, glorious King, you are the source of hope and salvation for all who believe in you.

Nature herself pays tribute to your greatness, as Earth resounds with your glory. The beauty of creation reminds us of your infinite power and creativity. From the smallest flower to the vast expanse of the universe, everything reflects your marvelous handiwork. As we sing this hymn, let our voices join with the chorus of creation, proclaiming your greatness for all to hear.

Up from the grave you triumphantly rose, conquering sin and death. We hail you and crown you as our Savior today and forever. Your sacrifice on the cross, made in the name of the Father, is a gift that can never be fully repaid. It is a testament to your love and devotion towards humanity. You gave up your life so that we may have eternal life with you.

Songs of rejoicing flow from our hearts, mingled with our praises for you, our risen Savior. We celebrate you, Jesus, who will never die again. Your resurrection brings hope and joy to our lives. You have conquered death, and we are forever grateful for the victory you won on our behalf.

In response to your marvelous deeds, our lips confess you as our Lord, and our hearts become your temples. We offer ourselves to you, Jesus, as living sacrifices, dedicating our lives to your service. You are the one who gives purpose and meaning to our existence. With you as our King, we find true fulfillment and satisfaction.

But our journey does not end here on Earth, for we look forward to beholding you on that bright shore of eternity. Our hearts are filled with anticipation as we imagine the day when we will see you face to face. Until then, we will continue to sing your praises, to live for you, and to share your love with others.

Jesus Redeemer, all-wonderful Savior, you are the King of all kings. Your name is above every name, and you deserve all honor and glory. May this hymn serve as a reminder of your greatness and inspire others to seek you, to find hope in you, and to experience the joy of knowing you. Let these words reach the hearts of those who are searching for meaning, and may they discover the marvelous love that you offer to all who come to you. Amen.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the marvelous love of Jesus, the Redeemer and all-wonderful Savior. Sing his praises and find hope in his eternal sacrifice. Let his greatness inspire your journey of faith.


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