Jesus Redeemer Bless Us And Love Us – Hymn Lyric

Discover the hymn "Jesus Redeemer: Bless Us and Love Us". A powerful testament of faith and guidance

Jesus Redeemer Bless Us And Love Us – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus Redeemer: Bless Us and Love Us” is a powerful hymn that resonates with believers of all ages. It reminds us of Jesus’ eternal presence in our lives and His love for us. With His guidance and blessings, we can find peace, strength, and hope in the face of any challenge.


Jesus Redeemer Bless Us And Love Us – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, Redeemer, Bless us and love us, Keep us at parting Watching above us. Thou who art risen, Thou art our Savior: In our behavior Be Thou our Guide!

Chorus: Jesus, Redeemer, Now lead us homeward– And ever heav’nward– Jesus, our Guide.

Shining above us Thy face of glory, Hold we in mem’ry Thine Easter story. Thou who art risen– Gracious and tender– Faithful Defender, Be Thou our Light!


Lift on us, Lord, Thy countenance glorious, Valiant in battle, Captain victorious. Thou who art risen, All things possessing, Grant us Thy blessing, Be Thou our Peace!


Meaning of Jesus Redeemer Bless Us And Love Us

Jesus Redeemer: Bless Us and Love Us

In the realm of faith and devotion, there is a hymn that has touched the hearts of many believers throughout the ages. Its words carry a message of hope, love, and guidance. It is a melody that has the power to uplift and inspire, reminding us of the eternal presence of Jesus Christ in our lives. This hymn is called “Jesus Redeemer: Bless Us and Love Us,” and it is a testament to the enduring power of faith.

The hymn begins with a heartfelt plea to Jesus, the Redeemer. It acknowledges His love for us and asks for His continued blessings and guidance. It reminds us that Jesus is always watching over us, even in the moments of parting or separation. We can find solace in the knowledge that no matter where life takes us, Jesus is there, guiding and protecting us.

The chorus of the hymn emphasizes the role of Jesus as our ultimate guide. As we journey through life, we are called to follow His example and teachings, allowing Him to lead us homeward. He is the beacon of light that illuminates our path and directs us towards Heaven, our ultimate destination. With Jesus as our guide, we can navigate the complexities of life with confidence and purpose.

The hymn continues by highlighting the glory of Jesus and His Resurrection. It reminds us to hold in our memory His Easter story, a story of immense sacrifice and unfathomable love. Jesus, who has risen from the dead, is described as gracious and tender, a faithful defender who never fails to be our light in times of darkness. In times of doubt or uncertainty, we can turn to Him, knowing that He is always there, ready to provide comfort and guidance.

One of the most powerful verses of the hymn speaks of Jesus as a valiant and victorious leader. It describes Him as a captain in the battle against the trials and tribulations of life. With Jesus by our side, we can face any challenge with courage and strength. His countenance, shining with glory, is a source of inspiration and encouragement. In His presence, we find the assurance that we are not alone; we have a leader who will guide us to victory.

The hymn concludes with a plea for peace and a request for Jesus’ blessing. It acknowledges that Jesus, in His resurrection, has conquered all things and possesses the power to grant us His peace. In a world filled with turmoil and unrest, we can find solace in Jesus’ promise of peace. His blessing brings comfort and serenity, enabling us to navigate the chaos of life with a sense of calmness and tranquility.

As we reflect on the beauty and significance of this hymn, we can’t help but marvel at the timeless message it conveys. At its core, it is a celebration of Jesus’ love for us and a reminder of His eternal presence in our lives. It encourages us to turn to Him in times of joy and sorrow, seeking His guidance and protection. Through Him, we find hope, inspiration, and the strength to overcome any obstacle that comes our way.

The words of this hymn resonate with believers of all ages and offer a sense of comfort and reassurance. They remind us that we are not alone in our journey through life, that Jesus is walking by our side, lighting our path and leading us homeward. In times of doubt, fear, or uncertainty, we can find solace in the words of this hymn and turn to Jesus, our Redeemer, who blesses and loves us unconditionally. So let us embrace this hymn, holding its message close to our hearts, and allow it to guide us on our journey of faith and love.


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