Jesus Redeemer Of Mankind – Hymn Lyric

Discover the saving power of Jesus

Jesus Redeemer Of Mankind – Hymn Lyric

In the beautiful hymn “Jesus, Redeemer of Mankind,” we are reminded of the incredible saving power and mercy of Jesus. We are called to accept his grace and flee from the wrath to come, knowing that his love knows no bounds. Jesus stands ready to receive us, forgive us, and lead us on a path of perfection towards heaven. Let us embrace his all-victorious blood and find hope and salvation in our Redeemer, Jesus.


Jesus Redeemer Of Mankind – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, Redeemer of mankind, display thy saving power;
Thy mercy let these outcasts find, and know their gracious hour.
Ah give them, Lord, a longer space, nor suddenly consume;
But let them take the proffer’d grace, and flee the wrath to come.

O would’st thou cast a pitying look, all goodness as thou art,
Like that which faithless Peter’s broke, or my obdurate heart.
Who thee beneath their feet have trod, and crucified afresh,
Touch with thine all-victorious blood, and turn the stone to flesh.

Open their eyes, and ears, to see thy cross, to hear thy cries;
Sinner, thy savior weeps for thee, for thee he weeps, and dies.
All the day long he meekly stands, his rebels to receive,
And shows his wounds, and spreads his hands, and bids you turn and live.

Turn, and your sins of deepest dye he will with blood efface;
Even now he waits the blood t’ apply, be saved, be saved by grace.
Be saved from hell, from sin and fear: he speaks you now forgiven,
Walk before God, be perfect here, and then come up to heaven.


Meaning of Jesus Redeemer Of Mankind

Oh, how wonderful it is to know that Jesus is the Redeemer of mankind. His saving power is available to all who seek it, even those who may feel like outcasts. His mercy knows no bounds, and he longs for all to find their gracious hour in him.

We must remember that Jesus offers us a longer space to accept his grace. He does not want to suddenly consume us in wrath, but rather, he desires for us to take hold of the proffered grace and flee from the wrath to come. His love for us is immeasurable, and he wants us to experience his goodness.

Just like faithless Peter and those who crucified him, we may have turned our backs on Jesus or even trampled him beneath our feet. But his all-victorious blood has the power to soften our hearts of stone and turn them to flesh. He longs to open our eyes and ears to see his cross and hear his cries, knowing that he weeps for us and died for us.

Every day, Jesus stands ready to receive his rebellious children. He willingly shows us his wounds and spreads his hands, beckoning us to turn to him and live. No matter the depth of our sins, he is willing to efface them with his precious blood. He waits eagerly to apply his blood to our lives, offering us salvation by his grace.

Through Jesus, we can be saved from the pits of hell, from the chains of sin, and from the grip of fear. He declares us forgiven and calls us to walk in perfection before God. And ultimately, he invites us to come up to heaven and dwell with him for all eternity.

So let us rejoice in the reality that Jesus is indeed the Redeemer of mankind. Let us embrace his saving power, accept his mercy, and turn to him in faith. He is always ready to receive us with open arms and shower us with his love. May we never forget the incredible sacrifice he made for us on the cross, and may we always strive to live in the grace and freedom he offers us. Jesus truly is our Redeemer, and in him, we find hope, peace, and eternal life.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the saving power of Jesus, the Redeemer of mankind. Find grace, mercy, and forgiveness in his all-victorious blood. Embrace his love and experience eternal life.


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