Jesus Reigns – Hymn Lyric

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Jesus Reigns – Hymn Lyric

Jesus Reigns In this heartfelt hymn, we are reminded of the immense joy, love, and peace that Jesus brings into our lives. No matter the struggles we face, Jesus seeks out and rescues his wayward children, offering us eternal hope and a future in heaven. With the knowledge that Jesus reigns supreme, we can find comfort, strength, and unwavering faith in our journey through life.


Jesus Reigns – Hymn Lyric

Jesus reigns, Jesus reigns supremely in my breast,
And oh, he fills my soul with joy, with love, and peace, and rest.
He sought his wayward, wand’ring one, far up the mountain wild,
And cried in pitying tones of love, “Come home, my wand’ring child.”

Jesus reigns, Jesus reigns supremely in my breast,
And oh, he fills my soul with joy, with love, and peace, and rest.
Praise his name, praise his name, I now with rapture sing,
For he alone hath conquered death, and robbed it of its sting.

I fear no more its chilling tide, nor shrink to cross the wave,
For he who gave his life for me is mighty yet to save. [Refrain]

Glorious hope, glorious hope, he to his child hath given,
That when the toils of life are o’er, with him we’ll dwell in heaven.
We’ll roam the fields of fadeless green, we’ll swell the angel throng,
We’ll strike our harps of shining gold, we’ll sing the new, new song. [Refrain]    

Meaning of Jesus Reigns

Jesus Reigns: Filling My Life with Joy, Love, and Peace

In the depths of my heart, there is a glorious presence, someone who reigns supreme. His name is Jesus, and he fills my soul with immeasurable joy, love, and peace. With every breath I take, I am reminded of his unfailing grace and overwhelming presence in my life. This hymn, “Jesus Reigns,” beautifully captures the essence of his power and the transformative impact he has on our lives.

As I reflect on the words of this hymn, I am reminded of the parable of the lost sheep. Just like the shepherd who left his flock to seek out one lost sheep, Jesus seeks out his wayward and wandering children, like myself. I picture him ascending the wild mountains in search of me, his voice filled with love and compassion, calling out, “Come home, my wandering child.” In that very moment, my heart swells with gratitude for his relentless pursuit of my soul.

The refrain of this hymn resounds in my spirit, as I proclaim with rapture, “Jesus reigns!” Yes, indeed, he reigns over every aspect of my life. In him, I find the strength to conquer death’s sting. He has traversed the depths of darkness and emerged victorious, redeeming us all from the grip of sin and death. My fear of the unknown, of crossing the icy waters of death, has been replaced with unwavering faith in the one who sacrificed his life for me. For he is not only mighty but also eternally capable of saving me.

We are not destined for a life of despair and uncertainty. No, there is a hope so glorious, so profound, that it transcends the toils of our earthly existence. Jesus has gifted his children with this glorious hope, a hope that shines brightly in the face of adversity. As we face the trials and tribulations of life, we can cling to the assurance that when our earthly journey is complete, we will find ourselves dwelling in heaven, in the presence of our Savior.

Can you imagine it? The fields of fadeless green extending as far as the eye can see. The sweet melodies of angelic voices filling the air as we join in their majestic song. In the sunlit expanse of eternity, we will strike our harps of shining gold, each note resonating with praise and adoration for our Heavenly Father. It is a future so incredible that words fail to capture its magnificence.

In times of sorrow, discouragement, or loneliness, I find solace in the truth that Jesus reigns. His love envelops me, comforting me in my darkest hours. His presence fills the voids in my heart, replacing despair with hope and uncertainty with peace. Though I may stumble along life’s journey, unsure of what lies ahead, there remains an unshakable certainty that Jesus walks beside me, leading me towards an eternity of bliss.

So, let us join together in praising his name. Let our voices, filled with rapture and gratitude, resound with the melody of this hymn. Jesus reigns, supremely in our breasts, filling our souls with joy, love, and peace. May this truth be firmly rooted in our hearts as we navigate life’s twists and turns, forever guided by his unwavering presence.

Remember, dear friend, that in times of sorrow or despair, you are never alone. Jesus, the one who reigns, stands beside you, ready to lift you up and fill your heart with renewed hope. Embrace his love and allow it to permeate every aspect of your life, for in him, you will find everlasting peace and joy.

Jesus reigns, truly and eternally. Let us rejoice and give thanks for the immense blessings he bestows upon us each day. May his love continue to shape and transform our lives, as we walk in the knowledge that we are cherished and protected by the one who reigns supreme.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the joy, love, and peace that Jesus brings to life. Jesus Reigns hymn captures His transformative power. Experience His presence, find hope, and know that you are never alone. Jesus Reigns: Filling Life with Joy, Love, and Peace.


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