Jesus, Savior, Come To Me – Hymn Lyric

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Jesus, Savior, Come To Me – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus, Savior, Come To Me” is a heartfelt hymn that reminds us of the importance of inviting Jesus into our lives and finding true peace and joy in His loving presence. It emphasizes the inadequacy of earthly joys in satisfying our longing, highlighting the need for a personal relationship with Jesus. Through His sacrifice and wounds, we find solace and refuge, and we eagerly await the day when we will be united with Him for eternity.


Jesus, Savior, Come To Me – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, Savior, come to me;
Let me ever be with Thee;
Come and nevermore depart,
Thou Who reignest in my heart.

Lord, for Thee I ever sigh,
Nothing else can satisfy.
Ever do I cry to Thee:
Jesus, Jesus, come to me!

Earthly joys can give no peace,
Cannot bid my longing cease;
Still to have my Jesus near,
This is all my pleasure here.

All that makes the angels glad,
In their garb of glory clad,
Only fills me with distress
If Thy presence does not bless.

Thou alone, my God and Lord,
Art my Glory and Reward.
Thou hast bled for me and died;
In Thy wounds I safely hide.

Come, then, Lamb for sinners slain,
Come and ease me of my pain.
Evermore I cry to Thee:
Jesus, Jesus, come to me!

Patiently I wait Thy day;
For this gift, O Lord, I pray,
That, when death shall come to me,
My dear Jesus Thou wilt be.


Meaning of Jesus, Savior, Come To Me

Jesus, Savior, Come To Me: Finding Peace and Joy in His Presence

In today’s fast-paced and chaotic world, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and restless. We often seek fulfillment and satisfaction in various earthly joys, only to be left wanting and unsatisfied. But the hymn “Jesus, Savior, Come To Me” reminds us that our ultimate source of peace and contentment can only be found in the loving embrace of Jesus.

The hymn begins with a heartfelt plea for Jesus to come and never depart from our lives. It recognizes Jesus as the reigning Lord of our hearts, emphasizing the importance of a personal and intimate relationship with Him. When we invite Jesus into our lives and allow Him to remain with us, we open ourselves up to a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose.

As the hymn continues, it highlights the inadequacy of earthly joys in providing true peace. While temporary pleasures may bring momentary happiness, they cannot satisfy the longing within our souls. Our hearts were created with a unique desire for connection with God, and no worldly substitute can fill that void. It is in the presence of Jesus that our longing ceases, and our restless souls find rest.

In recognizing the limitations of earthly joys, we also become aware of the dissonance within our souls. The hymn suggests that even the joys that fill the angels with gladness bring distress when Jesus’ presence is absent. It is a gentle reminder that true fulfillment lies not in material possessions or achievements but in the intimate relationship we have with our Creator and Savior.

The emphasis on Jesus as our Glory and Reward further solidifies the idea that our ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment come from Him alone. The hymn acknowledges Jesus’ sacrifice and the wounds He endured, affirming our safety and security in His love. It is through His wounds that we find solace and refuge from the pains and sorrows of this world.

As the hymn reaches its climax, it implores Jesus, the Lamb for sinners slain, to come and ease our pain. It acknowledges our reliance on Him as we cry out for His presence in our lives. This vulnerable cry for Jesus reveals our deep longing for His comfort and guidance.

The final verse of the hymn speaks to the patience and hope we have as we await the day when we will be united with Jesus in eternity. It reflects a prayerful mindset, seeking the assurance that when death calls, Jesus will be there to welcome us into His loving embrace. This trust in His eternal companionship brings peace and comfort, even in the face of mortality.

Through this hymn, we are reminded that our greatest desire should be to have Jesus near us always. In every aspect of our lives, we should yearn for His presence and find solace in His love. It is through this intimate connection with Jesus that we discover true peace and joy, surpassing any earthly pleasure.

So, as we sing the words of “Jesus, Savior, Come To Me,” let us invite Him into our lives, our hearts, and our every moment. Let us seek His presence above all else, knowing that in Him, we will find the peace, joy, and fulfillment that our souls truly crave.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience peace, joy, and fulfillment in the loving embrace of Jesus, the Savior. Find solace in His presence and discover true satisfaction that surpasses earthly joys. Jesus, Savior, Come To Me.


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