Jesus Savior Great Example – Hymn Lyric

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Jesus Savior Great Example – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “Jesus Savior, Great Example,” we are reminded of the importance of following in Jesus’ footsteps and becoming more like Him each day. His life serves as a pattern of purity, love, and selflessness, and it is our constant prayer to grow in resemblance to our Savior. Through prayer, reliance on His grace, and trust in His guidance, we can navigate the challenges of life and strive to become the best versions of ourselves.


Jesus Savior Great Example – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, Savior, great Example,
Pattern of all purity,
I would follow in thy footsteps,
Daily growing more like thee.

More like thee, more like thee;
Savior, this my constant prayer shall be-
Day by day, where’er I stay,
Make me more and more like thee.

Lest I wander from thy pathway,
Or my feet move wearily,
Savior, take my hand and lead me,
Keep me steadfast: more like thee. [Refrain]

When temptations fiercely lower,
And my shrinking soul would flee,
Change each weakness into power,
Keep me spotless: more like thee. [Refrain]

When around me all is darkness,
And thy beauties none may see,
May thy beams, O Glorious Brightness,
In effulgence shine thro’ me. [Refrain]

When death’s cold and chilling finger
Leaves its impress on my brow,
May thy life, within me swelling,
Keep me singing then as now. [Refrain]    

Meaning of Jesus Savior Great Example

Jesus Savior, Great Example: Becoming More Like Him Every Day

In a world filled with countless influences and distractions, it can be challenging to know the right path to follow. However, as believers, we have been given a great example in Jesus Christ, our Savior. His life was a reflection of purity, love, and selflessness, and it is our desire to be more like Him. This hymn beautifully encapsulates our yearning to grow daily in resemblance to our Savior.

The first verse of the hymn expresses our longing to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and become more like Him each day. Just as a pattern guides our actions, Jesus serves as a pattern of all purity. His life serves as our guide, showing us how to live a life that pleases God and blesses others.

The refrain of the hymn reinforces our desire to be more like Jesus and emphasizes the importance of constant prayer. We understand that becoming more like Him requires a personal commitment and a reliance on His grace. Each day, wherever we find ourselves, our prayer is for Him to make us more and more like Him. This prayer reflects our deep desire to grow in our faith and become the best versions of ourselves.

Life can be filled with ups and downs, and there may be moments when we find ourselves wandering off the right path or feeling weary. In these moments, we turn to Jesus, our Savior, and ask Him to take our hand and lead us. We acknowledge our weaknesses and rely on His strength to keep us steadfast and on the right track. With Jesus as our guide, we can confidently face any temptation or weariness that comes our way.

As we strive to become more like Jesus, there will be times when temptations fiercely lower and our souls shrink in fear. However, we know that Jesus can turn our weaknesses into power. In His presence, our vulnerabilities become opportunities for growth and transformation. We trust that He will keep us spotless, helping us overcome temptations and growing in purity of heart.

Darkness can sometimes surround us, causing us to lose sight of Jesus’ beauty and goodness. Yet, even in the midst of such darkness, we pray that His light will shine through us. The hymn expresses our desire to be a vessel of God’s love and to reflect His glory in every aspect of our lives. We long for His radiant beams of truth, love, and righteousness to flow through us, illuminating the lives of those around us.

Life is fleeting, and we are all destined to face the reality of death. Yet, even in the face of death, we can find hope and comfort in the life of Christ. The hymn acknowledges that death’s chilling finger will leave its mark on us all. However, it also reminds us that the life of Christ within us will continue to swell, giving us the strength to face our mortality with confidence and joy. We trust that with Jesus in our hearts, even in our final moments, we will continue to sing His praises.

In conclusion, the hymn “Jesus Savior, Great Example” beautifully captures our desire to become more like Jesus each day. It reminds us of the purity, love, and selflessness He embodied and encourages us to follow in His footsteps. We recognize that our transformation is a continuous process and requires constant prayer and reliance on His grace. As we navigate the challenges of life, we trust in Jesus to lead us, strengthen us, and transform our weaknesses into power. May His light shine through us, even in the darkest moments, and may His life within us give us the strength to face death with hope and joy. Let us strive every day to become more like Jesus, our Savior and Great Example.


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