Jesus The Only Thought Of Thee – Hymn Lyric

Experience the overwhelming love and joy found in Jesus in the hymn "Jesus The Only Thought Of Thee". Discover the sweetness and comfort of His presence.

Jesus The Only Thought Of Thee – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus The Only Thought Of Thee: Finding Joy and Comfort in the Presence of Jesus” invites us to reflect on the deep love and admiration expressed in this hymn. The songwriter finds sweetness and beauty in the mere thought of Jesus, emphasizing that nothing can compare to His music and the sweetness of His name. They seek solace in His presence, vowing to follow His footsteps and find eternal joy in His love and grace.


Jesus The Only Thought Of Thee – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, the only Thought of thee
With Sweetness fills my Breast;
But sweeter far it is to see,
And in thy Beauty feast,

No Sound, no Harmony so gay,
Can Art of Music frame;
No Thoughts can reach, no Words can say
The Sweets of thy blest Name.

Jesus our Hope, when we repent,
Sweet Source of all our Grace;
Sole Comfort in our Banishment,
O! what, when Face to Face!

Jesus! that Name inspires my Mind
With Springs of Life and Light;
More than I ask in thee I find,
And lavish in Delight.

No Art, or Eloquence of Man,
Can tell the Joys of Love;
Only the Saints can understand
What they in Jesus prove.

Thee then I’ll seek retir’d apart,
From World and Business free;
When these shall knock I’ll shut my Heart,
And keep it all for thee.

Before the Morning Light I’ll come,
With Magdalene to find
In Sighs and Tears, my Jesu’s Tomb,
And there refresh my Mind.

My Tears upon his Grave shall flow,
My Sighs the Garden fill;
Then at his Feet myself I’ll throw,
And there I’ll seek his Will.

Jesus, in thy bless’d Steps I’ll tread,
And walk in all thy Ways:
I’ll never cease to weep and plead,
Till I’m restor’d to Grace.

O King of Love, thy blessed Fire
Does such sweet Flames excite;
That first it raises our Desire,
Then fill us with Delight.

Thy lovely Presence shines so clear
Thro’ ev’ry Sense and Way,
That Souls which once have seen thee near,
See all Things else decay.

Come then dear Lord, possess my Heart,
Chase thence the Shades of Night;
Come pierce it with thy flaming Dart,
And ever-shining Light.

Then I’ll for ever Jesus sing,
And with the Saints rejoice;
And both my Heart and Tongue shall bring
Their Tribute to my dearest King,
In never-ending Joys. Amen.


Meaning of Jesus The Only Thought Of Thee

Jesus The Only Thought Of Thee: Finding Joy and Comfort in the Presence of Jesus

In the beautiful hymn, “Jesus The Only Thought Of Thee”, the songwriter expresses the deep and overwhelming love and admiration for Jesus. They describe how the thought of Jesus fills their heart with sweetness and how it is even sweeter to witness and feast upon His beauty.

The hymn emphasizes that no sound or harmony can compare to the music of Jesus, and no words can truly capture the sweetness found in His blessed name. It highlights Jesus as our source of hope and grace, providing comfort during difficult times and serving as our sole comfort in moments of banishment.

The mention of Jesus inspires the songwriter’s mind, filling it with springs of life and light. They find more in Jesus than they even ask for, experiencing an abundance of delight. The hymn also recognizes that only the saints truly understand the joys that come from knowing and being in the presence of Jesus.

The songwriter also shares their intention to seek Jesus in moments of solitude, away from the distractions of the world. They desire to keep their heart solely for Him, shutting out worldly temptations. They express their devotion by vowing to visit Jesus’ tomb, just like Mary Magdalene, seeking refreshment and solace in His presence through tears and sighs.

The hymn further declares the songwriter’s commitment to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and walk in His ways. They promise to never cease weeping and pleading until they are restored to grace. They acknowledge the powerful and transformative fire of Jesus’ love, which ignites desire in their hearts and fills them with delight.

The hymn portrays the captivating presence of Jesus, shining brightly through every sense and way. It suggests that once someone has experienced the nearness of Jesus, everything else pales in comparison. His presence is so overwhelming that it makes all other things fade away.

The songwriter concludes the hymn with a heartfelt plea for Jesus to possess their heart. They long for Jesus to chase away any darkness and fill their heart with His illuminating light. They invite Jesus to pierce their heart with His flaming dart, symbolizing a desire for a deeper relationship with Him.

In response to the love and joy found in the presence of Jesus, the songwriter commits to forever singing praise to Jesus and rejoicing alongside the saints. They promise to bring both their heart and tongue to offer tribute to their dearest King. The hymn concludes with a resounding “Amen” as a confirmation of the songwriter’s unwavering devotion and faith.

In this hymn, we see the simple yet profound expression of love, adoration, and devotion towards Jesus. It showcases the immense joy and comfort that can be found in His presence. It invites us to reflect on our own relationship with Jesus and the ways in which He brings sweetness and light into our lives. May we, like the songwriter, seek Jesus in moments of solitude, keep our hearts solely for Him, and find eternal joy in His never-ending love and grace.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the overwhelming love and joy found in Jesus in the hymn Jesus The Only Thought Of Thee. Discover the sweetness and comfort of His presence.


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