Jesus Thou Soul Of All Our Joys – Hymn Lyric

Discover the beautiful hymn "Jesus Thou Soul Of All Our Joys." Join us in worship and gratitude

Jesus Thou Soul Of All Our Joys – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “Jesus, Thou Soul of All Our Joys,” we express gratitude and devotion to Jesus, recognizing Him as the source of our joy. Through worship and a focus on pleasing God alone, we aim to honor and glorify Him. We guard against sin and distractions, offering our praise and adoration with sincerity and purity. Our desire is for our worship to reflect our deep love and reverence for Jesus, both in the church and in our everyday lives.


Jesus Thou Soul Of All Our Joys – Hymn Lyric

Thou soul of all our joys,
For whom we now lift up our voice,
And all our strength exert;
Vouchsafe the grace we humbly claim,
Compose into a thankful frame,
And tune Thy people's heart.

While in the heavenly work we join,
Thy glory be our whole design,
Thy glory, not our own:
Still let us keep our end in view,
And still the pleasing task pursue,
To please our God alone.

The secret pride, the subtle sin,
O let it never more steal in,
To offend Thy glorious eyes,
To desecrate our hallowed strain,
And make our solemn service vain,
And mar our sacrifice!

To magnify Thy awful name,
To spread the honors of the Lamb,
Let us our voices raise;
Our souls' and bodies' powers unite,
Regardless of our own delight,
And dead to human praise.

Still let us on our guard be found,
And watch against the power of sound
With sacred jealousy;
Lest haply sense should damp our zeal,
And music's charms bewitch and steal
Our hearts away from Thee.

That hurrying strife far oft remove,
That noisy burst of selfish love,
Which swells the formal song;
The joy from out our hearts arise,
And speak and sparkle in our eyes,
And vibrate on our tongue.

Thee let us praise, our common Lord,
And sweetly join with one accord
Thy goodness to proclaim:
Jesus, Thyself in us reveal,
And all our faculties shall feel
Thy harmonizing name.

With calmly reverential joy,
O let us all our lives employ
In setting forth Thy love;
And raise in death our higher,
And sing with all the heavenly choir,
That endless song above!


Meaning of Jesus Thou Soul Of All Our Joys

In the hymn “Jesus, Thou Soul of All Our Joys,” the lyrics beautifully express our gratitude and devotion to Jesus, recognizing Him as the source of all joy in our lives. Through our voices and actions, we seek to honor and glorify Him, keeping our focus on pleasing God alone.

As we come together in worship, we strive to make our hearts and minds receptive to the grace that Jesus offers us. We desire to be in a thankful frame, acknowledging His blessings and presence in our lives. By tuning our hearts, we open ourselves to God's love and guidance, allowing Him to shape our thoughts and actions.

In all that we do, we strive to place God's glory above our own motivations and desires. Our purpose is not to seek recognition or praise for ourselves but to magnify and spread the honor of Jesus, the Lamb of God. We unite our souls and bodies' powers to worshipping Him, setting aside our own personal gratification and focusing solely on pleasing our Lord.

An essential aspect of our worship is to guard against pride and sin creeping into our hearts and undermining our service to God. We earnestly strive to keep our intentions and actions pure, desiring to offer our worship and praise with holiness and sincerity. We recognize that our solemn service becomes vain when tainted by impure motives or actions that do not align with God's will.

In order to maintain our focus on Christ, we are cautious about the power of music and sound. While beautiful melodies and harmonies can enhance our worship experience, we remain watchful that they do not become distractions or idols in themselves. Our worship should not be driven by a love for music or the approval of others but by a genuine love and devotion to God.

We express our desire for a worship experience devoid of selfishness or superficiality. Our aim is not to compete for attention or to impress others, but to genuinely offer our praise and adoration to Jesus. We want our joy to emanate from deep within our hearts, becoming evident in our words, expressions, and actions. When we worship, it should be a true reflection of our love for God, rather than a hollow formality.

Jesus, our common Lord, is the one we seek to exalt and honor through our worship. As we sing His praises together, we become united as a community of believers, proclaiming His goodness and grace. In this unity, we experience the manifestation of Jesus Himself within us, as His presence is felt in our worship. Our whole being, including our thoughts, emotions, and physical bodies, resonates with His harmonizing name.

Beyond our corporate worship, we are called to live out our lives with reverence and joy, continually expressing our love for Jesus. Every moment, every action can be an opportunity to set forth His love and bring glory to His name. And even as we face death, our triumph is heightened, for we know that we will join the heavenly choir in singing praise to Jesus for all eternity.

In conclusion, “Jesus, Thou Soul of All Our Joys” is a hymn that beautifully conveys our devotion and gratitude to Jesus. Through our worship, we seek to honor and glorify Him, keeping our focus on pleasing God alone. We reject pride and sin, guarding against distractions that may hinder our worship. Our aim is to magnify Jesus' name, both through our corporate worship and our daily lives. May our voices and actions continually reflect the joy and reverence we have for Jesus, the source of all our joys.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the beautiful hymn Jesus Thou Soul Of All Our Joys. Join us in worship and gratitude, honoring Jesus as the source of our joy and focusing on pleasing God alone. Let your voice and actions reflect your love for Jesus, magnifying His name in all aspects of life.


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