Jesus Thy Fulness Give – Hymn Lyric

Experience the transformative power of Jesus in "Jesus Thy Fulness Give" hymn. Embrace holiness and abundance

Jesus Thy Fulness Give – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus, Thy Fulness Give” is a powerful hymn that captures the desire for holiness and abundance in a world filled with challenges. The lyrics express a longing for Jesus to cleanse from sin and grant the strength to live righteously. By embracing Jesus’ fulness, we can find joy, peace, and fulfillment, ultimately walking in purity and righteousness.


Jesus Thy Fulness Give – Hymn Lyric

thy fulness give,
My soul and body bless;
Cleanse me from sin
that I may live
The life of holiness.

In white, in white, in white,
walking in white;
He makes me worthy
through his blood
To walk with him
in white.

With full salvation might,
My heart and mind
make strong;
Help me to live
and do the right
And part with all
that’s wrong.

Give me full joy and peace,
Eternal inward rest;
Lead me to Calvary’s holy feast,
There let my soul be blest.

Saved from the power of sin,
Kept by thy grace secure,
Let all without and all within
Be pure, as thou art pure.


Meaning of Jesus Thy Fulness Give

Jesus, Thy Fulness Give: Embracing Holiness and Abundance

In a world full of challenges and uncertainties, we often seek something that will bring us peace and satisfaction. We long for a sense of fulfillment that goes beyond material possessions. It is in moments like these that we turn to Jesus, our source of hope and salvation, and ask Him to grant us His fulness.

The hymn begins with a heartfelt plea, “Jesus, thy fulness give, my soul and body bless.” It acknowledges that true fulfillment comes from Christ alone. The hymnwriter recognizes that a life of holiness is only attainable through the grace and power of Jesus. This idea is echoed in the refrain, “in white, in white, walking in white.” Walking in white symbolizes purity and righteousness, characteristics that are possible through the redemptive work of Jesus’ blood.

As we delve further into the hymn, we find a desire to be cleansed from sin in order to live a life of holiness. The hymnwriter yearns for the transformation that can only come from surrendering to Jesus and being freed from the power of sin. This longing for sanctification is a common theme in Christian hymnody, reminding us that we are called to pursue a life separated from worldly influences.

The hymn also highlights the need for strength in resisting temptation and doing what is right. It acknowledges that we cannot overcome the challenges of life on our own. We need Jesus to help us live according to His will and to reject anything that separates us from Him. The hymnwriter humbly asks for “full joy and peace” and “eternal inward rest,” recognizing that these blessings can only be found in a life surrendered to Christ.

Drawing inspiration from the hymn, we are reminded of the importance of partaking in the holy feast at Calvary. Calvary is where Jesus sacrificed Himself for our sins, offering us forgiveness and redemption. Through His sacrifice, we are invited to partake in a spiritual feast that nourishes our souls and brings us closer to Him. It is at this sacred place where we find our ultimate blessing and fulfillment.

The hymn concludes with a plea for purity, both externally and internally. It recognizes that salvation not only saves us from the punishment of sin but also empowers us to live victoriously over the power of sin. Through God’s grace, we are kept secure, and we are called to purify our hearts and minds.

By living a life of holiness and purity, we can mirror the character of Christ. Jesus, through His fulness, offers us not only salvation but also a life of abundance. This truth is significant and meaningful, resonating with people in their search for significance and purpose.

In writing this hymn, the hymnwriter intended to convey the message of Jesus’ power to transform lives, offering true satisfaction and peace. Through its timeless lyrics, this hymn remains relevant even in our modern world, capturing the hearts of those who long for something more than the temporary pleasures life has to offer.

In conclusion, “Jesus, Thy Fulness Give” beautifully captures the essence of our yearning for a life of holiness and abundance. As we embrace Jesus’ fulness, we find joy, peace, and the strength to resist temptation. This hymn serves as a reminder that Jesus is the ultimate source of satisfaction and fulfillment. May we all strive to walk in white, embracing the purity and righteousness that come from a life surrendered to Him.


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