Jesus We Lift Our Souls To Thee – Hymn Lyric

"Discover the beauty of baptism and God's grace in the hymn 'Jesus We Lift Our Souls To Thee.' Explore the meaning of baptism

Jesus We Lift Our Souls To Thee – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus We Lift Our Souls to Thee: A Journey of Baptism and God's Grace” In this hymn, the act of baptism is explored as a sacred tradition in Christian churches. The lyrics express a surrender to Jesus Christ and a desire for the Holy Spirit's presence during this initiation. It also highlights the transformative power of baptism and the lifelong commitment to following Jesus and experiencing God's grace.


Jesus We Lift Our Souls To Thee – Hymn Lyric

we lift our souls to thee;
Thy Holy Spirit breathe;
And let this little infant be
Baptized into thy death.

Oh, let thine unction on it rest,
Thy grace its soul renew;
And write within its tender breast
Thy name and nature too.

If thou shouldst quickly end its days,
Its place with thee prepare;
And if thou lengthen out its race,
Continue still thy care.

plant us all into thy grace,
That we thy life may prove;
Partakers of thy cross beneath,
And of thy crown above.


Meaning of Jesus We Lift Our Souls To Thee

Jesus We Lift Our Souls To Thee: An Exploration of Baptism and God's Grace

Baptism is a sacred tradition in many Christian churches, symbolizing a person's acceptance into the faith and their commitment to following Jesus Christ. This hymn, “Jesus! We lift our souls to thee,” beautifully captures the essence of this act of initiation. In this article, we will delve deeper into the meaning behind this hymn and explore the concepts of baptism, the Holy Spirit, and God's grace.

The hymn starts by addressing Jesus directly, acknowledging him as the focal point of their worship. This opening line sets the tone for the rest of the hymn, emphasizing the relationship between Jesus and the individuals seeking baptism. By lifting their souls to Jesus, they surrender themselves to his divine guidance and acknowledge his authority over their lives.

The next line speaks of the “Holy Spirit breathe,” calling upon the Holy Spirit's presence during the baptism. The Holy Spirit is often seen as the guiding force within individuals, helping them understand the teachings of Jesus and live accordingly. In the context of baptism, the hymn suggests that the Holy Spirit's presence is vital for the transformation that occurs during this sacrament.

The hymn then focuses on the infant being baptized, expressing the desire for the Holy Spirit's unction to rest on the child. This unction refers to the anointing, an act of consecration, and blessing. By invoking the Holy Spirit’s unction, the hymn calls for God's grace to descend upon the child, renewing their soul and starting them on .

The next line poignantly asks for God to “write within its tender breast thy name and nature too.” This request is a powerful expression of the desire for the child to be marked as God's own, to bear the characteristics of Jesus Christ, and to reflect His love and compassion. It speaks to the transformative power of baptism, not just in a physical sense but also in an inner, spiritual sense.

Continuing with a prayerful tone, the hymn acknowledges the fragility of life by contemplating the possibility of the child's untimely death. It asks God to prepare a place for the child in heaven if their time on earth is cut short. This line reminds us that baptism is not just about the here and now but also about eternal life with God.

On the other hand, the hymn recognizes the potential for a long and fruitful life for the child and asks God to continue caring for them throughout their journey. This acknowledgment highlights God's steadfast love and His commitment to His children, regardless of the length of their lives.

Expanding beyond the specific child being baptized, the hymn broadens its focus to include everyone present. It becomes a universal prayer, asking God to plant all individuals into His grace. By doing so, the hymn emphasizes the importance of God's grace in the lives of believers, as well as the desire for all to experience the transformative power of His love.

In the final lines, the hymn takes us beyond the earthly realm, expressing the longing to be partakers of Jesus' cross beneath while also partaking in His crown above. This concept reflects the belief that as Christians, we are called to follow in Jesus' footsteps, embracing the challenges and sacrifices that come with it. Simultaneously, it also reminds us of the ultimate reward awaiting us in heaven, where we will share in Jesus' glory.

In conclusion, “Jesus! We lift our souls to thee” is a hymn that beautifully captures the meaning and significance of baptism. It reminds us of the essential role of the Holy Spirit and God's grace in this sacrament, as well as the desire for a lifelong journey of faith. By exploring the themes present in this hymn, we gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance behind baptism and the transformative power of God's love in our lives.


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