Jesus While He Dwelt Below – Hymn Lyric

Experience the solace and divine presence of Jesus in Gethsemane

Jesus While He Dwelt Below – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus While He Dwelt Below: A Place of Refuge and Reflection” explores the significance of Gethsemane, a serene garden near Kedron’s brook. This sacred oasis served as a sanctuary for Jesus, where he sought solace and connection with his Heavenly Father. It was also a gathering place for his disciples, where they found inspiration and guidance in the presence of their loving teacher. Gethsemane represents a powerful reminder of finding strength and solace in the presence of a Higher Power, just as Jesus did throughout his earthly journey.


Jesus While He Dwelt Below – Hymn Lyric

Jesus, while he dwelt below,
As divine historians say,
To a place would often go,
Near to Kedron’s brook that lay:
In this place he loved to be,
And ’twas named Gethsemane.

‘Twas a garden, as we read,
At the foot of Olivet,
Low and proper to be made
The Redeemer’s lone retreat:
When from noise he would be free,
Then he sought Gethsemane.

Thither, by their Master brought,
His disciples likewise came;
There the heavenly truths he taught
Often set their hearts on flame:
Therefore they, as well as he,
Visited Gethsemane.

Oft conversing here they sat;
Or might join with Christ in prayer;
O, what blest devotion that,
When the Lord himself is there!
All things there did so agree
To endear Gethsemane.

Full of love to man’s lost race,
On the conflict much he thought;
This he knew the destined place,
And he loved the sacred spot:
Therefore Jesus chose to be
Often in Gethsemane.


Meaning of Jesus While He Dwelt Below

Jesus While He Dwelt Below: A Place of Refuge and Reflection

In the enchanting land of ancient Jerusalem, nestled near the serene Kedron’s brook, there existed a garden called Gethsemane. This garden, which means “oil press,” held a special place in the heart of the divine historian’s account of Jesus’ earthly journey. Gethsemane was more than just a garden; it was a sanctuary of solace, a haven of tranquility, where Jesus sought respite from the clamor and chaos of the world.

Gethsemane, with its lush foliage and gentle slopes, was perfectly suited to be the Redeemer’s lone retreat. When Jesus yearned for a break from the noise and distractions of everyday life, he would often seek solace within the embrace of Gethsemane’s tender embrace. Here, amidst the rustling leaves and fragrant blossoms, Jesus found solace, peace, and an unparalleled connection with his Heavenly Father.

Not only was Gethsemane a sanctuary for Jesus, but his disciples too would often join him in this sacred oasis. Drawn by the magnetic aura of their Master, they sought to bask in the warmth of his divine presence. Gathering around him, they listened intently as he shared heavenly truths that ignited a fire within their hearts. And so, just as Jesus found solace in Gethsemane, his disciples also sought solace, guidance, and inspiration within its holy grounds.

Within the tranquil confines of Gethsemane, Jesus and his beloved disciples engaged in profound conversations. They shared tales of their experiences, asked thought-provoking questions, and eagerly soaked in the wisdom imparted by their loving teacher. As the evening sun cast its golden glow upon them, they basked in the warmth of their togetherness, cherishing every precious moment spent in this sacred garden.

But the true essence of Gethsemane unfolded in the hallowed hours of prayer. Imagine the scene: Jesus, weary from his never-ending journey to save mankind, would find solace beneath the sheltering branches of ancient olive trees. His disciples, sensing the divinity in their midst, would join him, kneeling in reverent awe. Prayers, fervent and sincere, would rise from their lips, carrying their hopes, fears, and love to the heavens above. Oh, what a wondrous sight it must have been when the Lord himself was present, offering guidance, comfort, and unity in their shared devotion!

In the heart of Gethsemane, everything seemed to harmonize in a symphony of reverence. The tender blossoms whispered words of comfort, the rustling leaves provided a soothing backdrop to their prayers, and the gentle breeze gently caressed their weary souls. It was as though creation itself conspired to endear this sacred garden to the hearts of all who sought solace within its embrace.

Jesus, driven by unfathomable love for humanity, contemplated the forthcoming conflict that awaited him. He knew that Gethsemane held a significant place in his destined path. This garden, the backdrop for an epic battle between life and death, became a poignant symbol of sacrifice and redemption. Jesus cherished Gethsemane, for it served as a vivid reminder of his mission on earth and the immense love that propelled him forward.

Therefore, it is no wonder that Jesus chose to revisit Gethsemane time and time again. Its beauty, tranquility, and sacred significance drew him in, providing a sanctuary from the world’s clamor. Jesus found solace amidst the delicate petals and mesmerizing hues of flowers. The gentle trickle of Kedron’s brook echoed the rhythm of his heartbeat, reminding him of his unwavering commitment to his Father’s divine plan.

As we reflect upon the incredible story of Jesus, let us not forget the profound impact of Gethsemane. It was not merely a garden but a sacred space where love, devotion, and sacrifice intertwined. Within its sacred boundaries, Jesus found solace, his disciples found inspiration, and humanity found hope. Gethsemane serves as a powerful reminder that even in the most challenging moments of our lives, solace and strength can be found when we seek refuge in the presence of a Higher Power.

So, dear reader, let us journey to Gethsemane in our hearts and minds. Let us immerse ourselves in the embrace of its serene beauty. Let us bow our heads in prayer, just as Jesus and his disciples did, and find solace, guidance, and unity in our shared devotion. And may the spirit of Gethsemane, with its love, sacrifice, and unwavering faith, dwell within us always, lighting our paths and inspiring our souls.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the solace and divine presence of Jesus in Gethsemane, a sacred garden near Kedron's brook in Jerusalem. Find refuge, reflection, and unwavering faith in the embrace of this beautiful sanctuary. Join us on a journey to Gethsemane and discover the power of love and sacrifice.


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