Jesus Who From Thy Fathers Throne – Hymn Lyric

Discover the profound love of Jesus Who From Thy Father's Throne. Delve into the meaning of this hymn

Jesus Who From Thy Fathers Throne – Hymn Lyric

“Jesus Who From Thy Father’s Throne” is a hymn that celebrates the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It highlights his humble birth, the joy it brings, and the guidance he offers to believers. This hymn reminds us of the eternal praise and devotion we should offer to Jesus, the central figure of the Christian faith.


Jesus Who From Thy Fathers Throne – Hymn Lyric

Jesu, who from Thy Father’s throne,
Didst to this vale of tears come down,
In our poor nature dressed;
O may the charms of that sweet love
Draw up our souls to Thee above,
And fix them there to rest.

Jesu, whose high and humble birth,
In Heav’n the angels, and on earth,
The faithful shepherds sing:
O may our hymns, which here run low,
Shoot up aloft, and fruitful grow,
In that eternal spring.

Jesu, to whom three kings from far,
Led to Thy cradle by a star,
Brought gifts to Thee their king:
O guide us by Thy light that we
May find Thy face, and unto Thee
Ourselves for tribute bring.

Jesu, who thus began our bliss,
Thus carried on our happiness,
To Thee all praise be paid:
O may the great mysterious Three
For ever live, and ever be,
Adored, beloved, obeyed.


Meaning of Jesus Who From Thy Fathers Throne

Jesus Who From Thy Father’s Throne


Jesus, the central figure of the Christian faith, is often praised and worshiped through music and hymns. One such hymn is “Jesus Who From Thy Father’s Throne.” This hymn beautifully expresses the love and adoration for Jesus, highlighting various aspects of his life and teachings. In this article, we will delve deeper into the verses of this hymn, exploring its meaning and significance.

Verse 1:

The hymn begins by acknowledging Jesus’ divine origin, describing how he left the glory of his Father’s throne and entered this world of sorrow and tears. It speaks to his humble nature, as he took on human form to reach out to humanity. The hymn then suggests that the love and beauty of Jesus’ sacrifice should draw our souls upward and find rest in him. This verse reminds us of Jesus’ profound love and the hope he offers to all who believe in him.

Verse 2:

Moving on to the next verse, the hymn focuses on Jesus’ birth, celebrated both by the angels in heaven and the faithful shepherds on earth. The birth of Jesus is a joyous occasion, and the hymn suggests that our hymns and praises to Jesus should reflect the same joy. It encourages us to let our songs of worship grow and flourish like plants in an eternal spring. This verse encourages us to join our voices in praising Jesus, expressing our gratitude for his birth and the blessings he brings.

Verse 3:

Continuing the narrative, the hymn mentions the three wise men who traveled from distant lands guided by a star to offer gifts to the newborn King. It invokes the imagery of their journey to inspire us to seek Jesus, the Light of the World. The hymn urges us to let Jesus guide us through life, illuminating our path with his wisdom and love. Just as the wise men offered their gifts, we are encouraged to bring ourselves as a tribute to Jesus, dedicating our lives to his service.

Verse 4:

The final verse of the hymn reflects on Jesus’ role in bringing about our salvation and eternal happiness. It acknowledges Jesus as the initiator and sustainer of our joy. It calls for eternal praise to the mysterious Triune God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The hymn emphasizes the importance of adoring, loving, and obeying this divine triad, highlighting the relationship formed between humanity and the divine through Jesus.


“Jesus Who From Thy Father’s Throne” is a hymn that seeks to honor the life, teachings, and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Each verse explores different aspects of Jesus’ story, guiding us to contemplate the depth of his love and the role he plays in our lives. This hymn serves as a reminder of the central figure of Christianity and encourages believers to offer their praises and devotion to Jesus. Let’s join in singing this hymn, allowing its words to deepen our understanding and appreciation of Jesus’ eternal grace and love.


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