Jesus You Once Called Disciples – Hymn Lyric

"Embrace the Call: Jesus You Once Called Disciples - Discover the diverse group chosen by Jesus

Jesus You Once Called Disciples – Hymn Lyric

The hymn “Jesus You Once Called Disciples” reminds us of the diverse group of individuals Jesus chose to be his disciples, including both men and women. It emphasizes the inclusivity of Jesus’ ministry and encourages us to embrace his teachings and follow his example. This timeless message resonates with people today, as Jesus continues to call individuals to be his disciples and share his love with the world.


Jesus You Once Called Disciples – Hymn Lyric

you once called disciples,
choosing twelve to follow you:
Simon (also known as Peter),
Andrew and Bartholomew,
Philip, Thomas, James, and Matthew,
Simon, Thaddaeus, John, and James
Then there was the one called Judas.

These were your disciples’ names.

Women, too, were your disciples,
sitting, learning, at your feet.
Mary knew your word was precious,
even more than food to eat.
Martha trusted in your power
when her brother Laz’rus died.
Women shared your journey, Lord,
and stayed when you were crucified.

so many heard and followed,
like the woman at the well.
Meeting you, the living water,
she sought others she could tell.
Like the boy with loaves and fishes,
like Zacchaeus in the tree,
Many gladly heard your message;
many shared your ministry.

still you call your people,
“Come and follow me today!”
like Paul,
feel sudden wonder;
some are brought up in your way.

no matter how we meet you,
by your Spirit, make us new.
May we know your living presence;
may we daily follow you.


Meaning of Jesus You Once Called Disciples

Jesus You Once Called Disciples: Embracing the Call to Follow

In the hymn “Jesus You Once Called Disciples,” we are reminded of the diverse group of individuals Jesus chose to be his disciples. These chosen ones were not only men but also women who eagerly learned at Jesus’ feet. Let us dive deeper into the powerful message this hymn conveys and explore the timeless lessons we can glean from it.

When Jesus called his first disciples, he saw something special in each one of them. Simon, who would later be known as Peter, Andrew, Bartholomew, Philip, Thomas, James, John, Matthew, Simon, Thaddaeus, and James were the chosen few. This diverse group reflected the inclusivity of Jesus’ ministry. He considered all backgrounds, personalities, and experiences valuable in spreading his message of love and grace.

It is significant to note that Jesus also welcomed women as his disciples. They sat at his feet, eagerly soaking in his teachings. Women like Mary understood the preciousness of the word of God, knowing that it nourished their spirits even more than food nourished their bodies. They were devoted followers, steadfastly remaining by Jesus’ side, even in the face of his crucifixion.

The hymn highlights the story of Martha, who exhibited an unwavering faith in Jesus’ power when her brother Lazarus died. She believed in his ability to bring life back to her loved one, and Jesus did not disappoint her. This anecdote reminds us that in times of despair and loss, we should keep our faith in Christ’s power to bring healing and restoration to our lives.

Just as Jesus called his disciples in the past, he continues to call people to follow him today. For some, like the apostle Paul, this calling comes suddenly and unexpectedly, shaking the very core of their being. Others are brought up in the way of the Lord, nurtured in a loving community of believers. Regardless of how we encounter Jesus, the hymn urges us to open our hearts to his Spirit and allow him to transform us.

The hymn speaks of knowing the living presence of Jesus and following him daily. This speaks to the idea that being a disciple of Jesus is not a one-time event; it is a lifelong journey. Following Jesus requires commitment, devotion, and the desire to live a life that reflects his teachings and character. It is a daily choice to seek his guidance, love others as he loved us, and serve those in need.

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In conclusion, the hymn “Jesus You Once Called Disciples” emphatically expresses the profound truth that Jesus’ call to discipleship extends far beyond the boundaries of time and gender. It is an invitation for all people, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances, to embrace Christ’s teachings and walk in his footsteps. May we all respond to his call, allowing the Holy Spirit to renew us and guide us each day as we follow the living presence of Jesus.


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