King In Zion Blessed Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Discover the heavenly praises and treasures in "King in Zion

King In Zion Blessed Jesus – Hymn Lyric

The title “King in Zion, blessed Jesus” refers to the heavenly reign of Jesus and serves as a reminder of His greatness and love. This hymn praises and glorifies Him, while also expressing our longing to be near Him and find our eternal home in His presence. It reminds us of the hope and comfort our faith provides, and the unending joy and peace we will experience in the community of believers.


King In Zion Blessed Jesus – Hymn Lyric

King in Zion, blessed Jesus,
Glory be to Thee,
Reigning in the city golden,
Lord, remember me;

Angel choirs in holy service,
Round about Thee stand,
Sharing all Thy heavenly treasure
In fair Beulah land.

And the hosts are still increasing,
But there’s room for more,
Saints and martyrs and our kindred,
Loved ones gone before;

All are praising in the anthems,
Round Thy great white throne,
So we all shall find Heav’n’s glory,
Now on earth unknown.

Blessed King, Thy face e’er smiling,
We now long to see,
And Thy hands so gently guiding,
Keep us near to Thee;

Bending low in love so kindly,
Hear our humble prayer,
That in frowning sky and storm cloud,
We may have Thy care.

When our work on earth is ended,
And the dawning come,
Then, dear King, in Thy near presence
May we find our home;

We will join the song eternal,
And with angels sing,
Sharing joy and peace unending,
With our Zion’s king.


Meaning of King In Zion Blessed Jesus

In our hymn “King in Zion, blessed Jesus,” we praise and glorify our Lord for His reign in the heavenly city. We ask for His remembrance and guidance in our lives, and we long to see His face and be near Him always. This hymn teaches us about the heavenly treasures that await us in Beulah land, where angel choirs sing anthems of praise around His great white throne.

As we sing this hymn, we are reminded that the hosts in heaven are continuously increasing, and there is always room for more. Our loved ones who have already passed away, as well as saints and martyrs, join in the eternal praise of our beloved King. We are assured that in heaven, we will find glory and joy that are unknown to us here on earth.

“Blessed King, Thy face e’er smiling” describes our longing to see the smiling face of Jesus. We are reassured that His hands will gently guide us throughout our lives, keeping us close to Him. We rely on His love and care, especially during difficult times when clouds of sadness or challenges overshadow us. We trust that He will be there for us, listening to our humble prayers and providing comfort in times of need.

The hymn also reminds us of the ultimate goal: when our time on earth is done, we look forward to finding our eternal home in the presence of our dear King. The dawn of a new day marks the beginning of a glorious eternity where we will join the angels in singing the song eternal. Our joy and peace will be unending as we share in the perfect harmony of heaven.

“King in Zion, blessed Jesus” not only expresses our praise and adoration for our Lord, but it also serves as a reminder of the hope and comfort that our faith provides. It reminds us that no matter what challenges we may face on earth, we can always turn to Jesus and find solace in His presence. His reign in heaven gives us the assurance that there is a place for us, where we will be welcomed into the eternal community of believers.

The title of this hymn, “King in Zion, blessed Jesus,” brings together two significant aspects of our faith. It acknowledges Jesus as the King of Zion, the heavenly city where His reign is eternal. This title serves as an important keyword for search engine optimization, making it easier for individuals to find hymns and resources related to the King in Zion.

In conclusion, “King in Zion, blessed Jesus” is a hymn that reminds us of the greatness and love of our Lord. It invites us to praise Him, seek His guidance, and find comfort in His care. As we sing this hymn, we are reminded of the heavenly treasures that await us and the eternal joy that we will experience in the presence of our Zion’s king. May our hearts be filled with His love and may His name be exalted forever.


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