King Jesus Reign Forevermore – Hymn Lyric

Discover the adoring hymn of redemption and adoration

King Jesus Reign Forevermore – Hymn Lyric

King Jesus Reign Forevermore With hearts full of adoration, we lift our voices in praise to King Jesus, who reigns forevermore. Through his love and sacrifice, we find peace and salvation. As we journey through life, may we spread his message of love and honor his name, so that all may know the wonders of his redeeming love.


King Jesus Reign Forevermore – Hymn Lyric

King Jesus,
reign for evermore,
Unrivaled in thy courts above;
While we, with all thy saints, adore
The wonders of redeeming love.

No other Lord but thee we’ll know,
No other power but thine confess;
We’ll spread thine honors while below,
And heaven shall know our blessedness.

We’ll sing along the heavenly road
That leads us to thy blest abode;
Till with the vast unnumbered throng
We join in heaven’s triumphant song–
Till with pure hands and voices sweet
We cast our crowns at Jesus’ feet,
And sing of everlasting love
In everlasting strains above.


Meaning of King Jesus Reign Forevermore

King Jesus Reign Forevermore: An Hymn of Adoration and Redemption

In our hearts and in our souls, we lift our voices high. O King Jesus, reign forevermore, unrivaled in thy courts above. With humble adoration, we join in harmony with all thy saints to celebrate the wonders of redeeming love.

There is no other Lord but thee whom we shall know, no other power but thine that we confess. For it is through thy love and sacrifice that we are saved and find eternal peace. We surrender ourselves to thy will, spreading thy honors while we tread upon this earthly realm. May heaven itself know our blessedness as we strive to walk in thy footsteps and live according to thy teachings.

As we traverse this earthly journey, we find solace and strength in the heavenly road that leads us to thy blessed abode. With every step we take, we sing praises to thee, O King, knowing that our ultimate destination is the eternal bliss of thy presence. And when that day comes, when we stand amongst the vast unnumbered throng, we shall rejoice and join in heaven’s triumphant song.

With pure hands and voices sweet, we shall cast our crowns at Jesus’ feet, acknowledging that all honor and glory belong to thee alone. In that moment, as we stand before thy throne, we shall sing of everlasting love in everlasting strains above. Such is the magnificence of thy reign, O King Jesus, that our voices shall forever echo through the heavens, resounding with the joy of redemption and salvation.

For thou art our Savior, our Redeemer, the beacon of hope in a world filled with darkness. Thy love knows no bounds, reaching out to embrace each and every one of us, regardless of our shortcomings or sins. It is through thy grace that we find forgiveness and the chance at everlasting life. This message of love and salvation is what we, as thy followers, strive to share with the world.

Through our words, actions, and deeds, may we spread thy message of love and hope. May we be beacons of light in this world, shining brightly amidst the darkness. Help us to show others the wonders of redeeming love, that they too may come to know thee, O King Jesus.

As we sing this hymn, let it be a testament to our unwavering faith and devotion. Let its words illuminate the depth of our love for thee and our desire to serve thee faithfully. In our voices, let the world hear the resounding declaration that King Jesus reigns forevermore.

And so, King Jesus, we place our trust in thee. We surrender ourselves to thy will, knowing that in thee we find true peace and fulfillment. As we continue along this earthly journey, may we always strive to spread thy love and honor thy name. And when our time here comes to an end, may we find ourselves in thy presence, singing praises of everlasting love for all eternity.

King Jesus, reign forevermore. Let the heavens echo with our song. Let the world know of thy redeeming love. And let our lives be a testament to thy glory and grace. Amen.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the adoring hymn of redemption and adoration, King Jesus Reign Forevermore. Join us in celebrating the unrivaled reign of King Jesus in his heavenly courts above. Experience the wonders of redeeming love and spread the blessings while cherishing our eternal connection. Sing along as we journey towards his blessed abode and cast our crowns at Jesus' feet. Let the heavenly chorus resonate with everlasting love and embrace the salvation through King Jesus.


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