Lead Us To Still Waters – Hymn Lyric

Lead Us To Still Waters: Finding Peace

Lead Us To Still Waters – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn titled “Lead Us to Still Waters,” we are encouraged to find peace, compassion, and hope in a world filled with turmoil. The hymn speaks of the importance of seeking solace and nourishment in tranquil places, surrounding ourselves with positivity, and embracing compassion as a way to bring about positive change. It reminds us that even in the midst of challenges, we can find refuge and strength to make a difference. “Lead Us to Still Waters” invites us to embark on a journey towards peace, understanding, and kindness, both within ourselves and in the world around us.


Lead Us To Still Waters – Hymn Lyric

Lead us to still waters
where the poor may come,
where the thirsty gather,
finding help and home.

Lead us to green pastures
where we may lie down,
finding peace and blessing
on your holy ground.

Save us from oppression,
from the tyrant’s hand,
from the cry of vengeance
in our native land.

If we lack compassion,
lend us what we need,
love that knows no limit,
faith that plants a seed.

Carry us to safety
when our strength is gone,
when our faith is shaken,
turn us toward the dawn.

Lead us through the desert
to your living spring,
to your rock of refuge
where the righteous sing.


Meaning of Lead Us To Still Waters

Lead Us To Still Waters: Finding Peace, Compassion, and Hope

In this beautiful hymn, we are invited to a place of tranquility and abundance, where the poor and the thirsty find solace and sustenance. It speaks of a journey towards finding peace and blessing on holy ground, away from oppression and the cry of vengeance that can sometimes plague our native land. As we explore the verses of this hymn, we discover the importance of compassion, unwavering love, and faith that can nurture and enrich our lives.

The first verse reminds us of the significance of still waters as a place of refuge. Just as quiet and calm waters provide rest and nourishment for the weary traveler, so too can we find solace and contentment in places of peace and tranquility. Whether it’s a walk in nature, a quiet moment of reflection, or spending time with loved ones, these are moments when we can connect with our inner selves and find the strength to persevere.

The hymn also calls us to gather around green pastures – places where we can lie down and find respite. These verdant meadows represent not only physical nourishment but also emotional and spiritual well-being. It’s important to surround ourselves with positivity, to seek out spaces and people who bring us joy, and to make time for activities that rejuvenate our souls. By doing so, we can experience the blessings that lie within these green pastures, and carry them with us as we journey through life.

Amidst the call for a haven from oppression and the tyrant’s hand, we are reminded of the power of compassion. The hymn acknowledges that there may be times when we lack this essential quality, and thus, we seek divine intervention to borrow the love and empathy we need. Compassion is the thread that connects us all as human beings, and it is through acts of kindness and understanding that we can bring positive change to our world. By embracing compassion, we can build bridges, heal wounds, and work towards a more inclusive and harmonious society.

When our strength wanes and our faith is shaken, it is comforting to know that we are not alone. This hymn reminds us that we can call upon a higher power to carry us to safety and guide us towards the dawn. In times of adversity and uncertainty, it is crucial to nurture our faith and trust in a brighter tomorrow. The journey may be difficult, but we are assured that we will find a living spring, a source of renewal that will sustain us through even the most challenging of landscapes.

The final verse paints a picture of a desert that must be traversed, but through which we are led to a rock of refuge. This imagery showcases the resilience and strength within us all. Desert landscapes can be harsh and unforgiving, representing the trials and tribulations of life. However, even in the most desolate of environments, there is still hope – hope that can be found in the support and encouragement of others, in our own determination, and in the power of faith.

Ultimately, this hymn serves as a reminder that we are not merely travelers wandering aimlessly. We are guided by a greater purpose, and in our journey to find still waters, green pastures, and refuge, we are called to cultivate compassion, love without limits, and a faith that can move mountains. By embracing these values, we can create a world filled with peace, understanding, and kindness.

As we sing this hymn, let us carry its message in our hearts, seeking to spread compassion, to find solace in the presence of still waters, and to be a beacon of hope even in the midst of deserts. Let us strive to lead others towards these still waters, where they too can find peace, compassion, and a sense of home. Most importantly, may this hymn remind us of the power we hold within ourselves to make a positive difference in the world. Lead us to still waters, and let us be the change we wish to see.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Lead Us To Still Waters: Finding Peace, Compassion, and Hope. Experience the journey towards tranquility and abundance, away from oppression, towards solace and sustenance. Cultivate compassion, love, and faith, and be the change you wish to see.


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