Little Baby Jesus Born Today – Hymn Lyric

Experience the joy of Christmas with "Little Baby Jesus Born Today" hymn. Invite Jesus into your heart for love

Little Baby Jesus Born Today – Hymn Lyric

“Little Baby Jesus Born Today” is a hymn that celebrates the miraculous birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Born in a humble manger, He is the Son of God and the source of unconditional love and trust. Let us invite Jesus into our hearts, allowing His presence to fill us with peace, strength, and light as we walk in His ways and reflect His love to the world. Merry Christmas!


Little Baby Jesus Born Today – Hymn Lyric

Little Baby Jesus, born today,
Come into my heart and with me stay,
Fill my soul with love and trust in Thee,
Evermore abide with me!

In a manger lowly Thou wast laid,
Tho’ Thy hands the heav’ns and earth have made;
Son of God eternal and my Lord,
Keep me ever by Thy Word!

Little Baby Jesus, Savior dear,
Let me feel Thy presence ever near,
Cleanse me with Thy blood from all my sin,
Make me pure and whole within!

All my help alone in Thee is found,
All my trust alone in Thee I ground,
Clothe me wholly in Thy righteousness
As my glorious, perfect dress.

Little Baby Jesus, born today,
Let me walk forever in Thy way;
Fill my heart with strength and love divine,
Let Thy favor on me shine!

Thou who hast my soul so dearly bought
Without Thee, my Strength, I can do naught,
Come into my heart and live in me
Now and in eternity!



Meaning of Little Baby Jesus Born Today

Oh, the joy and wonder of Christmas time! It is a special season filled with love, joy, and light. And at the center of it all is the sweet little Baby Jesus, born on this day to bring hope and salvation to the world. As we sing hymns and carols in celebration of His birth, let us take a moment to reflect on the precious gift He is to each and every one of us.

The hymn “Little Baby Jesus Born Today” reminds us of the humble beginnings of our Savior. Born in a lowly manger, yet He is the Son of God, the creator of heaven and earth. What a miraculous and awe-inspiring truth! As we think about this precious baby, we are reminded of His unconditional love and the trust we can place in Him.

Just like the lyrics of the hymn, we can invite Jesus into our hearts and ask Him to stay with us always. His presence brings us peace, joy, and love that surpasses all understanding. When we allow Him to dwell within us, He fills our souls with His light and guides us on the path of righteousness.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we are reminded of the cleansing power of His blood. Through His sacrifice on the cross, we are made pure and whole, free from the stain of sin. His love washes over us, renewing our spirits and making us new creations in Him.

In the midst of life’s challenges and struggles, we can find strength and refuge in Jesus. He is our rock, our fortress, and our ever-present help in times of need. When we put our trust in Him, we can rest assured that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Just as the hymn expresses, our righteousness comes from Jesus alone. His grace covers us like a glorious, perfect dress, making us worthy in the eyes of God. We can stand confident in His righteousness, knowing that we are dearly loved and cherished by our Savior.

May the light of Jesus shine brightly in our hearts, guiding us along the path of love and divine. Let us walk in His ways, spreading His love and kindness to all those around us. As we seek His favor and grace, may we be a reflection of His light in this world.

Little Baby Jesus, born on this day, we thank you for your incredible love and sacrifice. We invite you into our hearts, to dwell in us now and for all eternity. You are our Strength, our Savior, and our Lord. Amen.

So as we gather with loved ones, exchange gifts, and enjoy the festive cheer of the season, let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas. It is a time to rejoice in the birth of our Savior, to bask in His love, and to share that love with others. May the spirit of Christmas fill your hearts with joy and peace, now and always. Merry Christmas!


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the joy of Christmas with Little Baby Jesus Born Today hymn. Invite Jesus into your heart for love, peace, and salvation. Celebrate His birth with us!


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