Little Lights For Jesus We May Be Each Day – Hymn Lyric

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Little Lights For Jesus We May Be Each Day – Hymn Lyric

In this hymn, “Little Lights for Jesus,” we are reminded that each day we have the power to shine brightly and spread love and hope in the world. By embracing Jesus’ teachings and opening our hearts to Him, we can become beacons of light and positively impact those around us. Our journey as little lights for Jesus extends beyond this world, as our light will shine forever in His heavenly home.


Little Lights For Jesus We May Be Each Day – Hymn Lyric

Little lights for Jesus,
We may be each day;
Shining, brightly shining,
All along the way.

Shining, brightly shining,
Sending out the light;
Like our loving Saviour,
Making darkness bright.

If our heart we’ll open,
Jesus will come in;
Fill us with His spirit,
Cleanse us from all sin.


Then we’ll shine for Jesus,
Telling out His love;
Till we shine forever,
In His home above.


Meaning of Little Lights For Jesus We May Be Each Day

Little Lights for Jesus We May Be Each Day

When you wake up in the morning, what’s one of the first things you do? Maybe you turn on a light to chase away the shadows of the night. Just as that light brightens your room, you can be a shining beacon in the world. The hymn “Little Lights for Jesus, We May Be Each Day” paints a beautiful picture of how we can illuminate the lives of those around us with love, kindness, and joy each day, just like little lights shining brightly.

Imagine for a moment that your heart holds a tiny, yet powerful, light. This light isn’t just any ordinary bulb; it’s a light of empathy, hope, and goodness. When you hold the door open for a classmate, share a kind word with a friend, or help someone in need, your light shines a little brighter. These small acts of kindness not only make others feel special but also reflect the teachings and love of Jesus, our greatest example of love and light in our lives.

The hymn reminds us that we have the chance to be “little lights for Jesus” in our everyday actions. Every good deed is like turning up the brightness of our inner light, making the world a more welcoming, warm place. When you feel overwhelmed or unsure, think of the refrain, “Shining, brightly shining, sending out the light; Like our loving Saviour, making darkness bright.” These words inspire us to keep glowing, even when times are tough.

Moreover, the hymn encourages us to open our hearts. When we do, we let Jesus and His teachings inside. Just think of your heart like a house where Jesus is a special guest. When you welcome Him into your life, He brings along His love and spirit to fill every corner, sweeping away any fears or sadness. And with His spirit within us, we can shine even brighter, chase away more darkness, and spread His love to everyone we meet.

The song cheerfully continues, “Then we’ll shine for Jesus, telling out His love,” which suggests that our shining doesn’t stop with just being kind and good. We can also share stories of Jesus’s love and what it means to us. Talking about the kindness, forgiveness, and courage Jesus showed can inspire others. It’s like teaching more people how to turn on their own inner lights.

But even the smallest light can’t shine if it’s hidden, right? Just like a lamp tucked away in a closet doesn’t help anyone, we can’t keep our light to ourselves. We have to let it out for the whole world to see. By living as an example and standing up for what’s right, we’re making sure our light reaches every corner it can.

And don’t forget, shining our lights is not just a day job; it’s an adventure that lasts our whole lives, leading us “Till we shine forever, In His home above.” That’s a joyful and comforting thought, knowing that what we do here on earth is just the start. It’s preparing us for an even more brilliant and beautiful experience with Jesus in heaven, where every heart shines eternally.

But how do we make sure our light doesn’t flicker out? Well, by taking care of it, of course! Just like a lamp needs electricity to keep shining, our inner light needs fuel to stay bright. This fuel comes from things like prayer, reading stories from the Bible, going to church, and being part of a community that loves and supports one another. All of these help keep our light strong and steady.

Now, remember, some days it might seem harder to shine your light. Maybe someone hurt your feelings or something didn’t go as planned. On those days, it’s okay to feel a little dim. But even then, you can ask for help from family, friends, and Jesus Himself through prayer. Sharing our worries can help reignite our lights when they’re at their weakest. Before you know it, your light will be back to full strength, ready to shine on.

So, as you go through your day, imagine yourself as one of those “Little Lights for Jesus.” Carry this hymn in your heart and let its meaning guide you. Be kind, help others, tell the truth, stand up for what’s right, and share the love that Jesus has given you with everyone you meet. Remember that even the tiniest light can push away the darkness and warm the hearts of others.

And just like a string of twinkling lights brightens up an entire room, when we all shine together, we create a world full of hope and joy. Your light—our lights—have the power to change things for the better, one little sparkle at a time. Shine on, and let the world see the love and brightness you have to offer!


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Spread love, joy, and hope as little lights for Jesus. Embrace His spirit, shine brightly, and make darkness bright. Become a beacon of hope and positively impact our world.


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