Lo He Comes Let All Adore Him – Hymn Lyric

Reflect on the powerful hymn "Lo He Comes Let All Adore Him" and its message of anticipation

Lo He Comes Let All Adore Him – Hymn Lyric



Lo He Comes Let All Adore Him – Hymn Lyric

Lo! He comes! let all adore Him!
‘Tis the God of grace and truth!
Go! prepare the way before Him,
Make the rugged places smooth!
Lo! He comes, the mighty Lord!
Great His work, and His reward.

Let the valleys all be raised;
Go, and make the crooked straight;
Let the mountains be abased;
Let all nature change its state;
Through the desert mark a road,
Make a highway for our God.

Through the desert God is going,
Through the desert waste and wild,
Where no goodly plant is growing,
Where nor verdure ever smiled;
But the desert shall be glad,
And with verdure soon be clad.

Where the thorn and briar flourish’d,
Trees shall there be seen to grow,
Planted by the Lord and nourish’d,
Stately, fair, and fruitful too;
They shall rise on every side,
They shall spread their branches wide.

From the hills and lofty mountains
Rivers shall be seen to flow,
There the Lord will open fountains,
Thence supply the plains below;
As He passes, every land
Shall confess His powerful Hand.


Meaning of Lo He Comes Let All Adore Him

Lo He Comes, Let All Adore Him – Reflecting on the Spirit of Advent


The hymn “Lo! He Comes! Let All Adore Him!” carries a powerful message of anticipation, joy, and preparation during the Advent season. As we delve into the lyrics, we can explore the meaning behind each verse and reflect on how it relates to our lives today.

Verse 1: Prepare the Way before Him

The hymn begins with a call to action. As believers, we are called to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord. Just as John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus’ ministry, we are encouraged to make the rugged places smooth in our hearts and lives. This speaks to the idea of repentance and turning away from sinful ways, making room for Christ’s light to shine brightly within us.

In a world often filled with chaos and confusion, this verse reminds us that through the grace and truth of God, we can find solace and purpose. The God of grace and truth brings hope and direction, allowing us to navigate through life’s challenges.

Verse 2: Let Valleys Be Raised, Mountains Be Abased

The second verse encourages us to embrace change and transformation. It speaks to the idea of leveling the playing field, where the valleys are raised and the mountains are brought low. Symbolically, this suggests removing barriers that hinder our spiritual growth and creating a level ground for all.

Just as a highway is built through a desert, our lives can experience a similar transformation. The arid deserts in our hearts can be refreshed with God’s love, bringing forth new life and growth. Through God’s grace, the barrenness within us can be replaced with lush vegetation and fruitful living.

Verse 3: Nourishing Trees in the Desert

Continuing the theme of transformation, this verse contrasts the thorns and briars with nourished trees that flourish. It emphasizes God’s ability to bring beauty and abundance where there was once desolation. This serves as a metaphor for our lives, encouraging us to let go of our past failures, sins, and insecurities. By allowing God’s love to nourish and sustain us, we can grow into confident, fruitful individuals.

Additionally, the imagery of trees spreading their branches wide represents inclusivity and unity. As God’s children, we are called to embrace diversity and create a welcoming community where everyone feels valued and included. Like the trees, we are encouraged to extend our arms in love and support to others.

Verse 4: Flowing Rivers and the Powerful Hand

In the final verse, we are reminded of God’s abundant provision and the transformative power of His hand. Just as rivers flow from the hills and lofty mountains, so does God’s grace and blessings overflow into our lives. It is through His divine guidance and provision that we can navigate the ups and downs of life.

This verse reinforces the idea that God’s powerful hand is at work in every land. No matter where we find ourselves, we can trust in His sovereignty. We are called to acknowledge His presence and mighty works, giving thanks for the ways He blesses and shapes our lives.


The hymn “Lo! He Comes! Let All Adore Him!” encapsulates the spirit of Advent, reminding us of the anticipation and joy that comes with preparing for Christ’s arrival. By reflecting on the powerful messages in each verse, we are inspired to make changes in our lives, embrace transformation, and recognize God’s hand at work. As we enter into this Advent season, let us heed the call to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord and experience the hope, peace, joy, and love that He brings. Amen.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Reflect on the powerful hymn Lo He Comes Let All Adore Him and its message of anticipation, transformation, and preparation for Christ's arrival during the Advent season.


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