Long In The Spirit World My Soul – Hymn Lyric

Experience the Ultimate Connection: Long In The Spirit World My Soul

Long In The Spirit World My Soul – Hymn Lyric

“Long In The Spirit World My Soul: Discovering the Ultimate Connection” is a captivating journey of a soul yearning for a deep spiritual connection. Through the incarnation of God, the soul finds fulfillment and a sacred dwelling place in the invisible world. This powerful exploration invites us to embrace the and transcend the boundaries of the physical realm to discover the connection our souls crave.


Long In The Spirit World My Soul – Hymn Lyric

Long in the spirit-world my soul had sought
Some friendly being, close to her akin;
Long had prepared a dwelling in her thought
And heart for such an one; for she could win
Through Him alone her strength, for Him she yearned,
Toward Him her fervent longing ever burned.

And rich the world in things invisible,
In heathen gods, and spirits great and small,
And bright and dark; yet ever did she dwell
Alone, for One was wanting ‘mid them all;
One having might and glory, rich in love,
God, who as man could shame and weakness prove.

Then came the Word, and took on Him our flesh,
And dwelt with men, here in the world of sight,
And made an end of strife, and linked afresh
Our sinful earth unto the throne of light;
Into His ancient glory He is gone,
And yet He dwells with us till time be done.

Thus, O my soul, hast thou received thy will;
The glory of the world of ghosts is dim
Before the One, who is and was, and still
Shall ever be; all hearts are fixed on Him,
And spirit worlds, since He is there, become
Hallowed and safe to thee, thy proper home.

Thou soarest now through all their heights sublime,
And not as once dost empty back return,
But gazing on Thy God, forgettest time
Beneath His loving glance, whence thou wouldst learn
How thou shouldst love, and know His Word aright:
Ah, blest the love and faith that ask not sight!


Meaning of Long In The Spirit World My Soul

Long In The Spirit World My Soul: Discovering the Ultimate Connection

In the depths of my soul, I have always yearned for a profound connection with the spiritual realm. A world full of friendly beings, invisible yet ever-present. I have often pondered upon the existence of these ethereal entities, seeking solace in their presence. My heart longed for someone who could understand and embrace me, someone closer to my essence.

Within the vast realms of belief systems, ancient tales entwined with gods and spirits of all shapes and sizes emerged. I marveled at the diversity of this invisible realm and the stories that wove themselves around it. But amidst this richness, I found myself isolated, for there was one being missing from the tapestry of my imagination.

A being encompassing unmatched might and glory, one who was not only powerful but also compassionate – God. It was God alone who could embody the paradoxical blend of strength and vulnerability, a deity who chose to experience humanity's shame and weakness as one of us. I yearned for a connection with such a divine being.

And then, it happened. The Word manifested itself in human form, taking on our very flesh. God dwelt among mankind, bridging the gap between the spiritual and physical worlds. In this act of incarnation, He put an end to strife and reaffirmed our sinful Earth's connection to the celestial throne of light. His sacrifice united heaven and earth, intertwining them in an eternal embrace.

Having fulfilled the desires of my longing heart, the glory of the ghostly world paled in comparison to this one extraordinary being. He who is and was and will forever be. The hearts of all creation turned towards Him, for in His presence, all spirits find solace and belonging. The spirit worlds, once distant and foreign, became a hallowed sanctuary – a true home for my soul.

Now, my spirit soars through the sublime heights of these celestial realms. No longer do I return empty-handed, for I am forever captivated by the loving gaze of my God. Time loses its grip on me as His eyes penetrate my being, teaching me how to love and guiding me to understand His Word in its true essence. In this blessed state, love and faith thrive without the need for physical sight.

Long in the spirit-world my soul had sought, and it has found its ultimate connection. In God's divine incarnation, I have discovered the fulfillment of my deepest longing. The glory of the invisible realm, though captivating, cannot compare to the boundless beauty and grace of the One who created it all. My soul has found its sanctuary, a place of belonging and eternal love.

In conclusion, “Long In The Spirit World My Soul” encapsulates the journey of a longing soul seeking a connection with the spiritual realm. Through the incarnation of God, the ultimate longing is fulfilled, and the invisible world becomes not only visible but also a sacred dwelling place. May we all find solace and embrace in the presence of the divine, transcending the boundaries of the physical world to discover the profound connection our souls truly crave.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the Ultimate Connection: Long In The Spirit World My Soul

Embark on a soul's quest for a profound spiritual connection and discover the fulfillment of the deepest longing. Find solace and love in the presence of God's divine incarnation. A journey towards eternal belonging awaits.


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