Lord Are There Eyes That See The Sun – Hymn Lyric

Discover the awe-inspiring wonders of God's creation and the power of His word in "Lord Are There Eyes That See The Sun" hymn. Reflect on revelation

Lord Are There Eyes That See The Sun – Hymn Lyric

“Lord Are There Eyes That See The Sun” is a hymn that invites us to open our hearts and minds to God’s presence in the world. Through its verses, the poet expresses a longing for deeper understanding, seeking the power to see God’s hidden mysteries and receive His guidance. This hymn celebrates the transformative power of God’s word and the redemption offered through Jesus Christ, urging us to turn to Him and find hope in His love.


Lord Are There Eyes That See The Sun – Hymn Lyric

are there eyes that see the sun,
And gaze with joy on Nature’s face,
Yet while through all Thy works they run,
Thy glorious Godhead never trace?

are there eyes, to which Thy Book
No hidden mystery reveals?
O give them power thereon to look;
“Lion of Judah! break the seals.”Rev. v.

with new sight, may they behold
Thy counsels, since the world began,
Like morning’s gradual beams, unfold
The wonders of Thy love to man:–

For whom,
a rebel from his birth,
Thine only Son Thou didst not spare;
The Lord from heaven came down to earth,
His guilt and punishment to bear.

while instruction they receive,
Thy Spirit’s inward light impart,
Till trembling penitents believe,
And mercy heals the broken heart.

Not eyes alone shall then rejoice
In the rich comforts of Thy word;
Deaf ears shall hearken to Thy voice,
And bless the day its sound was heard.

that were meant to pledge Thy Name
In oaths, and cursings, change their tone,
Thy free salvation to proclaim,
And make Thy loving-kindness known.

by cruel fiends possest,
Dark dungeons of indwelling sin,
Are temples with Thy presence blest,
All glorious, like the ark, within,

Though earth no lovelier prospect show
Than children walking in Thy ways;
And heaven no sweeter music know
Than infant voices join’d in praise:

Though such,
secured from early vice;
Water’d by Thy continual care,
Spring up like trees of Paradise,
And fruit, in long succession, bear:

will the tears of transport swell,
Our spirits pure affection burn,
When, aged sinners, warn’d of hell,
Though late and slow, to God return.

they take the lowest seat;
Matrons and hoary-headed men
Are learners at the Saviour’s feet,
Are “little children” once again.

we commit them to Thine hands,
To Thee their new-born hopes aspire;
O take them, keep them,–these are brands,
Pluckt out of everlasting fire.


Meaning of Lord Are There Eyes That See The Sun

Lord Are There Eyes That See The Sun: A Hymn of Revelation and Redemption

In this beautiful hymn, the poet reflects on the awe-inspiring wonders of God’s creation and the transformative power of His word. It is a hymn that reminds us to open our eyes and hearts to God’s presence and to seek His mercy and guidance.

The verses of this hymn depict a longing for a deeper understanding of God’s mysteries. The poet wonders if there are people whose eyes are blind to the divine beauty that surrounds them, unable to recognize the hand of God in every aspect of nature. They yearn for these individuals to be granted the power to behold the hidden truths that lie within God’s sacred text, the Bible. The poet calls upon the “Lion of Judah” to break the seals of understanding and grant these souls the ability to unlock the profound wisdom contained within the scriptures.

The hymn goes on to emphasize the importance of spiritual enlightenment and the revelation of God’s eternal plan. The poet depicts the gradual unfolding of God’s masterful design, comparing it to the gentle beams of sunlight breaking through the darkness of the early morning. It is through this revelation that the wonders of God’s love for humanity become apparent, even to those who were once rebellious and undeserving of His mercy.

The hymn acknowledges the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ, who descended from heaven to earth to bear the guilt and punishment of mankind. Through his death and resurrection, he provides the pathway to redemption and salvation. The poet celebrates the healing power of God’s mercy, which can mend the brokenness within the hearts of repentant sinners. The hymn reminds us that it is not just through the eyes, but also through the ears that we can experience the life-changing transformative power of God. The deaf ears can be opened to God’s word, allowing them to take part in the blessings of His divine message.

The hymn further highlights the incredible transformation that occurs when people turn to God. Tongues, once used for oaths and cursings, become instruments to proclaim the freedom found in God’s salvation. Those whose hearts were once darkened and controlled by evil forces become temples of God’s presence. Like the ark that housed the presence of God in the Old Testament, these individuals become vessels of His glory.

The poet acknowledges the beauty in children walking in God’s ways, their innocence and pure hearts reflecting His love. The voices of these young ones united in praise bring forth heavenly melodies that uplift the spirits of all who have the privilege of hearing them. The hymn recognizes the importance of nurturing children in God’s ways, ensuring they are shielded from the temptations and vices of the world. It celebrates the fruitfulness that arises from a life rooted in God’s continual care and guidance.

But the hymn doesn’t stop there. It also acknowledges the profound impact of late conversions and the ever-present hope for those who have wandered far from God. It speaks of aged sinners who, despite their long journey away from Him, are finally awakened to the reality of hell and the desperation for divine salvation. These individuals humbly take their place as learners at the feet of Jesus, experiencing the tender embrace of His love and grace once again. The poet acknowledges the deep emotions that accompany these moments of repentance and rejoices in the restoration of these precious souls.

In a final plea, the hymn entrusts these returning sinners into God’s capable hands. It recognizes them as brands plucked out of the eternal fire and acknowledges God’s role in their salvation. It is a heartfelt prayer that God will continue to guide, protect, and nurture these newly converted souls as they strive to live according to His will.

“Lord Are There Eyes That See The Sun” is a hymn that beautifully captures the themes of revelation, redemption, and the transformative power of God’s love. It is a hymn that reminds us to open our eyes to the miracles woven into every aspect of creation and to seek God’s mercy and guidance throughout our journey. May this hymn serve as a constant reminder of the depth of God’s love and the everlasting hope that awaits those who turn to Him.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the awe-inspiring wonders of God's creation and the power of His word in Lord Are There Eyes That See The Sun hymn. Reflect on revelation, redemption, and the transformative love of our Lord. Open your eyes, seek His mercy, and find eternal hope.


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