Lord Hear My Prayer Give Ear – Hymn Lyric

"Seeking guidance and deliverance

Lord Hear My Prayer Give Ear – Hymn Lyric



Lord Hear My Prayer Give Ear – Hymn Lyric

Lord, hear my prayer, give ear when I
Do humbly call on thee;
Both in thy truth and righteousness
Make answer unto me.

And into judgment enter not
With him who serveth thee:
For in thy sight no man that lives
Shall justified be.

For th’ enemy pursu’d my soul,
My life to ground hath thrown;
And made me dwell i’th’ dark like them
Who dead are long agone.

Therefore my soul is overwhelm’d
With great perplexity.
My heart also within me is
Made desolate to be.

I call’d to mind the days of old,
I meditation use:
On all thy works, thy handy work,
I seriously do muse.

Moreover I do unto thee
Reach mine out-stretched hands:
So after thee my soul doth thirst,
As to the thirsty lands.

Haste Lord, hear me, my soul doth fail
Hide not thy face me fro;
Lest I become like unto them
Who down to pit do go.

Let me thy mercy early hear,
For I upon thee stay:
Wherein that I should walk, cause me
To understand the way.

For I to thee lift up my soul.
O Lord, deliver me,
From them who be my foes; I fly
To hide my self with thee.

Thou art my God, thy spirit good.
Teach me thy will to do:
Into the land of uprightness
Conduct thou me alfso:

Jehovah me O quicken thou,
Ev’n for thine own names sake;
And for thy righteousness my soul
From out of trouble take.

Thou shalt cut off mine enemies
In thy benignity.
And those destroy that vex my soul
For servant thine am I.


Meaning of Lord Hear My Prayer Give Ear

Lord Hear My Prayer: Seeking Guidance and Deliverance

In times of trouble and despair, there is solace in turning to a higher power for comfort and guidance. The hymn “Lord Hear My Prayer, Give Ear” beautifully expresses the plea of someone who humbly calls upon the Lord for help. This heartfelt cry for assistance showcases the deep faith and reliance on God’s truth and righteousness.

The psalmist, in this hymn, acknowledges that no one can be justified in the sight of God. It is a humbling recognition that all have sinned and fallen short of His glory. Therefore, the psalmist seeks mercy and deliverance, fully aware that it is only through God’s grace that salvation is possible.

The hymn portrays the psalmist feeling overwhelmed and distressed, comparing their state of being to those who are long gone and dwelling in darkness. In this state of distress, the psalmist’s soul is filled with great perplexity and their heart is desolate. It is in times like these that the psalmist turns to the Lord for comfort and solace.

The hymn describes the psalmist’s reflection on the days of old, meditating on God’s works and His handiwork, as a source of encouragement and hope. This reflection serves as a reminder of God’s faithfulness and His power to deliver His people. It is through this remembrance that the psalmist finds strength to persevere.

The psalmist reaches out to the Lord, extending their hands in prayer and thirsting for His presence and guidance. The psalmist earnestly desires the Lord to hear their plea and not hide His face from them. They recognize the consequence of being abandoned by God, likening it to descending into the pit of despair.

In their plea for mercy, the psalmist implores the Lord to guide them in the ways of righteousness. They long to understand the path they should walk, acknowledging their dependence on God’s wisdom and instruction. It is in this surrendering of their own will that the psalmist seeks to align their life with God’s purpose.

Throughout the hymn, the psalmist acknowledges the Lord as their God, expressing their trust in His goodness and spirit. They desire to be taught God’s will and to be led to the land of uprightness. The psalmist recognizes their need for spiritual renewal and restoration, praying for God to quicken their spirit and rescue them from trouble.

In their plea for deliverance, the psalmist acknowledges God’s righteousness and calls upon Him to cut off their enemies. The psalmist sees themselves as a servant of God, placing their trust in His love and protection. They rely on God’s benevolence to destroy those who vex their soul and stand in opposition to them.

In conclusion, the hymn “Lord Hear My Prayer, Give Ear” beautifully encapsulates the deep yearning for God’s guidance and deliverance. It exemplifies the faith of someone who turns to God in times of trouble, seeking solace, mercy, and righteousness. Through heartfelt prayer, the psalmist acknowledges their dependence on God and surrenders their will to His purpose. May we likewise find strength and comfort in seeking the Lord’s presence and guidance when we are overwhelmed and in need.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Seeking guidance and deliverance, 'Lord Hear My Prayer: Give Ear' is a heartfelt hymn expressing reliance on God's truth and righteousness in times of trouble. Find solace and strength in turning to a higher power.


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