Lord Jesus Christ Strong Hero Thou – Hymn Lyric

Discover the strength and triumph of Lord Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus Christ Strong Hero Thou – Hymn Lyric

The hymn “Lord Jesus Christ Strong Hero Thou” is a celebration of Jesus’ strength and victory over death. It emphasizes the hope and joy that comes from His resurrection, inviting all Christians to partake in this great joy. The hymn also encourages believers to rise from sin and live a holy life, ultimately aiming to experience endless Easter with Jesus.


Lord Jesus Christ Strong Hero Thou – Hymn Lyric

Lord Jesus Christ, strong Hero Thou,
Grim death Thou hast o’erpowered now,
Thou dost destroy hell’s gate and chain,
Dost on the third day rise again.

Thou grantest to Thy friends the grace
To look again upon Thy face,
And showest them the glorious prize,
Won when from death Thou didst arise.

Grant that we and all Christians may
Partake of this great joy today,
Which by Thy resurrection Thou
To all men freely givest now.

Grant us that we may rise from sin,
A holy life to lead begin,
Till we, from sin and pain set free,
In endless Easter live with Thee.


Meaning of Lord Jesus Christ Strong Hero Thou

Lord Jesus Christ Strong Hero Thou: Conquering Death and Granting Eternal Life


In this hymn, we are reminded of the strength and power of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is described as a strong hero who has overcome death itself. The hymn also speaks of the hope and joy that comes from Jesus’ resurrection, as well as the invitation for all Christians to partake in this great joy. Let us delve deeper into these ideas, celebrating the triumph of our Savior and the eternal life He offers to us.

The Strength of Jesus Christ:

The hymn begins by acknowledging Jesus as a strong hero. The mention of His power over death reveals the extent of His might and the remarkable victory He achieved. Death, with all its chains and gates, could not hold Him down. This imagery paints a picture of Jesus as a mighty warrior, fearlessly confronting and conquering the forces that oppose Him. Through His sacrificial death and resurrection, He demonstrated His unparalleled strength and defied the limitations of mortality.

Conquering Death and Rising Again:

The hymn beautifully expresses the truth of Jesus’ victory over death. It highlights the significance of His resurrection on the third day. This key event in Christian faith serves as a testament to the power of God and the fulfillment of His promises. By rising again, Jesus not only defeated death but also showcased His authority over the grave. His resurrection marks a turning point in human history, offering a newfound hope and assurance to all who believe in Him.

Rejoicing in the Glorious Prize:

The hymn mentions that Jesus granted His friends the grace to look upon His face and witness the glorious prize He won through His resurrection. This prize, a symbol of eternal life, is the ultimate gift bestowed upon those who faithfully follow Jesus. It is a joyous revelation to know that through His triumph, we too can partake in the victory over sin and death. This revelation fills our hearts with abundant gratitude and joy, as we realize the magnitude of God’s love and the hope that awaits us.

Invitation to Share in the Joy:

This hymn also urges us, as Christians, to embrace and experience the immense joy that comes from Jesus’ resurrection. It speaks of the great joy that is freely given to all people through His resurrection. Like the resurrection morning, every day becomes an opportunity to celebrate the boundless love and grace of our Savior. As we reflect on His victory, let us not only remember it but also actively choose to live in that joy, sharing it with others and spreading the message of hope to the world.

Rising from Sin and Embracing a Holy Life:

The hymn emphasizes the desire to rise from sin and begin a holy life. Jesus’ resurrection not only guarantees eternal life but also calls us to live differently in the present. It invites us to turn away from sin and embrace a transformed life, guided by God’s commandments and love. Just as Jesus conquered death, we are empowered through His resurrection to overcome the chains of sin and live in righteousness. This transformative process requires our commitment and continuous reliance on His grace.

Living the Endless Easter:

The hymn beautifully encapsulates the ultimate goal for Christians – to live in endless Easter with Jesus. Easter is not just a one-time event but a continuous experience in the lives of believers. It represents the victorious life, unending joy, and the promise of eternal communion with our Savior. Each day is an opportunity to embody the resurrection power of Christ, prioritizing love, forgiveness, and selflessness.


In this hymn, we find a profound celebration of the strength, victory, and transformative power of Jesus Christ. It reminds us that Jesus is more than just a historical figure or a distant deity. He is our strong hero, who conquered death and continues to offer us the precious gift of eternal life. As Christians, we are invited to partake in His joy, rise from sin, and live with Him in endless Easter. May this hymn inspire us to deepen our understanding of Jesus’ incredible triumph and to reflect His love and light in the world.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the strength and triumph of Lord Jesus Christ, the strong hero who conquered death and offers eternal life. Explore the joy of His resurrection and the invitation for all Christians to partake in this victory. Embrace a transformed life and live in endless Easter with Him.


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